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The necris story

Discussion in 'BuF Classics' started by NeoNite, Jul 5, 2001.

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  1. Mohamz

    Mohamz Super SAIYA-JIN

    Oct 10, 2000
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    Yeah, but put Loque with her...No chance! :(
    But it's only because he's a cheater and an aimboter!!!
  2. NeoNite

    NeoNite Worst hack fraud ever

    Dec 10, 2000
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    On the contrary, mon ami :D
    Loque would probably lose in a 1v1 match against visse ..
    She's no different from him, and I refuse to fight her in an instagib match :D
    Heck she's even worse than loque :eek:

    Heh. I've been busy here; .ok I was Bored :)
    Just imagine what Visse would look like in real life? :-S

    apparently I can't post the pic here, cause.. well I've checked and it's in rgb colors.. :confused: Maybe the filter I used? Damn.. shame ..it's a great pic :(
  3. NeoNite

    NeoNite Worst hack fraud ever

    Dec 10, 2000
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    Ok, I've been thinking. Here's the deal:

    I'll lock the thread :(
    Sorry.. this is the end .. :(

    Yeah right :D
    Seriously: I'll write the 3 final parts of the Nali skins story, and then I'll start concentrating on the next story :) :) :)

    If anyone still knows of a good name for a character in that story (futuristic) don't hesitate, and write it down in your post.
    :) Of course I'll give you credit if the name makes it to the story!
  4. Peavey

    Peavey Rattus Norvegicus

    Jul 17, 2001
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    :mad: aaaarrrrrgghh!! DONT SCARE ME LIKE THAT!!! GRRRR!!! :mad: ;) just kidding, but pleasedont do that again!
  5. NeoNite

    NeoNite Worst hack fraud ever

    Dec 10, 2000
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    .. I really REALLY want to start writing on the next story ...

    M-m-m-mu MUST .. fi-f-ff.. *gaps* finish NALI skins!
  6. NeoNite

    NeoNite Worst hack fraud ever

    Dec 10, 2000
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    testing image gr
    whew it works :) I'm glad.. whew.. :D
  7. Mohamz

    Mohamz Super SAIYA-JIN

    Oct 10, 2000
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    Why is she looking at me like that!
    Stop...hey wait...wait...no not the evisceration knife...nooooo


    Neo, nice picture :tup: no really when you look at her eyes for a long time you get medused...scary!
  8. NeoNite

    NeoNite Worst hack fraud ever

    Dec 10, 2000
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    Nice to know it's working like it should :D

    Consider this pic as a small preview .. ;)
  9. NeoNite

    NeoNite Worst hack fraud ever

    Dec 10, 2000
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    Here's the next part.
    Will probably write another 2-3 parts to this story and that'll be it :-I
    I'm looking forward posting the next story that's why :D

    Part 14: The chase…

    Visse saw the dim light shining through the water surface. As quickly as she could she swam towards it, and finally surfaced. She gasped , filling her lungs with precious air, and fell on the metallic floor.
    Rumiko was leaning against the wall, cleaning her ears.
    Someone tapped on Visse her left shoulder. Slowly she opened her eyes, started coughing and recognised Neoknight.
    “Are you ok, Visse?”, he asked her, making sure she had enough room to get to her feet.
    Visse wiped the water from her face and smiled.
    Neo nodded, and noticed Barak falling to his knees.
    “Hey Barak, what’s going on?”
    “The water”, he sighed,” I’m not used to swimming and .. it was a real rush back there.. never expected that tube to go and on like that..”
    Neo had to turn his head towards Laque when Barak started vomiting.
    “Well, there goes my Nali cow dinner..”, Barak mumbled.

    “Everyone ok.. aside from barak of course”, Laque asked the others. Agouba gave her a weak smile.
    “Ok, here we are.. were exactly are we anyway?”
    “George had the map!”, Visse said while cleaning her hair.
    “No”, Barak grinned, while whipping the vomit from his mouth, “luckily before taking a stand against those Iceskaarj he gave it to me!”
    “Still doesn’t matter”, Neo muttered, “the map is of no use anymore, remember?”
    Laque frowned and studied the map. Neo had to be right. But all of the sudden she noticed a drawing. A drawing of a rock, and a way in.
    “Neo, you might be wrong”, she smiled, “take a look at this.”
    “No kidding”, Neo said, eyes widening,” this drawing must represent this.. place.. whatever it is. We’re so lucky, do you even realise that?”
    “Damn right”, Laque answered him and squinted her eyes. Looking for a way out of the “rock”.
    Visse yawned.
    “I’m so tired. I wish I wish those damn Iceskaarj didn’t show up back there…and George.. brave George, I’ll never forget what he’s done for us..”
    She took a deep breath, and looked around her. Where the hell were they?
    “This .. correct me if I’m wrong.. looks like a Skaarj base..”
    “Well, it’s one of those Outposts I talked about remember?”, Agouba whispered, “the Skaarj put up these places for establishing a direct link between this village and the mothership. Incoming vessels filled with precious cargo were a daily routine. The older Nali used to call these vessels “flying demons”.
    Visse frowned, opened her mouth, pointed her finger at Agouba:
    “How.. h.. how do you all this? It’s like you’ve been here before, but that’s impossible isn’t it?”
    The others were carefully monitoring Agouba’s next move, not sure what to think. Indeed, it seemed as if Agouba had this certain knowledge about all the places they had been before. He must’ve picked it up from the elder Nali, like he said. But something just didn’t feel right.”
    “I’ll be keeping my eye on you from now on Nali. A VERYclose eye!”, Visse growled.
    Agouba started sweating. Visse made him almost poop his pants.

    “This is a Skaarj outpost. Ok.” Visse walked up to one of the big steel doors.
    “Closed”, she sighed.
    “There must be a trigger somewhere, a switch, a button”, Laque said with a husky voice.
    “Never mind that”, Barak grinned, “remember me telling about the sniper rifle and the explosive bullets? They sure would come in handy now!”
    Barak put his backpack on the floor, and took out a small, green bullet. He assembled the parts of his sniper rifle, and carefully placed the bullet in the loader.
    “Caaaaaaaaareful.. careful.. Barak”, Visse sighed.
    She noticed the baby Nali cow stumbling over to the steel door, and lifted it up from the floor.
    “There there you little devil”, she smiled”, you’ll be safer here, in my arms.”
    Barak sat down, took aim at the door.
    The others walked up to the other end of the room. Only 3 meters between him, and the door.
    He had to be quick. The moment the bullet would leave the gun, he only had half a kraylinn to jump out of harm’s way.
    It was as if time had frozen. No sound could be heard but the heavy breathing of Barak.
    Finally he pulled the trigger. The bullet left the gun. In the blink of a Necris eye, Barak rolled backwards, hands over his head.
    A thundering sound, countless debris flying all over the room. Smoke embraced the small group.
    As quickly as they could, they ran out of the room, coughing and almost tripping over each others feet.
    They came upon a lift, shaped like a triangle.
    “Everyone Ok? Barak”, Visse coughed, taking sharp, deep breaths.
    “Yep, no problem”, he said while tears were running down his cheeks. “Damn smoke!”
    “A lift, some sort of an elevator..” Laque walked up to it, and noticed a trigger in the wall.
    “C’mon, what are you guys/gals waiting for?”

    The next tier.
    Visse couldn’t believe her eyes. It was a rather small cargo bay, but someone had forgotten to come and collect his ship!
    “An old Skaarj fighter!”, she whispered.
    “Sure looks like it”, Laque mumbled, “ look at the metal, it’s rusty… this thing is almost falling apart. It must’ve been here for many years. At least we can rest assured that this place is abandoned.”
    There was a huge steel gate on the other end of the room. Alas, it was closed.
    Visse walked up to the edge of the cargo bay, enjoying a fabulous view of the outside world.
    But her eyes caught 2 Iceskaarj wandering around, down below.
    “****”, she hissed.
    “What?”, Neo answered her with a muffled cry.
    “Those 2 Iceskaarj. They’re there, down below, trying to find another way in, probably trying to surprise us!”
    Laque believed her clan mate, and noticed an even smaller lift. It would carry her up to another tier, and a control room. Inside, Laque found a control board. She pushed 3 buttons, and the gate opened.

    What followed was nothing but a curvy, dark corridor and a small room with old machinery. Barak had to unlock another door on their way. Visse wondered if the Iceskaarj had already made it inside.
    Again, a dark corridor. But this one showed a way out of the rock. Everywhere scattered all around the place were metallic crates and supplies. Visse recognised many signs of battle: cracks in the walls, wires hanging out of the ceiling, holes in the floor and a couple of rusty guns lying behind a formation of crates.
    Once outside, they had arrived at the chapel Agouba had mentioned before.
    It really was a breathtaking structure and the white color made for a perfect match against the village on the background.
    Standing in front of the gate, on the wide steps, Visse turned around taking a final look at her surroundings.
    She was very impressed by what she was looking at. This place was a living, breathing painting.
    No longer could she stay in her little dreamworld, as Laque called her to get inside.
    “Ah well”, Visse sighed, “back to real life…”

    Inside the rock. The cargo bay.
    An Iceskaarj picked up a piece of metal, caught it’s scent, slowly and gently.
    “I have them.. they went that way..”
    The other Iceskaarj rolled his eyes.
    “Quite obvious Rugra’Shran.. it’s the only way out..!”
    “What have you got there?”
    “This probably belongs to one of the refugees”, Rugra mumbled,” look at it, it’s clean, polished.. “
    “Compared to the state of this outpost…”, Gyfraht sighed.
    “C’mon, what are we waiting for, let’s get them!”
    The Iceskaarj continued their hunt, and disappeared down the dark corridor.

    “Is that a Nali priest, Agouba?”, Neo asked while staring at a larg statue.
    “Yes, probably..”, Agouba muttered.
    “Looks nice”
    “Yeah, whatever…”
    Visse walked up to the Nali, and slapped him on the head.
    “What’s wrong with you?”
    “I don’t know.. we’re probably done for..”, Agouba said sounding like a cowardly pathetic weasel.
    “Ho brother”, Visse sighed, “look Agouba you have two choices…”
    “One: come with us and stop whining…”
    Agouba nodded.
    “And two..”
    “Two?”, Agouba continued.
    “Two: I tie you up against that statue, and leave you here at the mercy of those Iceskaarj!!!!”, Visse shouted.
    Agouba froze. For a couple of Kraylinns the only sound that could be heard in the chapel was the cluttering of Agouba his teeth.
    “I’ll take one…”, Agouba grinned.
    “FINE”, Visse hissed.
    She looked up to the ceiling, placed both hands against her body and uttered a loud sigh.
    “Why can’t you be like George? He was as much a warrior as you were or every will be, but at least he was no coward! You disgust me Nali!”
    Laque tried calming Visse down.
    “I’m sorry, I just can’t stand this pathetic attitude of him…”
    “Take it easy on Agouba”, Laque whispered, “he can’t help it.. he’s a Nali. Nali are easily scared.”
    Visse bowed her head down, staring at the floor, the cracks in the many tiles…
    “Ok I understand, but that doesn’t take away the fact that he’s really getting on my nerves!”

    “Helloooo?”, Rumiko all of the sudden yelled,” I don’t want to interrupt your interesting conversation, but we need to get moving! We need to find a way out of here, before those Iceskaarj arrive!”
    “She’s right”, Neo mumbled, “however I don’t like this.. we need to get rid of them. We can’t outrun them forever you know?”
    “What if we’re stuck here?”, Barak whispered, “ what if there is no way out? I’ve checked the map, I’ve found a small drawing of the chapel.. but that’s it.”
    “I…I..”, Agouba stuttered.
    “Yes?”, Laque said, with a soft voice, trying to make the Nali feel comfortable.
    “Y..Ygian told me of these chapels as well.. and how the Skaarj used them..well.. for incoming smaller cargo shipments… teleportation method.”
    “What are you talking about”, Rumiko smirked,” silly Nali.”
    Agouba turned red.
    “Will you please let me explain first?”, he shouted.
    Rumiko backed down, eyes widening.
    “Woooot”, she laughed”, looks like there’s a daredevil inside Agouba after all!”
    “Ok, listen.. all I know is that they used a manner of teleportation.. a device probably.”
    “Where should we start looking”, Laque asked him.
    “Probably in the cellars.”
    Laque noticed a broken, wooden door on the left, and a stairway probably leading to the cellars.
    “Let’s give it a try…”
    Neo was writing something down in his notepad.
    “Exiting trip so far”, he sighed.
    The Nali cow pooped against his left leg.
    “Oh for crying out ..”, Neo sighed.

    Visse was the first one to enter a obscure corridor. On the left and right there were little shafts in the wall.
    “Strange, what purpose did they serve?”, Laque whispered, minigun in the hand.. ready for everything.
    “This is were the old generations placed their death priests”, Agouba replied. His voice sounded sad, melancholic.” So their souls would make a safe journey to the higher level. I’m sorry.. this place is really getting to me…”
    Laque patted him on the back. “Don’t worry Agouba, we’re here for you. Aren’t we, Visse?”
    Visse showed a weak smile, and turned around the corner of the corridor.
    “It’s safe, I see another door…”
    “Let’s see what’s behind it!”, Neo grinned.
    Slowly the door opened. A minigun came through, exploring the surroundings. Barak followed.
    “All clear!”
    The others came walking through the door, and below them lay a huge device. Four claws reached for the ceiling.
    Agouba ran across the room, and found a control panel.
    “This must be a teleportation device”, he smiled.
    Visse and Laque took a long look, trying to figure out the purpose of the many buttons and keys.
    “How do we activate this thing?”, Visse said, a high pitched sound ringing through her voice.
    “Barak should be able to work out our small problem right compadre?”
    “Give me a triniton and we’ll be out of here”, he grinned.
    All of the sudden Rumiko took out her gun.
    “I hear two pair of footsteps.. large creatures! No way, those Iceskaarj have found us already!”
    “I hear them”, Visse whispered, “keep your voice down, they’re right above us!”
    “How’s it going, Barak”
    “Fine Laque, I’m almost there!”
    “Ok, but hurry up!”
    Laque walked up to the others.
    “Ok Visse you and Rumiko guard the door. Agouba, Neo and eh..”
    The young Nali cow gave her a silly look. He mooed and rubbed his back against her legs.
    “the Nali cow.. come with me.”

    “Hurry Barak”, Rumiko warned him. Her muffled cry however could be heard all over the place.
    “Keep it down!”, Visse hissed.
    “You keep it down!”, Rumiko groaned.
    “Stop fighting the two of you!” Laque ordered them,” make sure you see no Iceskaarj coming around the corner!
    “Nag..”, Rumiko whispered to Visse.
    There they were again. The footsteps grew louder and were closing in. Obviously the Iceskaarj were heading for the cellar.
    “Damn it!”, Visse growled, “they’re on to us!”
    “Almost there”, Barak whispered.
    Tiny sweat drops were rolling down his neck.
    “Ok, got it!”
    Visse and Rumiko got to their feet and jumped down, following the others.
    Barak had deciphered a couple of codes and activated a route. He entered the coordinates.
    The footsteps were really nearby. No time to lose!
    Barak jumped down, and took place on the teleporter. Within the next 5 kraylinns the thing would activate and they’d be on their way.

    At the same moment the Iceskaarj came bursting through the door, the teleporter activated and the small group vanished.
    “Oh no”, Rugra sighed.
    “Typical”, Gyfrath complained.
    “Well, what are standing here for? Let’s follow them!”
    The 2 Iceskaarj walked up to the control panel. But they never could have foreseen what would happen next!

    Location: A canyon. Inside a cave.
    7 life forms appeared. A big, yellow flash and a lot of smoke.
    “Well we made it”, Neo smirked, “we did it!”
    “Yes, but what about those Iceskaarj?”, Rumiko muttered,” they’ll be on to us before..”
    Barak interrupted her: “Don’t worry, it’s been taken care of. I’ve placed a small detpack near the control panel before I jumped down.”
    “Good work”, Laque smiled.
    “Ok, we’ve escaped those Iceskaarj.. but ..can anyone please tell me where we are?”
  10. pine

    pine Official Photography Thread Appreciator

    Apr 29, 2001
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    Woohoo, more Necris!

    I'm just wondering how the recurring theme of pooping reflects the authors' true message.....?

  11. NeoNite

    NeoNite Worst hack fraud ever

    Dec 10, 2000
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    Why, this is OT of course :D
    and... I'm insane :D

    However, there won't be any pooping or farting in the third story
    :( sorry.. :(
  12. Peavey

    Peavey Rattus Norvegicus

    Jul 17, 2001
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    I really dont mean to nag you about this but.. i thought it was 3 ice skaarj.. wasnt it?

    well anyways, i have an idea for the Necris story part 3:
    You know the baby Nali Cow? i was thinking maybe Visse could take it back home to Necron with her and raise it and train it so it could be a NaliWarCow! that would be neat :) And the name could be ULBERET ... see, i put UBER and LEET (as in 1337, except in words) together and there you have it! i mean, unless you already have the name for the cow :(
  13. NeoNite

    NeoNite Worst hack fraud ever

    Dec 10, 2000
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    yes, there WERE 3 Iceskaarj ;)

    Good idea Lafnboy, but the next story will be so different from the previous two..
    You'll just have to wait and see.. :)

    Here .. is...
    (sorry If this feels a little rushed, but I feel like finishing the story. I'll post the final 2 parts probably this week or before wednesday next week. :-I

    Part 15: Crossing the Serpent Canyon…

    Visse walked up to a small landing. Rumiko sat down on the ground, not knowing what to do.
    Laque and Barak found an ancient small room in the cave. This place hadn’t been touched in decades.
    In the centre of the room there was a source. On both sides of it 3 steps.
    Again, there were lit torches all around them.

    “Strange don’t you think so, Barak?”, Laque whispered, “It’s like someone is expecting us?”
    “That’s impossible. Maybe this is mystic Nali fire? Let’s ask Agouba.”
    Agouba crouched, and the fruit of a Nali plant. The next moment he started feeling better. The trip had really drained most of his energy.
    Laque asked him about the torches. Agouba frowned.
    “No, as far as I know Nali can’t do that.. aside from the torch of tranquillity maybe.. but otherwise ..no..”
    Laque sighed.
    “We better be careful, real careful.. someone is watching our every step.”
    Visse sat down on the pond, her feet touching the smooth water surface. Staring at the sun, she wondered when this trip would come to an end. Sure, it did sound cool and attractive at first, but there was something wrong. Her Necris instinct constantly alerted her, be ready for a trap.. danger.
    Neo tapped on her shoulder.
    “Hey, what’s bothering you?”
    “Nothing”, she said, swallowing a couple of times, still staring at the sun.
    “You seem worried Visse”, Neo calmly said, “and I don’t like that. I’ve seen what you’re like on this trip.. I’ve seen your rough edges, but I also know you’re a strong woman. Why is it then, that there’s a worried look on your face?”
    “I’m not worried”, Visse said in her defence.
    “Yes you are”, Visse sighed, “ and I don’t like it…neither do the others”
    He strolled back to the others, head bowed down on his chest.
    Visse noticed. She never realised she could have such an impact on the other group members. She turned her head back to the sun, and thought about Necron. About the clan. About Gravicrun. About that selfish Loque who going on a trip with his friends instead of her.

    Finally, she got to her feet.
    “Well, what do you say we move on? We can’t stay here forever?”
    “Sure, Visse is right..”, Laque sighed,” I mean, I’ve checked the map.. and .. there’s no sign of a cave on it, or anything related. Back in the chapel, we must’ve hit a dead end. Still .. we should move on, and see what lies ahead.”
    “Damn right”, Barak grinned.
    “Let’s follow the path”, Rumiko said while glancing at the others.
    A narrow path zigzagged through the canyon. Many plants and trees seemed to be barricading the way, but they weren’t forming any real obstacles.
    Visse noticed many Nali rabbits hiding in the rocks. Sometimes they jumped out from behind a tree or plant.
    “I wonder why there was no boat at that landing back in the cave?”, Neo said, with a hoarse voice.
    “Cause a couple of flying Nalis have probably stolen it?”, Barak grinned, “you’re not sounding really well.. here.. drink something.”
    Neo grabbed Barak his water bottle and took 3 long sips.
    “Got it from the room in the cave.. there was this small source with sparkling water..”
    “I must have lost my water bottle back in the chapel.. clumsy me, thanks barak.”
    “No problem compadre”

    “Oh no”, Visse yelled.
    “What? Oh not again..!”, laque sighed.
    “The path.. it.. why does it have to end here.. I mean.. there’s this dark cave ahead. What if there are a couple of mean fishes lurking down below for us?” Rumiko slammed her fist against a tree.
    “We’ll have to take our chances. Let’s go for another swim”, Laque mumbled;
    “What about the Nali cow?”
    “I’ll put him in my backpack”, Visse smiled, “can’t leave him behind.. not here, not like this.”
    “Good thing these backpacks are water proof”, Neo smirked.

    The water felt pleasantly fine. Not too cold or warm. The right temperature. It was however, very dark.
    The group swam down a scary looking cave. Again, on the right , there were lit torches. Visse was ready for anything.
    All of the sudden Rumiko opened fire.
    “Sh1t! What’s going on?”, Neo yelled.
    “Two yellow flashing eyes!” Rumiko cried,” they were approaching me! And now they’re gone!”
    Rumiko turned around, making sure nothing was closing in on her position.
    “Will you calm down?”, Visse hissed, “now let’s move it, I want to reach land TODAY if that’s okay with you?”
    Laque took the lead. Rumiko couldn’t help but swimming backwards.
    “I’m sure it was one of those mean fishes you know? I’ve read about those bastards! They can rip you to shreds! But that won’t happen to me oh no it won’t! I’ll..”
    “Move it!”, Visse yelled back at her.
    “Kay… nag.”

    The group exited the cave. In front of them lay another landing, and a Mill.
    “Lay low”, Laque whispered, “ I see 3 lit torches…. There’s someone expecting us at that mill.”
    Slowly, trying not to make a sound, the renegades crawled out of the water.
    Laque signalled Visse and Barak to go the left, and Rumiko and Neo to follow her.
    “Everyone is h..”
    “Hey, what about Agouba?”, Neo whispered.
    “Eh.. yeah right.. were is Agouba?”
    They simply didn’t understand. Agouba jumped into the water with them.. and they kept a close eye on him.
    But now he was gone.
    “Well I’ll be…”, Visse sighed, “the little sob is gone…”
    “Ok, I don’t know what is going on here”, Laque mumbled, “but I’m sorry for Agouba. We need to move on…”
    “Strange..”, Neo said, while scanning the lake lying in front of him.

    All of the sudden they heard sounds coming out of the mill. Sounds from a large creature.
    Laque signalled the others to crouch and take cover. Who knows what they were up against now?
    The creature started making lots of noises, ranging from swearing and throwing wooden objects across a room.
    Laque pointed her minigun at the exit. Footsteps. Nearby!
    The creature was planning on taking a fresh dose or air.
    She squinted, focused on the exit.. waiting for the thing to show itself.
    The Nali cow in Visse her backpack started crying. She tried soothing it, but it was too late. The creature inside the mill had heard the noise, and the sound of the footsteps died.
    “Great”, Rumiko whispered, “this is the second time that cow of yours gets us into trouble!”
    “Shut up”, Visse hissed.
    It all happened so fast. A large beast jumped out of the mill, rockets blazing and uttering a loud battle cry.
    Laque however was able to dodge the rockets in time and answered this vile attack with a violent salvo from her minigun.
    It had little or almost no effect on the thing. It closed in on her and knocked her down.
    Visse jumped up and stabbed her knife in the creature’s back. Again, little or no effect. The creature did look a little pissed off now.
    With a wide sway of it’s large left arm, he threw Visse back into the lake. A loud splash followed.
    Rumiko used her gun on the beast.
    Neo recognised it. It was a brute. They used to form an alliance with the Skaarj , like the Krall did. But things had changed, and now the Brutes looked after no one else but themselves.
    He looked at barak, and told him to aim for the legs.
    Barak nodded and opened fire upon the brute his right leg.

    The beast cried, and fell to the ground. Blood streaming out of his fresh wound, stained the earth.
    Visse had made it back to land, and was really, really pissed of. The brute looked up to her, and started laughing. Visse showed her teeth, and pulled the knife out of his back.
    A large hand grabbed Visse her feet, and she met the soil with a loud bang.
    Barak had made his way to the beast and opened fire on his head. This time, the result was of the rewarding kind.
    The brute died. No loud death cry, no death sigh. He simply stopped moving.
    Visse couldn’t remove the large hands around her feet, and decided to break off the fingers one by one.
    Finally she was freed from the brute his death lock, and put her right foot on his molested head.
    “That’ll teach that bastard, fine job Barak!”

    “What about Laque?”, Neo mumbled, “it appears she’s still out cold..”
    “We can’t stay here, what if there are more of those things wandering around here?”, Barak sighed, “we can handle one.. but 3 or 4 of them? I don’t think so!”
    “Ok, don’t you worry, I’ll carry Laque.. let’s move.” Rumiko winked at the others and lifted Laque from the ground with an ease the others were astonished by.
    “Never knew she was that strong?”, Visse smirked.

    Beyond the mill lay a small Nali graveyard and an entrance to yet another gate.
    What possible danger could await the renegades in there?
  14. Peavey

    Peavey Rattus Norvegicus

    Jul 17, 2001
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    Well, okay :( :) but you could use the name i was gonna give the cow for a different character if you want, maybe? (ULBERET) ugh, im being an @$$ and acting like its MY story.. sorry bout that
  15. Peavey

    Peavey Rattus Norvegicus

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    OKAY, THIS IS REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT! I really need all of you to vote and post in my new poll! It's titled, " Poll: Electric or Acoustic Guitar?" Your decision will determine the type of guitar I buy!! I really want an electric, and I'm having this long debate with my mom, and she will make me get an acoustic :mad:! So that is why I organized the poll, so by tomorrow night before I get my guitar, I will show the results to her and she might change her mind! SO PLEEEAAAASE GET ON OVER THERE AND VOTE! A BIG TREMENDOUS THANKS TO THOSE WHO VOTE. Here, here's the link if you dont want to have to look for it http://forums.planetunreal.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=85322
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    No you're not making an arse out of yourself don't worry.. I'll think about it.

    tadaa.. here's the next part.. but where the hell are the others? :)

    Part 16: The Nali Castle…

    “I can’t believe my eyes”, Neo whispered.
    In front of them lay what appeared to be an ancient Nali castle. Dragonbirds soaring over , shrieking and crying. It was the crack of dawn. However, everyone felt awfully tired. This trip was really draining them.
    The young Nali cow had fallen asleep already. Visse was holding it in her arms.

    “Maybe we’ll finally be able to catch some sleep here? We should start looking for the dormitories.”
    Laque stepped on the stone bridge, connecting the land with the castle.
    “I’m so tired…”
    “We all are..”, Visse whispered, while carefully looking at the castle’s walls. No life signs.
    “Still, we ought to watch our every step in there. Suppose Skaarj are awaiting our arrival ?”
    “Not likely?”, Barak answered her, “I mean, the detpack back in the chapel took care of the Iceskaarj..”
    “Yes, but suppose others have already made it to this castle?”
    “How could they predict every step we make?”
    “We’re not sure.. but something fishy is going on here..”

    Rumiko strolled over the bridge.
    “That was one scary creature back there at the mill eh? But we took care off it, didn’t we?”, Neo said, trying to cheer her up. Rumiko looked a bit moody.
    “Yeah whatever.. do you know where we are? We’re probably lost.. I feel.. like this whole adventure.. this trip.. the map.. it doesn’t make sense anymore.. does it?”
    Neo was baffled. He had to agree. And what about the lit torches everywhere? Not only had they seen them in the canyon, but also in the Spirevillage.
    “George deserves a place in the Necris book of honour.. if you ask me..”
    “So what?”, Rumiko mumbled, “he’s probably death.. and soon we’ll all share his fate.”
    Neo frowned, wanted to say something…but decided it’d be better to hold his silence.

    Laque opened one of the heavy gates of the castle. She looked inside. Nothing. No one.
    “Coast is clear..”
    “So far”, Visse whispered, staring down the poorly lit hall. Again, the lit torches.
    “This place sure doesn’t appear to be abandoned or .. forgotten.”
    “Yes it’s strange”, Laque sighed, “ a forbidden area..yet..”
    “Let’s search for the dormitories first.”
    The group searched the many halls, corridors and rooms of the castle. Barak found 3 bedrooms and sighed out of relief.
    A feast hall invited them into having a meal before going to sleep. Luckily Visse had caught a couple of those so called devil fish back in serpent canyon. But the main treat, brute meat, was hers and hers only.
    “Beautiful castle, ain’t it?”, Neo smiled, finishing his devil fish.
    “It’s not bad”, Visse said, while sticking another slice of Brute meat on her fork.
    “The meat or the castle?”, Laque asked her and winked.
    “Hehe.. the castle of course.”
    “I wonder what happened to Agouba though.. one kraylinn he was there… and when we arrived at the mill… he was gone.”
    “He could’ve told us more about the history of this castle”, Barak said whilst eating his meal.
    “We still have those books over there..”, Neo mumbled.
    “Doesn’t matter anymore”, Visse sighed, “I just want to go to sleep.. close my eyes and rest..”
    They got up from their seats and slowly marched back to the “sleeping quarters”.
    “Here’s the deal”, Laque yawned, “room one: Neo and Barak, room 2: me and Visse and eh room 3..”
    “Yay a room for me and me alone!”, Rumiko laughed.
    “No on second thought, Rumiko take room2, and Neo and Barak will take your room.”
    “Someone needs to stay awake, keep an eye on everything. Simply switch turns if you’re feeling to tired…”
    “Okay.. “, Visse sighed, “well.. you go ahead and sleep.. I’ll take first watch, Laque.”
    The others marched to their room, and the silence returned to the castle.

    An hour went by.
    Visse was cuddling the Nali cow.
    “Yeah you like that don’t you”, she smiled, rubbing his belly. The little cow made a silly noise, as if he was giggling.
    “You little rascal ...”, she laughed.
    Laque, Barak and Rumiko were making a trip through the land of dreams.
    Neo sat down on the carpet. He took out his notepad, cracked his fingers and took a deep breath.
    “This should make an interesting story…”

    Neo’s log, date the fifth of Qualina, Planet Nalina: homeworld of the Nali.

    ** Blip message 1356bX **

    We have arrived at an ancient Nali castle. It’s been abandoned, probably decades ago by the forefathers of the Nali’s. It looks decayed, and a scent of “evil” is hanging in the air. I don’t know. I’m on the lookout now, guarding my fellow Necris. Suppose someone wants to surprise us, while we are sleeping?
    I remember encountering the Krall in the fortress, facing the Iceskaarj back in that floating village, and the brute back at the canyon. It was a fascinating creature though. No hands on his arms, but rocket launchers! How does this guy eat ?
    My thoughts go out to Agouba, George and Morbias.
    Morbias, cause he’s cursed for what seems an eternity. I believe he should be set free, cause in “essence”, he’s a good dragon.
    George is in my humble opinion a brave Skaarj. No he was no soldier or warrior. Maybe he didn’t get the respect from the other Skaarj he so strongly craved for. I wish we could turn back time, and make a stand with him against those mercenaries. Unfortunately, albeit a mystical world we’re living in, this is the reality we’re facing. The reality, the fact he sacrificed his own life to save ours. This act of nobility shall not be forgotten. I’ll make sure of it. His name will appear in the Necris book of honour. It may not seem much to Rumiko, but It’ll immortalize him as a hero.
    Agouba however, has disappeared without any of us noticing. I wonder what happened to him?

    I feel as if a dark cloud is hanging over our heads. It’s as if we’re taking one by one…Or am I wrong? Am I jumping to conclusions? Am I overreacting?
    Most probably I am. But someone, something is out there. How can we explain all the lit torches we’ve encountered since our arrival in Spirevillage? My sidearm is lying next to me, just in case I hear footsteps.
    I’ll check my targets of course, despite the fact I’m feeling really edgy right now.

    A brighter note:
    This young Nali cow is making Visse show a positive side of her personae. First off I thought she was nothing but an angry lady. I had the feeling she could rip a man to shreds with her tongue. Let’s not forget about her trusty evisceration knife. But this Nali turned things around. I feel like it’s bringing out the positive side of her.
    Although I mustn’t forget she’s a blaidenmaiden, and those women aren’t of the forgiving kind. They’re feared and known all over the known galaxy.

    And as a final note, I’d like to say that despite this crazy adventure and the setbacks we’ve encountered, I have no remorse in taking part on this quest. If it’s up to me, we’ll move on and find the Nali skins, no matter what.

    Neoknight out.

    ** blip end message sleep mode on **

    Neo carefully put the notepad back in his backpack, and stared at the walls of the room.
    He felt the sleep throwing it’s heavy weight upon his eyelids and yawned.
    “I can’t fall asleep now.. only one hour has passed by.. “
    He sighed and leaned against a big trunk, next to the bed were Barak was sleeping in.

    Visse woke up, yawned and slowly got out of the comfortable bed. She stretched her arms and legs, and rubbed the remains of mister sandman’s magic potion out of her eyes.
    “Hey you”, she smiled, looking at the Nali cow, lying on a rag still half asleep.. yawning.
    “Time to wake up little dude.”
    All of the sudden she noticed Laque wasn’t in the room with her. Maybe she was in the feast hall?
    Visse checked the other rooms. No Neo or Barak. No Rumiko. Their backpacks and weapons were also missing.
    She took the Nali cow and quickly made her way to the feast hall.

    Nothing. Not a sign of the others.
    Visse her heart was beating like a drill. A sweat drop rolled down her eye, and she blinked.
    All of the sudden she noticed a small note lying on the wooden table. She put down the Nali cow, and reached for it. Strange, one kraylinn ago there was no note on the table.
    She read it:

    ‘If you want to see your friends again, take the lift outside the castle to the barn,
    And step into the teleporter.’

    She crumpled the note. Her face turned red from anger. She knocked over a chair and slammed her fist on the wall.
    “Why did they take the others.. why did they leave me behind? What’s going on here?”, she yelled.
    The Nali cow was hiding in the corner of the hall, mooing and trying to make itself so small the big, bad woman wouldn’t notice him.
    Visse sighed and walked up to the frightened cow.
    “Don’t worry you”, she whispered,” I’m not mad at you. Sorry if I have upset you.” She used her softest voice, and the Nali cow regained his trust in her.
    “That’s better”, she sighed and rubbed him over the head.
    “Well .. looks like it’s just you and me now kid. I should probably start moving and find this .. lift and that barn. C’mon, what are you waiting for? Let’s go.”
    The Nali cow jumped up, showing a wide smile and mooed. As fast as his little feet could carry him, he followed the big woman.

    “Strange.. there were no signs of any struggle”, Visse said to herself, “I wonder what could’ve happened.”
    Visse went back upstairs, to the dormitories and crossed the hall.
    Once outside, she followed a path crawling around the castle, and finally ending at a lift.
    “So this is the lift. Ok, how .. do I.. ..start this thing..?”
    The Nali cow jumped inside, and all of the sudden the lift started moving.
    “Hey .. what the ..”, Visse mumbled but she was on her way to the other side.
    Stepping out of the lift, they entered a dim corridor. The lift made it’s way back to the castle. No turning back now. Visse got a tight grip on her minigun and walked down the corridor.
    A couple of steps, turning around a corner, a couple of steps, another corner.. and the exit.
    On the right Visse saw a small construction. It appeared to be the barn, as described in the note.
    “I see.. and where’s this teleporter.. oh I see it.”

    Three blue transparent rings of energy were dancing up and down.
    Visse glanced one more time at the castle, took the Nali cow in her arms and stepped in the teleporter.
    There was no other option. The castle was a dead end. And she had to find her friends.

    Visse reappeared. She was standing face to face with a wooden gate. Slowly she opened it, and saw a path of hay lying in front of her. She stepped outside. The howling wind all around her bounced back and forth against the dangerous looking rock formation.
    Visse followed the path, and all of the sudden she was greeted by a large gate. A sign in front of it said:

    “Welcome traveller, to Bluff Eversmoking.”
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    Just got my guitar :) Electric, BTW :D which one is the first fret? the one nearest the headstock or is it the one at the base of the guitar? I'm trying to tune it and i need to know if the frets are numbered from bottom to top or top to bottom. Oh, yeah i almost forgot - she's a FENDER Squier Strat (black) she cost $120 not $99 like my friend told me (cos he didnt mention they were on sale last weekend!) I havent got a pic of her yet, but ill try ta get one ASAP.
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    Ive been playing my guitar 6 hours straight now and its 3:00am where i live, learned some songs too - King of the Hill Theme Song, Nirvana's Come as You Are, and the Indiana Jones theme /yawn/ okay im tired see ya guys 2morro
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    Eh does anyone still read this story (aside from lafnboy of course)
    cause otherwise, I'll stop writing and lock the thread sorry...
    :hmm: I've been thinking about it.. would be a shame though...
    C'mon .. proove me wrong here :(?
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    audience: Yay yay yaaaay yayayaayayayaa yeee!!!


    Ok, sorry for the previous post, what was I thinking..
    No let's rephrase that.. I wasn't thinking :)
    NO WAY I'm giving up writing on puf!! I like it! :D
    And it seems to have a positive effect on some pufers :)

    Hereby, for my 3000th post, I would like to give you, the loyal readers, a taste of what lies ahead -- a taste of the future...
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