Fraghouse Community Pack

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Mr. SlackPants

The red guy
Aug 12, 2004
The Netherlands
Ok then. Couple of screenies from the map. :)



The most brilliant man that ever lived
Sep 28, 2004

Dark_Dust said:
Hm.. i also have some screens (also posted in our own forum btw, you might have seen it)
This map aint done yet, so you surely will see some difference in the final version. Also, vehicles will be used. :)

hmm, i see a shocking resemblence between that map and another map (forgot the name) from serious sam, was it inspired by it or is it a remake of it?


Earning my Infrequent Flier miles
Aug 10, 2000
Was this beta tested? It's not an insult, it's a real question. What I'm about to say may sound harsh but it's not intended (if you know me and my style anyway.)

There's a problem with suicidal bosses in Boss Rush when you use mutators. When I don't use mutators, it works just fine. The second I flavour the game with anything but "vanilla", the bosses commit seppuku. If every other game type can get mutators to work......

In Fraghouse Reloaded, when you do an objective map: you complete the map, and the game keeps playing until you die.

In regular FHI, map FHI-FrigidDarkening: Nothing on-screen works. When you get that "next wave in 10, 9, 8..." etc. countdown, the numbers don't showup at the top. When you grab a weapon, it doesn't say "you picked up the <weapon name>." I didn't think this was even possible to do in a map.

There is a really dark map that takes place underground or in a cave or something (sorry for not remembering the name.) When you complete a wave on that map, it doesn't increment, so you're stuck at wave 1 forever.

How does stuff like this happen? If it were a problem across the board (on all the maps, not just one), it could be attributed to the mod, but apart from the boss rush thing these are all map-specific. I didn't know you could do things like that to maps.


New Member
Mar 8, 2005
I notice that FHI 4.0 does not have several of the things that the FHCP came with. Are there plans to update the FHCP so that FHI 4.0 has Fraghouse Reloaded and Boss run as well as any maps that may have been missed??

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Da Wrecka

New Member
Mar 31, 2000
Fraghouse Extension, the package containing Boss Rush and Reloaded as well as the Life Gauges mutator, was my writing. It was included in the FHCP because the organisers thought it would be nice to put it in there and naturally I thought "Hey! Free publicity! Way!" Lately though I've been having my time sucked up by "work", Half Life 2, and...well, that's about it.

In short; don't gripe at the Fraghouse team about the lack of Boss Rush et al. Gripe at me. :)


New Member
Apr 28, 2004
Right here my friend. :)

I was on holiday for 2 and a half week and just returned last sunday.

There is already little work done on the new FHCP. As soon as BU is back up, read the newsie on the fhcp site.


New Member
May 20, 2002
I know its a bit late but, good work on the FHCP. :tup: I must admit I thought I had the pack until one day it was listed on the Fraghouse site as a download.