Weird Poll: Do you cheat in INF online?

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Do you cheat in INF online?

  • Yes - All the way

    Votes: 3 4.7%
  • Yes - But mostly wallhacking

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Yes - But mostly using radar or similar

    Votes: 1 1.6%
  • Yes - But mostly minor tweaks

    Votes: 6 9.4%
  • No - But I am considering it

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • No - and I never will

    Votes: 54 84.4%

  • Total voters


New Member
Oct 10, 2004
@kw most people have dynamic ips only few have static ip and this guys are not so stupid test cheat with theirs static ip.

@ Geo
If you kick all cheater than i can fake my nick with dynamic ip and test our server until i am find a cheat that work. After that i connect with my normal nick and can be safe nobody logs me.

- Lich -

New Member
Jul 1, 2004
But he could use all the cheats that were not detected, and the fakenick would be accused of cheating.


Taijutsu Specialist
Dec 7, 2003
What he's saying is that some loser could test every single cheat/hack out there until he found one that UTDC couldn't see. Then he would switch to his real name and play without being detected. All the IP addresses UTDC logged would be useless since the guy can change his IP dynamically.

I think UTDC is a nice easy way of blocking the stupid cheaters. The only way to defeat an intelligent cheater is to outperform their bot/hack with natural skill. Kasparov vs Deep Blue type of thing.

Edit: If you can't defeat the cheater with natural skill, then just avoid them. Or call them a cheater and play elsewhere on a gamemode where a teamwork wins maps and not individual ability.
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You Give Odie a Boner
Nov 19, 2001
Austin Texas
geogob said:
I strongly think that UTDC, for example, should be set to kick immediately, no question asked. If someone has an issue of getting kicked for no reason, they should contact the server admin and get things cleared up.

I have mine set to Kick [with a nice little message]. If someone gets a false Kick I'll take the log to UTDC and get it confirmed that it was a false positve. Plus I just do not have the time to check the logs if I had it set to log only.

As to showing the logs, no I do think it is a good idea to show the logs in public.

Also, the admin forums I almost never remember to check [to many damn forums out there to visit]! I wished this forum here had a Private Forum for Admins. Which why does it not? Or perhaps *if* SS gets their own forums then they could create a Private Forum for Admins.


3-time World Champion Bowler
Oct 22, 2004
Portland, OR
no-never will.... no because I'm not tech savy and never will(probably) because I don't think I'll ever be savvy enough to make one. However, if I knew how, I would only for the purpose of pissing-off a few, select players.

It's strange, but I really, really would go to great lengths to piss-off a couple of people for sure and probably more if I thought long enough.



New Member
Sep 19, 2004
I used to use a video renderer that allowed me to see people through walls and smoke but since I got my new video card I changed that to make it more "performing" and therefore I don't have that issue anymore.

Also, sometimes when in a server with, usually, close friends, I may use certain bugs (like the M16A4 30 semiauto 40mm sprinklers from the sky) to have fun for a few rounds.

In terms of anything permanent, I don't do that kind of thing... but some temporary things that I can't control I try and avoid, like the G36 sight not obscuring view because it's INVISIBLE, I used to use the G36 quite a bit until then, now I'm waiting for a fix, until then I'm trying not to use it just to be "fair".

I dunno if anyone thinks I DO cheat, but I'm nowhere near as good as Taque or the dukebot Ver.3.0 with speech recognition.

Although on the conversation of hitting someone at XXX range and killing them, I do it all the time! and without scopes usually. Half the time when I use a pistol it's all luck, I try and hip it while jumping down from god knows where and manage to either kill you or yell out "Shoot me! SHOOT ME!"

I remember once on LondonCity EAS map, I was riding the chopper and I had my robar scoped and looking to the left near the park area where the defenders go through to reach the main street. One dude was sniping down the street from there and I hit him while still moving and he accused me of cheating (I forget who). I just say it was a good and lucky shot. Just cuz I'm good with the blast cannon don't mean I gotta cheat, ya know?


White as Snow Moderator
Jun 19, 2001
PR's Barracks
I never cheat. Ever. Even if it means its a detriment to me. Coronas on maps are there for a reason. It's obvious that certain maps (like ... that one...with the helicopter... I can't ever remember names...) have the corona there to make the cd room harder to take and defend. Even if the fog slows my computer. I don't care if other people can do it, but infiltration has those things there for a reason. Therefore, I won't do it. I'll play the game the way it was meant to be played, no matter what.


Pls don´t shoot to the Asha´man
Oct 9, 2002
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Harrm said:
Keg: Chemthreat.

Also: Running at 640x480 in OpenGL is a wallhack. Argue with me all you want. It's still a freakin wallhack.


Uhh... it's not my case (that res it's too low!) but why is a wallhack?


Active Member
Jun 12, 2001
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Is it really neccesary to tell people how to exploit the engine? Or, as you put it, use a wallhack? Let's make a list of available aimbots too so we can have every newbie, and everyone else who wants to cheat, google for them.


Tracer Bullet
Jul 29, 2002
Toronto, Ontario
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Almost said:
Is it really neccesary to tell people how to exploit the engine? Or, as you put it, use a wallhack? Let's make a list of available aimbots too so we can have every newbie, and everyone else who wants to cheat, google for them.
While we're at it, lets make sure that nobody knows about any major security hole for their computers.