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UT3 online

Discussion in 'Unreal Tournament 3' started by Fox Hound, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. Severin

    Severin New Member

    Feb 8, 2008
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    People look for different things in a game, If you happen to prefer a particular gametype or prefer offline rather than online play then it really says nothing regarding social skills, ability or much else. So how about some live and let live.

    Offline also has many advantages. A couple of major ones being, you are guaranteed a certain level of play and avoid lame tactics like team stacking and people who are just out to wreck the game in progress.

    Myself I play 90% of my ut online for the reasons already laid out by others, I also enjoy an occasional FFA DM or Invasion thrash vs bots.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2008
  2. TheIronKnuckle

    TheIronKnuckle What the hell is this "ballin" thing?

    Feb 15, 2008
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    You make a valid point. And i actually do agree with you that playing against bots does not compare to playing against a human opponant. But with that said, i still prefer to know who it is i am playing against in person. Which is why i play LAN.
    I hop online in classic ut99 every now and then because the bots in that game, while i still enjoy playing against them.... SUCK! :lol: They are exactly what you have described: predictable robots. I don't mean they suck as in They are easy to defeat, i mean they are predictable and repetitive.
    But despite the problems i still play the bots more because they DO present a challenge to me. They may be predictable but they are still challenging.

    On being part of a community: I do that on forums, i don't feel the need to do it in games. so i pass up on that one.

    Don't take this as an insult or anything (Seriously, i'm trying to keep it cool and if it seems offensive please don't take it that way), but the fact that you've managed a clan, been heavily involved in IRC and maintained a server doesn't mean anything to me. I am an offliner after all :p

    Releasing 5 maps does demand recognition though. What are they BTW?
    :lol: I think i'll pass.

    Yes, you've backed up your opinion. This whole thing is very "imo". And my opinion differs from yours greatly. I understand your arguments for why online is great, but i disagree with the fact that it is better then offline. That's all there is to it. I disagree. No need for any more discussion on that matter.

    Enough with the ****ing personal attacks already! I've already said why i don't want to play online and you have surely noticed that it has nothing to do with "fear".
    I have played online (Only ut99 though). And TBH i did think i would suck against human opponants. I was quite astonished to learn that i did not. After playing against bots for 6 years straight i decided to give online a go and i owned. I won every match in DM. I assumed it was a n00b server and found another one but the result was the same.
    And heres the bit that i hate to admit: You are totally right. The experience of playing online is exactly what you have been describing. Instead of merely "winning the match", i was winning the match while having a totally new gaming experience that was intensely fun and a different sort of challenge.
    It was a different sort of challenge because i had to use new tactics:
    1. get to know who i was fighting against and their fighting styles.
    2. Figure out who is the best player under me and watch out for him.
    3. figure out who was the n00b and never let up a chance for the easy frag.
    It was fun because it was "a new take on an old game" kind of thing and because i was absolutely pwning at it.
    And that is also why i don't play online, i never lost a game against human opponants. But i have lost plenty of games against bots and still do to this day.
    They may be predictable, they may be stupid, they may be repetitive but they still present a better challenge then human opponants.
    I prefer human opponants, but the bots are more challenging.

    You're an onliner. You would know all about aimbots right? Well here's a question for you: How good do you think a human player would be if the only thing you knew about him was that he practiced against aimbots in every match he played?
    That is what these bots are. They are aimbots with the ability to imitate human behaviour.
    I play against these buggers every time and boy is it a challenge. More challenging then the hoards of spammers you find online. More challenging then fighting against a human without an aimbot for sure.
    The thrill from winning against these bastards is greater then the thrill i got from winning every match i played online. These bots keep me high and truely test my quick movements and reflexes.

    In answer to your insult: No. I do not fear that i will suck online because i know otherwise. And why would i fear sucking online if i'm an offliner anyway?
    Please do reread the thread. And i'm sick of saying this, but obviously playing the game in single player is NOT just to learn the basic gameplay. It is to play the game and have fun. It is one of the ways to play the game and have fun. If you have fun online then great. I have fun playing offline and i don't do it just to learn the gameplay.

    Indeed. This game needs more players. If only to secure another unreal game. Higher palyer counts don't mean anything to me as you would be able to deduce from my arguments.

    *sigh*, to each his own. I prefer playing with ideal settings and dumb bots.
    Please make use of more "imo" statements because what you are saying is completely false unless you claim it is an opinion. As it stands you're trying to make it sound like a fact, which it is most certainly not. I would say that given a certain game type and conditions, playing it against bots offline is better than playing it in online multiplayer IMO.
    Well it's certainly not implyed in my arguments. i find the offline games to be superior.
    All of them. You've been playing since 2001? good for you. I've been playing since 1998. Starting with the original unreal. I originally joined BU some time early in 2007, but the crash forced me to re-register. Being the offliner that i am i didn't feel much need to join forums until recently.
    Yeah, i agree totally. But i'm talking about online in general not just ut3.
    Like i've said, I appreciate it but I don't play it. And the funny thing is that ut2004 is still popular in my eyes as is ut99 because when you cut out the online aspects these games are eternal. You don't need community or popularity to enjoy a game offline.
    Ugh, *shudders* :lol: I prefer invasion in its pure form, with a few mutators thrown in. The RPG mods make me puke :lol:
    I appreciate the advice though. :tup: thanks

    Gays have control over being gay. But whatever. You are right, offliners do have a choice, and they have chosen offline. Why don't you just accept that some people enjoy offline and some people don't, but that either way it doesn't mean one is better then the other.

    I'll agree with you on this one. Some games need to be played online or they aren't worth playing. WoW is a good example.

    But if they did add a campaign mode to Sins then there would suddenly be reason to play it offline wouldn't there? Ahh well, don't answer that one, it's totally OT :lol:

    This is the kind of post i like to see. It can get across the fact that the poster prefers online gaming without bashing anyone. And it acknowledges the advantages of the other option available.

    EDIT: OMG this is seriously tl;dr :lol:
  3. JohnDoe641

    JohnDoe641 Killer Fools Pro Staff Member

    Nov 8, 2000
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    I'll wager that 90% of the people here could go on any random pub and win without a problem. tbh pub matches are no where near a good indication of the average skill set. Most decent to good players will be in scrims or pugs rather than playing on pubs. Who knows, you may actually be decent at the game, but we'll never know if you don't play online. :p

    Seriously, just join us for FragBU this weekend, all I'm asking is this one time. We're hurting for players and you could help us get our numbers back up to make the event exciting again. If you don't like it, you can go back to offline stuff, that's fine, but all I'm asking is just one weekend. :D
  4. TheIronKnuckle

    TheIronKnuckle What the hell is this "ballin" thing?

    Feb 15, 2008
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    You know, FragBU has always enticed me, but i'm in Aus and IIRC the game plays at some obscene hour when i would rather be sleeping :p

    Same with the jailbreak mothership. Jailbreak is truely better with humans. But i can't be arsed staying awake for so long. :lol:
  5. WHIPperSNAPper

    WHIPperSNAPper New Member

    Mar 22, 2003
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    The maps are:






    If you want to give Invasion-RPG another try, I recommend the Clan Death Warrant servers. http://www.ClanDW.com Most of the people I've sent over there have become Invasion-RPG addicts on that server.

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