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The story of the space Station "Deep Space Proxima Alpha"

Discussion in 'BuF Classics' started by 8-4-7-2, Jul 4, 2001.

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  1. 8-4-7-2

    8-4-7-2 New Member

    Mar 6, 2000
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    For the last four hours the crew was busy trying to fix the ships. Every man and woman is swarming around like Rigulian fireants. The advanced are slow. Engineering informed me that the core matrix is molten. This means the warp core is inporable. We don't have warp speed, and what's even worse no energy. The emergency energy comes from storage deuterium cells. But at this rate our resources will have depeleted in 72 hours. We need a very rare element known as Corzanium to fix it.
    If I think about it, what's even worse, is that we have to eat that disgusting Starfleet emergency rations. Dehydrated peaches and crackers taste like something from under my shoe.

    Commander DeaJae always managed to confuse one with technobabble. However he managed to link the external sensors with our tricorders. Better then nothing.

    Computer: "Danger! Proximity alert"
    "What's that? Scan the vicinity."
    "There is a small shuttle coming by. Definatly a Starfleet engine configuration. But the hull is strange. It's mostly metal."
    "Hail it. Audio only"
    "Com channel open"
    "This is the federation vessel USS Guardian under Captain 8472. Identify yourself"
    "I'm Commander Wolf Blackstar from the..erm "The Brick". I was assigned Proxima Alpha. En route I picked up your distress signal."
    "Very well Commander. Dock your ship at the shuttle bay"
    "Get some ensigns down there, to pull open the hangar doors"

    Suddenly our situation doesn't seem so bad. I take the acess tubes down to the shuttle bay, to greet our newest crewmember.
    The doors to the bay open slowly, with a supressed hiss. The ship sure looks strange. It is painted with comoufladge colours, and has 2 somewhat antique particle weapons on each nacelle.

    "Now, that's something I haven't seen yet" I say out loud.
    "I'm sure of that. I built it myself", says a stranger from behind the ship"
    "You must be Commander Blackstar"
    "That's right sir"
    "You must be a highly decorated officer, to be assigned here"
    "I fought in the Lorg Wars. In the battle of Victor Prime. Out of 114 ships in our fleet, 92 were destroyed"
    "Sorry to hear that. But we can exchange war stories later. We have more urgent problems at hand. Do you know where we can find Corzanium"
    "Mhhh, that's a very rare material. But I tink my warpcore contains a few microgram of it. I don't like this, but if you promise exchange, we could cannibalize it.
    "You have my word"
    "Ok sir. I will get right to work"

    edit some small part, because it interfered with Wolf's first post
  2. DeaJae

    DeaJae taking a month's break

    May 7, 2001
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    I pull open a turbo lift door to find a turbolift stuck on the deck below.
    'Jae to Ensign bailey, how long beofre the Cores are at operating temperature range?'
    "15 minutes sir, I'd advise you take the emergency stairwell at the middle of the craft, then your'll only have to climb 3 decks to the bridge instead of 10. Also the Turbolift processors and main computer have not been lushed, so any turbolifts re-intialized will operate with last orders."
    'Acknowledged, Jae out.'
    I begin to climb up the Shaft at fairly medium pace.
    10 minutes and ive reached deck 4. I hear a noise from below and the shaft lighting starts coming back on.
    'oh crap.... Jae to....'
    The Turbo catches me and throws me up a deck as it hits a broken light.
    'uhhoooo Argggggh!' Luckily i catch the ladder just below the bridge door. I climb up and pull it open.
    'Ok, what the hell did you do to my ....'
    I look up and see an almost empty and destroyed bridge.
    'Hey no worries captain just burn it down, destroy it as much as you can... Computer, Edit the Damage report, Turbo lifts are still broken.'
    I look at the Scanner Kilham has rigged up and see a pattern in the distrubances of this area of space.
    'Jae to Captain 8472.... Sir we gotta move this ship and quick.. I'd say about 15 minutes before whatever is trying to merge into this galaxy actaully does with us inside them.'
    Hmmm no response.
    'Gonna move this ship even if i have to gt out and push it. Rear shield is working, maybe if we repolarize it and use a shuttles hyperspace field, that should push us a bit.'
  3. SaintBeam

    SaintBeam The Chosen One.

    May 23, 2000
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    Of Angels and Demons

    MaliceBeam: So we meet again SaintBeam. I'm sure you knew it would come to this. Darkness and Light, Good and Evil....you can't escape the cosmic balance that has drawn us to this final confrontation. Usually in such a case the playing field would be balanced...you might call it the "Oroboros" factor. But as you can see,thanks to the human I'm fused with....I like to think of him as "essence of primate".....I have more than enough power to kick your sorry goody good candy-pants behind back to the stone age.

    Shut up and dance....Malice!

    Malice: So your eager to die? I like that in a victim.

    [Malice pulsating with dark energy, jumps back with a blurred speed that even SaintBeam could not track. Malice then took a battle stance and begain channeling his energy for an attack.]

    Malice: SOUL SHATTER!

    [At the speaking of the attack, an intense funnel of death energy blasts forward at SaintBeam, giving him micro seconds to dodge.]

    Ok..I see you brought your "A-Game".

    Malice: Hahahahaha...You thought that was representative of my best? HAhaha,fool! That was just a fart. Perhapse I should hold back some, in the intrest of fairness...hmmm?

    Don't do me any favors....."LUCENT WAVE"!

    Malice: Yawn....huh, what...oh I'm sorry. Was that an attack or were you sending off a signal flare? I know you can do better than that. Or are you trying to show Galaxia how goody goody you are?

    Wha...what are you talking about? "CIZIM SKY RUSH"!!

    Malice:That was a little better. I guess I struck a nerve...."NOCTERNAL CASCADE!!"
    [SB, unable to dodge the massave attack, was blown 5 decks up and paralized on the left side of his body. Desperatily trying to struggle to his feet, five Goshens come storming into the partally destroyed room.]

    Rouge Goshen commander: Well,well.... will you look at what we have here. Another federation stowaway no doubt. You don't look to good, fed sabotor. What happened, one of your bombs go off in your face? Hahahaaa. You fed scum won't stop us and you won't get away with defiling our Goddes....uh...aghhhhh!!!!.......

    Malice: Well that went on way too long don't you think Saint? Hahahaha....slurp,sip scrunch....slurp.....ummm....that's good Goshen. Nothin' sweeter then rotten souls....slurp...ahh. You remember this part don't ya Saint? You should, you devoured your share of hapless victims over the centuries.

    No! That wasn't me...that was you...all you.

    Malice: Now, now saint. There's no use denying it...you did it and you enjoyed every minute of it. The feel of those reched souls corsing through you, sustaining you all those centuries.

    Shut UP you fiend! Your the embodyment of evil itself. You twist the truth at every chance. You are corruption and you must be destroyed!

    Malice: Perhapse I am but I'm your corruption. I'm your dark side or at least I was. Now I'm a free agent. Free of your weak light and your hypocrisy. Unlike you, I know what I am and your no better. "REAPER'S SLASH" Heh,heh....you know it's true saint. You might as well give it up. I know your a monster, you know it...and the Goddess knows it to. Why do you think she stopped communicating with you so long ago? She knew then what a failure of a creation you were and left you to rot alone on this ship!

    Liar! You are the abomination.....your the reason I lost my connection to Galaxia! You were born of the Dark Heart's influence...you are not a part of me!!
    [Malice moves in close to SB and grabs his face and says...]

    Malice: But you let me in. Hahahahaha. Good bye SaintBeam. Oh don't worry, I'm not gonna kill you right away....first I'm gonna gut you alive, then pull your arms and legs off for fun.

    [Malice leans in even closer and says in a wisper...]

    Malice: Then I'm gonna do the same to the goddess. You loose SaintBeam. Now let's see what you had for lunch.

    [ Ca-Thunk....SLIT...Breeeeeeeeetttt.....]

    Malice: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhghhhh!!!!!

    [Malice is thrown accross the room by a concentrated beam of light eminating from SaintBeam's slit open chest.]

    Malice: L..light..filthy pure light...burning....aghhh....bastard! Y..you had the Lumen Orb hidden within your body all this time!
    You were letting me get the upper hand all along!!

    You...aghh..catch on...quick genius!

    Malice: Well two can play that game. I was going to wait until I destroyed you before I claimed the power of the Dark Heart half but now....it's on, you son of a blip.

    [With that, Malice retreats to the lower parts of the ship to claim the power of the Dark Heart]

    Aghhh...uhaahaaha...yeah run Mal...I'll be waitin' for ya. (Come on Galaxia. I need to use the power of the Lumen Orb to fight this guy but I can't while your essence still resides within it.)

    Galaxia: Do not fear SaintBeam, the fusion of my spirit and body is almost complete. Hold on as long as you can...even now a Lumen Knight races here to aid you.....you...must hold....on.....

    Yes Goddess...I shall not fail you....this time.
  4. Wolf Blackstar

    Wolf Blackstar That other Wing Commander guy

    Dec 13, 1999
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    Corzanium.....a rare metal once used in ships. You can't find it in modern starship drives, and it isn't processed by commercial facilities anymore. Hence, it simply can't be found.......except in the "ancient" warp core onboard my ship. I'm a bit wary of removing my primary power source, but it's clear that this starship isn't going anywhere without it. Besides, I can easily gather materials to construct a replacement warp core for the Brick later.

    It's only the work of a few minutes to dismantle the heavy armor plates and rad-shielding, then disconnect the power channels, and finally expose the core itself. Slapping that sucker in a rad-proof case, I'm on my way to Engineering within 5 more minutes. It'll be interesting to see what this ship's power system looks like, and I'm eager to make this core work.

    Before leaving my ship, I grab a couple weapons just in case - Since this is the only thing that'll fix this ship, I wouldn't want to be jumped, and since the Guardian's shields are down, anything hostile could beam in here in seconds. I reached into the weapons locker just aft of my seat in the cockpit, and gathered a few favorites. Slung at my side in my belt holster, I carried my .44 Magnum Mega Class, a nice weapon from another conflict in another time. Strapped to my left leg is another nasty machine, a shotgun sawed down as far as possible without reducing its magazine capacity. It's loaded with an alternating ratio of anti-personnel shot and armor-piercing slugs.

    Then there's the kicker: I reach into the locker one more time and sling the PGC over my shoulder. The Plasma Gauss Cannon is on StarFleet's "naughty list" - this thing mixes chain lightning with superheated matter in a state between liquid and gas, then focuses it in a constant beam. Back in the Lorg Wars, this baby was in demand. The Lorg could never adapt to it because it simply consumed and vaporized them. Not even bots can withstand its attack, melting into solid blocks instead. With this much firepower in an infantry weapon, its no wonder that Starfleet does everything they can to keep it out of most people's hands.

    I secured the weapons locker and my ship, then headed quickly down to engineering to do my part.
  5. Thrakhath

    Thrakhath LunarMancer

    Mar 29, 2001
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    <Stupid . . . How could I not see what he was hiding? It was giving off so much energy . . .>

    <So, you're not as strong as you thought.>

    <YOU! SHUT UP! I don't want to hear any more of you human!>

    <You only say that because you're stuck with me a bit longer. We both know you could have killed him. But then you wouldn't have had even enough strength to absorb more. Would you?>

    <Quiet, you know nothing.>

    <Don't I? I'm part of you, I know everything about you and what you can do. Or rather, what you CAN'T do.> Thrakhath added with a bit of a sneer. The creature called Unicron continued his mad plunge though the ship, toward the dark heart that would make him whole.

    Suddenly the world around him dropped away, and both were left in total darkness.

    <What is this? What did you do human?>

    <Don't you recognize your own heart Malice? Pure Darkness. This is the battlefield of the mind. Here, I will fight you.>

    Malice turned to see that his "slave" was no longer bound by the shackles which Malice had made. Instead he was dressed in a gleaming armor and ready to fight. The Lumin orb had freed him.

    <Very well, you will gain nothing.>

    And so a furious battle ensued, both firing blast of mental energy at the other in a blackness that absorbed all light.

    <MEGA CYCLONE BEAM!> Thrakhath fired off a thick blue-white beam toward Malice. Malice grinned, and vanished just as the attack was about to vaporize him.

    <FIST OF THE SHADOW!> Malice was suddenly behind Thrkahath and unleashed a blow sending him flying.

    Thrakhath spun in mid-space a flung a ball of energy at the villian. Malice defelcts the shot and retuns with one of his own. Thrakhath barely dodges, finding himself dodging INTO Malice, who quickly reacts and sends Thrakhath into the ground.

    Malice lands, and walks towards the still body of Thrakhath. <Poor fool, I tohught you could do more than that.> Malice kicks the lump, only to find Thrakhath is longer in it, it collapses. <WHA . . .> Malice is cut off by an elbow in his back.

    <Never assume that you've beaten me!>

    <ARRRRGH!> Malice recovers and starts a close range fist fight at a hyper speed. After several second of vacuous blows, Malice lands a good one across Thrakhath's chin. Stunning him for a second, then Malice chages another Shadow Punch, and this time lands it full-force, sending him down for the count.

    Then both are back to reality, with barely a second having past.

    "Foolish human, you cannot resist me."

    [Thrakhath's private thoughts]
    Shoot, I thought he might be weak enough. I'll have to wait till the next battle."
    [/Thrakhath's private thoughts]

    Unicron continues to the core where the Dark Heart is kept, the Goshen's offering little to even slow down the powerful, evil being.

    After a few seconds it is complete.

    <Now, let us find SaintBeam. HehehehahahaHAHAHAH! MWAHAHA!>
  6. DeaJae

    DeaJae taking a month's break

    May 7, 2001
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    The Captain walks onto the bridge and attempts to sit in my chair im im in it.
    Captain 8472 jumps forward.
    "Don't do that"
    'Don't wreck my ship. We have some sort of displacement wave forming in this area of space,seems to be a solid object. Possibly a planet or a damn big ship. We are using a shuttle explosion to push us to safety.'
    Ship shakes violently for a few seconds, then computer beeps into life.
    'We are clear. Now sensors say we are ahead of the Bio ship by 2 hours, think we should get a team aboard and then catch up when repaired?'
    "Not sure yet. Isn't the heating systems on. Its freezing up here."
    'I thinkso, considering everyone else is sweating like mad. I'll be in Engineering.'
    I walk to the turbolift to find it working.
    'Oh yes.. Do Not break anything else. If this ship needs to fight i need to be here. Otherwise, go through the Ships specs and battle procedures.'
  7. Karsehole

    Karsehole Flibbiddydibbiddydob

    May 3, 2001
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    -bleep- This is Captain 8472, identify yourself. -bleep-

    It's me, your son! I'm glad I found you!

    -bleep- how did that little brat find us... Oh, err, hi son! -bleep-

    I'm flying in... C u in a few minutes!
  8. 8-4-7-2

    8-4-7-2 New Member

    Mar 6, 2000
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    We noticed a strange subspace anomalie. An asteroid faded out of subspace at excactly out position. If we hadn't a mission this would be an excellent object of scientific study. Maybe some time else. We are here to fight a battle.
    And if it weren't for Commander DeaJae's swift action we wouldn't be able to that either. He used a shuttle's thrusters to propel is just out of the distortion field.

    Commander WolfBlackstar - I hope he doesn't mind if I call him Wolf - dismantelled his ship's core to supply us with some Corzanium. One our later the ship had secondary energy back, and we are moving with warp two to the bioship, which is stillahead of us.

    But we got alllies. My son somehow managed to get on Dirty_Dinkum's ship and find us here. Now they are on a parallel course to us, and I will talk to Captain Dinkums, if he wan't to taske command over is ship. When it comes to the battle, we need an experienced man there.
    And I'm sure we will have to fight. Long range scans from the Brick showed a Goshen temple ship and a seconds unidentified battlecruiser - probably the Metafuka - a dozen lightyears away.
    In times like this I wished our cloaking device wouldn't have been destroyed. Strange, I servered on so many ships, and none had a cloak, but now I feel naked without it
  9. DeaJae

    DeaJae taking a month's break

    May 7, 2001
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    'Ok pass me the new Regulator casing.' I shout upto a Ensign from below the main core.
    "One mark 2 Plasma regulator Sir" says a familar female voice. I come out and look up and see a favourite from my academy days.
    "Lt. De'veler, Seriam De'veler. Y don't you just look at me and try and remember.."
    'ARGHH! No! Not the grapefruit incident!'
    "Woah, that was before my time DeeJ.."
    'Oh yer... How about we get main power up and have breakfast later. How the hell did you hide from me all this time?'
    "Umm that Plasma is dripping over your uniform.."
    'Crap.. too hot to work in these things anyway, least the plasma can't melt them.' I return to fitting the regulator when another person says something outside.
    *Clunk* 'Owwwie... That must be Commander Blackstar...'
    "Woah... Talking shoes..."
    'Been through that already, the Plasma vapour is intoxicating when first inhaled. Right Lt. Please get out of the way.'
    I get out, wipe some plasma off my uniform and whack the side of the core with a wench. It promptly comes back to life..
    'Learned that with mark 1's. Never make contact until your out of there.'
    Little shake as the plamsa ignites in the bottom of the core. Lights come on, Computer screens burst into life.
    'Captain, we have main power back online. Proceeding to tweak the engines again. Jae out.'
    'Right lets close this core up so its safe.'
    Me and the LT. push the heavy access panel back into the core a little, Blackstar helps and closes it the rest.
    'Nice work Team, we all deserve a break. If not a raise. Status report.'
    "Structural intregety at 98%" Says a ensign manning the Hull systems.
    "Beam weapons 98%, launchers 95%, Shields at full capacity, working at 100%" Says Tactical
    "Sensors are at 50%, Deflector dish is barely working. internal sensors and damage control is at 100%." Says Science
    "Power production is at 99.9%, Engines are ok to take upto warp 9. Batteries at 70%." Says my favourite Lt. "And replicators work."
    'OK people. We are now at level 3 repair status, at your own time people, go get some sleep, you've deserved it. Jae to Bridge, Ship is virtauly repaired, just waiting on Sensors and Bio-Power distrubution network to regenerate. Relieved most of the Engineering crew. Jae out'
    "Hehe, your still using the old method of avoiding agruing with senior officers then?" Asks that young Beautiful Lt.
    'Best way ive found. Need a damn coffee and a shower.'
    "I'll meet you in the Mess Hall in a hour."
  10. Demacore

    Demacore Self Proclaimed Forum Lord

    May 25, 2000
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    Closing in on the Bioship

    Molecucore: Clone Commander Molecucore reporting for duty Lord Demacore.

    Ah, welcome to the show Molecucore. Your timing is perfect. As you can see we've finally cought up to this elusive wreak and I want you to lead a bording party to retrieve something in it.

    Molecucore: I am of course, at your service Lord. What is the item in question that you want us to aquire?

    It is called the Dark Heart Crystal and it looks like....[opens chest module]...this. The other half of my crystal is aboard that ship. Retrieve it at all cost and feel free to destroy the ship if you....aghhhh!!! What is this..!?!

    Molecucore: Lord? What's....

    I..I can see everything now. Up until now I could only faintly detect the crystal. It's power was tied into the vessel itself, thus masking the Dark Heart's energies from my direct detection. All of that has just changed because someone has detached it from the ship and is now using it for themselves. Since the ship is now effectivily dead I can now see all of the lifeforms on board that were hidden behind the ships own bio-signature.

    Molecucore: How would you like us to proceed Lord?

    The same as before. These revelations change nothing...but there is one lifeform that seems familiar somehow....hmmm perhapse I'll accompany you.....

    Crewmen: Sir the sensers are picking up multiple space craft headed for our current position.

    Ahh...more fat for the fire. The're obviously after my crystal aswell. I do so hate competition. Molecucore, you and the dreadclones go to the bioship as ordered....I'll coordinate things from here.

    Molecucore: Yes Lord!

    Now I think a little show of power is in order. Bring us out of stelth mode. I want these unwanted "guests" to see what the're up against.

    Crewmen: Yes sir. Stelth mode disengaged. <Breep, Breep> Sir....transmetal signature approching rapidly! I believe it's the same signature we picked up earlier.

    Tractor beam it as soon as it's in range....and if you can't lock on to it before it reaches the bioship....destroy it. I don't want any surprizes.
  11. DeaJae

    DeaJae taking a month's break

    May 7, 2001
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    'Captain, We are now entering Old Hydran Terrority. The Bel'tlar Temple is located in subspace here, if that is near or even reaches it we could be in trouble.'
    'We are still at least a hours away, All systems are ready. Im off duty now, don't wreck anything.'
    I proceed to mess hall to meet with the Lt. As i walk in i see her, with her hair dow, but a different colour.
    'I swear you were Blond earlier'
    "Hehe, Blond isn't my natural colour. I thought you knew that."
    'Now if i remember correctly, you prefer being called Kim?'
    "Yep.. So wheres these drinks then?"
    'I Keep forgeting your pyschic.'
    We talk for about a hour until Yellow alert sounds.
    'I see you later. The Captains about to wreck my ship again...'
    "This your Ship? Maybe thats what made me come on board."
    'Just keep out of trouble ok.' I run off towards the Bridge.
    I Arrive to find the crew unoblivous to whats out there.
    'Captain... Somethings out there. RED ALERT!'
    A Large ship decloaks on viewscreen
    'Hold your fire. Helm, skim close to their hull, hit it if you have to. Tactical, only fire at certain weapons. Everyone else, Trust me.'
    The Guardian moves closer to the huge ship dodging their fire and flying very close to their hull. Few Scraps and small hits later, the Gaurdian is round the back and filling the engine outlets with torpedoes.
    "Sir their shields are down, do you wish to capture the ship?"
    'No open hailing frequencies, perhaps they will listen now.'
    "channel open sir."
    'Captain, you want to go ahead?'
    The Captain looks in a state of shock how our ship is undamaged and how we disabled the other ship.
    'Fine. This is Federation Starship Guardian to Unidentifyed Vessel. You are in Terrority set aside for archealogical work. Please leave or your ship wil be confiscated.'
  12. 8-4-7-2

    8-4-7-2 New Member

    Mar 6, 2000
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    We finally dicovered the strange subspace signature. It was indeed a cloaked cruiser. After a short skirmish we disabled their ship. My crew wanted to destroy the ship, but I saw a better use of it. I ordered to open a com channel, and a strange man with a goatee appeared on the view screen. Seemed he wanted to look like a bad guy really deperatly, but I had to laugh at it.

    "I am Lord Demacore. You are the one to surrender your ship. muhhaaa"
    "You in no position to make claims Lord Goatee...eh Demacore. Your ship is without energy"
    "Are you making fun of me, Starfleet"
    [hysterical laughter on the bridge]
    "No, [hahah] I just want to make you an proposal"
    We are probably searching the same ship as you. It has an organic signature"
    "That ship is mine! Don't dare to touch it!"
    "Don't be foolish. We can double our chance to catch it. And currently one of our crewmembers is on board."
    "I will consider your request. Leave this area now! I will find you anywhere"

    As we don't have any time to lose it's best to follow this "advice"
    "Helm, resume intercept course. Maximum warp."
    "Aye, intercepting in 1 hour, 9 minutes and 59 seconds"
    "Very well"

    I have another conversion to do with my Son. I make a slight turn with my comfy chair, to reach the console to my left. I open a channel to Captain Dirty_Dimkum's ship.
    "Acting Captain Disturbed Creation here"
    "Hello son"
    "What do you want?"
    "What did you think when coming here. This is too dangerous. We might all die!"
    "I'm old enough to care about myself"
    "Maybe, but Dirty_Dinkums will come over and take command of the ship. He has more experience than you"
    "You have no right to do that!"
    "I have every right. This is my mission, and it's his ship"
    "Well, alright then. It would have been fun"
    "It still can be fun. Take care of yourself. That ship isn't the newest"
  13. DeaJae

    DeaJae taking a month's break

    May 7, 2001
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    The Captain had a very good idea, but i sense this vessel holds a darker secret. I sense the same power from when i tried to interfere with Galaxia, and now im getting headaches.

    'Science station.. Have you detected any structures in subspace or any anomalous readings?'
    "No solid objects in subspace. Demacores ship is producing large amounts of metaphasic energy. Detecting a surge of it, about 100 times greater."
    'what the?....' Lost conscious.
    I wake up in sick bay seeing the unknown doctor poke me with something.
    "Ah awake at last. Where do you think your going?"
    I say nothing as i try to get out and run into the Captain
    "I suggest you stay here Commander."
    Saying nothing i proceed back to the medical bay.
    "The Moment you collapsed, our shields was taking alot of strain from that metaphasic energy."
    'Its something on their ship, either i can somehow absorb metaphasic energy or it was targeted.'
    "Wierd. We shall investigate it later. The metaphasic energy has gone since we got away from their vessel."
    "Meanwhile wear this. It should cut out 90% of the metaphasic energy from being absorbed, sustainable for you to keep the shield safe for at least 72 hours." says the doctor.
    'Least we'll have a early warning of when his ship is near.'
    "Lt. De'veler to Commander Jae, I do hope your not planning to get yourslef killed."
    'No Kim, Whats up?'
    "I've devised a way to stop the metaphasic energy from getting thru our shields. Now running tests in engineering, Remember Metaphasic energy corrodes Dilithium."
    'On my way.'
  14. HaloStorm

    HaloStorm Old School RPG

    Feb 12, 2000
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    Whoa baby!

    I'm making incredible time now. The last time the shuttle moved this fast was when I was diving into that black hole. Hmm....the sensers are picking up some com traffic. Lets see if I can tune into....there we go.

    <"You in no position to make claims Lord Goatee...eh Demacore. Your ship is without energy">

    <"No, [hahah] I just want to make you an proposal"
    We are probably searching the same ship as you. It has an organic signature">

    <"Don't be foolish. We can double our chance to catch it. And currently one of our crewmembers is on board.">

    What the hell? Those star fart losers must be flipping out or something. Having a full conversation with no one, on an open channel? Don't know what those yoyo's are drinking over there but forget them. I've got a mission to complete. I'm on my way Galaxia.
  15. Thrakhath

    Thrakhath LunarMancer

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    <Hehehe, I am nearly complete now, soon all will . . .>

    <Are you STILL talking to yourself Malice? You do realize that I'm the only one who can hear your brain's rattle. Oh wait, you do know. You're just not confident enough to tell anyone else, you just like to pick on me because I can't fight back.>

    <FOOL! Don't mock me. *clams down* Well, I'll have to make your death quite painful. You've been a great deal of trouble to me, but soon you WILL die.>

    <Oh, so I have been causing you trouble? I thought that I was insignificant to you?>

    <Heh, you twist words well, but you will need more than that to stop me.>

    [Thrakhath's private thoughts]
    *smirk* If only he knew, one word WILL stop him if I can jst get him weak enough. I'm counting on you Saint. Let's hope you hold up better then last time . . .
    [/Thrakhath's private thoughts]

    Unicron continues, unstoppably through the bioship. Even once in a while, a few Goshens, or the ships own little critters, will try to stand in the way. But it's like the Pillsbury Doughboy trying to stop a steamroller, they don't even slow him down before their energy is absorbed.

    Unicron rounds a corner, SaintBeam's energy just ahead, stronger now, and he runs down a hall to a balcony and leaps out into the open air. Coming down without a sound, landing on the metal floor of a large cargo bay.

    "Looks like a nice little arena you've set up here Saint. A good place to die."

    "It is not I who will die today Unicron. Galaxia has knighted me as one of her on warriors. I am now a Lumin Knight, and without your other half, you have little hope of beating me."

    "Don't make me laugh Saint, I know, as you must, that she cannot knight you if she doesn't have the Lumin Orb. And you still won't give it to her will you? You still hope to wield it's power on your own. Fool, the Goddess is the only one who can use it to it's full power. You would have been wise to submit to her, and let her give you the power. But you were selfish. Now you will die."

    A wry grin seeps across SaintBeam's face. Yes, after this battle, if he survived, he would give Galaxia back the Lumin Orb, ad she would knight him, THEN he would be strong. But there had been no time, and now his only hope was to squeeze enough out of it wound Unicron. Then . . . no, never. Never trust anyone to fulfill their half of the bargain. That human might help, but SB didn't count on it.

    The attack cam quickly, but SaintBeam was ready, as ready as he could. Unicron flew through the air, crossing the 40ft span in the blink of an eye. At the last minute though, he used a burst of energy to push himself above SB, and he rebounded off the wall to come at SB from behind.

    SB turned quickly, blocking, but just a shade too slow. Unicron's fist landed hard on SB's upper arm, sending down to the ground, and he skidded away slightly froom the force.

    "HAAAAAA!" Unicron thrusts his hand forward and a blast of purple energy leaps at SB. SB uses a similar blast to cancel out Unicron's, an explosion results, throwing SB even further. SB jumps his feet in time to see Unicron coming in for a punch. SB dodges to the side and kicks Unicron in the ribs.

    Unicron stumbles slightly, then turns back towards SB with a fury of punches. Punches augmented by his dark energy, flying faster than is physically possible. SB draws on the Lumin Orb to speed himself up ebough to dodge the first set. But a surprise fake-out by Unicron and he lands one in the sholder, then he bats away one of SB's defending arms and crunches his jaw with a swift blow.

    SB stumbles back, dazed. Unicron charges for another round, but SB recovers quickly and a swift uppercut meets Unicron in the gut.

    "UUUURRRRRRGGGGGGHHH!" Cries Unicron, but SB isn't down, summoning all he can from the Lumin, he jumps as hard as he can. His body is encased in pure white energy and his strength rises for a short while. He flys full-force upward until Unicron (still pinned to SB fist) is pounded into the ceiling. Think Ryu, but with a roof to meet the opponent at the top.

    Both fall to the ground panting heavily. "I hope you have more than that Saint, or this will be a short battle." Snarls Unicron. SB gets up, surprised that he's talking so soon after such a blow. "Hehehe . . . AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH" Unicron begins glowing with a dark fire, the energy burning SB's open wounds, like a hot fire will do to a sunburn. "DARK FIST!"

    The shout was a mental one, for less time passed than would have taken to speak those words. It was so quick of an attack that SB would never have dodged it, and close range instant teleport. Not even SB could see him traverse the space between them. Unicron's fist came as close to SB as it could without touching him, but the dark energy that was flung from that fist corsed through him, every fiber in his being felt as if it had been hit with a 50lb sledge hammer. The energy burned him, and the force of it sent him flying back.

    The end of his flight was as quick as the start, a solid titanium wall stopping him short. His body left a four-foot deep dent in the metal, but he was remarkably still alive. Although almost every bone in his body broke because of either the punch or the landing.

    "Not bad, for being incomplete. But now, you will die."

    <Goddess help me> cried SB <I . . . I can't fail you . . . Not now . . . Please, grant me the strength to kill this . . . thing> At that moment, a peace and a strength came over SB, she was there with him, with the Lumin Orb.

    <You have done what you could my servant, but there is more that you must. I will help you. I will use what energy I can to unlock the Lumin Orb from here, but I can only hold it open for so long.>

    <Thank you my Goddess . . . urk . . . I won't fail again. Wait . . . wait until . . . I say.>

    Unicron starts his slow walk towards SB, triumph on his face. SB waits, looking as dead as he can, until Unicron is so close, close enough so that he won't be able to dodge a sudden move by SB. A desperate move, the final move, it had to work.


    Galaxia grabs with all her might at the Lumin Orb, releasing as much energy as she can from the given distance. SB thrusts his hands up, inches from Unicron's chest, a massive beam of pure white energy leaps from his hands, blowing a hole clean though Unicron and sending him to the other end of the cargo bay with all due haste. It doesn't stop there, the massive blast sends him through several walls before it stops.

    "What the?! How . . . !? He can't . . . urk . . . damn . . ." Malice begins to heal himself, but them a thought flashs across his eyes. "Huh!? Argh! YOU! GET BACK YOU . . ."

    "Die Malice. You've had this body long enough. Remember when you said that Human's were infereior? Well, you were wrong. Now I'm taking this body. OUT!"

    Unicron Wriths in pain as two beings emerge from one body. One of them looks just like Unicron, but the evil is gone from him. The other is a scrawny black scarecrow looking thing. Pure evil.

    "Ha HA! What do you say now Malice? Didn't think I could hide nanoprobes from you, did you? I'm surprised that you still have form, must be the Dark Heart. Well, good ridance. Take it to heck with you."

    Thrakhath tries to get up, but then realizes that he has a hole in his chest and can't move.

    "Fool, do you really think you can stop me, you are too weak to defend yourself, I'll just take that body back."

    "The nanites . . . urk . . . will keep you from that . . . who's the fool?"

    "ARRRRRGGGHHH! THEN I'LL KILL YOU!" Malice tries to summon up even the most basic form of energy, but can't.

    "Hehehe, I though of that too. I've taken all the energy, destroyed the dark and kept the light. Soon I'll be back to full strength. You might as well run while you have the chance."

    Malice is enraged, but sees that there is no point to staying and flees.

    [30 minutes later]

    Thrakhath gets up, having healed himself enough, and walks over to SB.

    "Hey man, you did it. Now let's find Galaxia and see if she can help us. I have a feeling the Malice isn't gone for good yet." Says Thrakhath as he bends down, emparting some energy to heal SB so that he can walk. "I think we both need a recharge badly. It'd take a week to get back in fighting shape, let's hope your Goddess can do some big time regeneration with that thing. :)"
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    The sound of the Brick's onboard computer alarms distract me from the task at hand. I had been attempting to reforge a field-expedient warp core for the Brick from the melted wreckage of the Guardian's main core. I was getting nowhere with it, so I decide to run down to the hangar bay and check out what was going wrong with my ship.

    The ship is exactly as I left her. Climbing aboard, I was greeted by my onboard computer's active recon matrix - a system that monitors any and all subspace burst transmissions within the sector. Starfleet transmissions and most alien races' encryption data is easily deciphered by the massive onboard archive of current coding. I don't usually bother spying on StarFleet anyway, but what got my attention immediately was the nature of what had been detected this time - and the aggressive infusion of data that followed. I scrolled up to see the entire summary:

    ------======{ | [ RECON DATA MATRIX ] | }======--------

    >TS-99925 OMEGA CLASS 3 "BRICK"
    >>Matrix online: Systems nominal
    >Status: ONLINE
    >mode: PASSIVE


    >>Processing. . . .

    !%&&#&#%## 1110110_#$^&&#!@$ 100111110110101 @#%@%(*^G 100_110_1 _ _________#@$@#%^&&&_______



    >Target: UNKNOWN

    >>Tracing. . . . . . . .

    >NAV DATA UPDATED. . . . . . Loading Source and Target Coordinates. . . . . .


    >Initiating mode: ACTIVE

    >>Initialize defensive software






    >Diagnostics online


    This is not good. There are at least 2 ships somewhere in this sector using a code that's not a variant of what my database is used to processing, they've been communicating regularly, and at least one of them knows I've been listening. According to the log, their spike was neutralized by my ICE systems (Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics), preventing a potential system lockdown or virus, but somehow data from the unknown source got through - I may very well have a hostile virus onboard now, or something else entirely - but whatever it is, it has the possibility of being hostile, and that's definitely a bad factor in this equation. In addition, the system was prevented from getting an exact fix on either of the strange vessels. It did manage to acquire a partial area of probability on both targets, which I upload to 8472's terminal immediately.



    >>Processing . . . . . . .

    This might take a while, but my diagnostic utility is is more than adequte for the task. Far in advance of StarFleet's current software(and far more user friendly), it was given to me by an alien race known as the Sreen as a reward for eliminating hostile presences in their homeworld during the Lorg Wars. If there was something transmitted into my system from the unknown transmitter, this program will find it. However, it will require some time.

    I stepped back out into the hangar bay and ordered a beer from the Guardian's replicator network, but what it gave me had to have been the sorriest sh*t I've ever tasted. Frustrated, I threw the offending beverage into the trash incinerator and procured a cold one from my private stash on the Brick. I may be part cyborg now, but I haven't lost my tastes. I sat back and waited for the diagnostic to do its work.
  17. DeaJae

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    'Permission to leave the ship sir?'
    "Denied for the time being Commander."
    'I trust you will think about it more. Another asteroid phasing from subspace dead ahead. Helm, you know the routine.'
    "Please look at the damn sensors, just to double check next time."
    'You act as if you have little faith in your crew captain.'
    "Dismissed Commander."
    I walk off the bridge. Obivously our sensors aren't gonna to detect what else is out there. a scout is gonna be safer. Saying that the ship shakes meaning we came too close to that asteroid again. I don't feel in control of myself anymore, I feel like i need to get off this tin can.
    'Computer reroute to deck 13 section 2'
    A while later i reach my destination.

    "Sercurity to Bridge, Sir think you should get down to Docking port 6. Commander Jae is attempting to open a airlock."
    "I knew it! He's Pyschotic as well.!" Shouts a ensign, who is kiled and thrown across the bridge as his console explodes.
    "Transport him to the brig, ill deal with him personally later. *472 to Commander Jae. What the hell are you upto?"
    "Second thoughts keep him in sickbay."

    In sickbay.
    "Ok Commander, you've been acting weird lately. Any stressful events?" Asks the Doctor.
    'YES! Hell im surprised we are all still alive.'
    The Captain walks in.
    "Consider yourself confined to sickbay for the time being. Until you either tell us whats going on, or you stop it."
    'I have to get off this ship'
    'Can't Breath here.'
    "Doctor, his skin is changing colour?"
    "Yes, it done that about 5 times this hour, followed by eradic breathing patterns. Usaully consistent with the Cores flush out of plasma? Hmmm Connection there."
    'Doctor, Captain. Whatevers happeing i have to leave the warp field. Or would you like a energy based lifeform to roam the ship?'
    "True, it could be the rest of his race evolved into pure energy, especially if their world was in this region of space. Maybe Metaphasic energy was the catalyst for the conversion."
    "How long we got until we lose him?"
    "About 26 hours"
    "Well, work on a solution, if 24 hours are up, prepare him to go on a shuttle back to Earth and you will go there, they have the best scientists."
    '1 Condition, Lt. De'veler comes along.'
    "I'll think about it."
  18. Demacore

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    Unexpected arrival

    Hahahahahaheh,heh..heh. Ah yes that was enjoyable, Good call crewmen.

    Crewmen: Happy to serve, sir.

    Those sorry star fleeters will be in for a deadly surprize when they realize that I've screwed up their sensers and navigation and sent them to one of the roughest part of this sector. That should test their metal...hun.hun..hahahahaaa. Well enough of this gayety, are you still tracking that transmetal pod headed our way?

    Crewmen: Yes sir, it's on a heading of mark 417.45. Targeting tractor beam now. On your word sir.

    The word is given......bring it ....sonof a...whoa...crewmen what the frag is going on?

    Crewmen: Sir..the readings are off the scale! Something appears to be trying to use our tractor beam to gain access....systems....starting to overload! I'll try to rerout the.....[BZAAAKKKK!]...Agggh!

    Crewmen?! Crewmen!?! Blast, I was actually starting to like him!
    Someone's gonna get toasted for this intrusion!! Computer...executive command mode...psy enable!

    <Command acknowledged. You now have psychic-syncronis control of the ship...enjoy.>

    Oh I will. Isolating energy signature...purging system...ah. Well what do we have here?
  19. 8-4-7-2

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    Weird thing are happening. Commander DeaJae tried to jump out of an airlock. Obviously he want insane. We managed to brought him to sickbay, where the doctor found out that he rapidly evolved. Into what is unknown. He also expressed that he wanted for authority. Once we arrive at the bioship, he will be the leader of a squad of a dozen redshirts, to board the bioship, and search the Lumen Orb and the Dark Heart. He better transforms there than on the ship. Later he will be transfered back to earth.

    WoflBlackstar sent me a disturbing report, about two unknown ships in this sector. It also appeared that the Brick was infected by an alien computer virus. For now we sealed the shuttlebay with a forcefield, and rerouted all energy and data streams. But in the upcoming battle, this field might fail. Wolf is working on countermeasures, but if the various could spy our shield modulations we might be doomed.

    I have that itching in my left knee again. I always feel like that before a fight. Sitting in the Captain's chair my finger press hard into the seat. I sense that the crew is nervous too. But at the same time they are very professionals.

    "We are picking up a ship. It has a bio signature
    "Main screen turn on"

    There it is. The bioship. Drifting in space. It lost propulsion but shields and weapons are still intact. This might be our chance to attack. The sensors are giving more information now. There are many lifeforms on board. It's hard to distinguish them. But there are Trakkarth and SaintBeam. Around thirty undefined signals, Goshen monks...the energy reading are off the scale"

    "Transport room: Can we beam the away team over?"
    "Yes, if we find the cycle in their shield roation. I have it"
    "Commander DeaJae and the team are over"
    "Good. Tactical: Open fire. Only disable their weapons and shields. We have men over there"

    The Guardian darts forward, unleashing it's deadly force on the bioship. The phaser fire penetrates it's shields and shakes the ship. The small starfleet vessel makes a flyby, when suddenly another energy burst comes from the emptiness of space. I hits the Guadrian midships.

    "Who was that?"
    "not the bioship. The signature is different. Now I have it. It's the Goshatron! A temple ship"

    A ship build for warship. Altough it's mainly a flying monastry and meant for contemplation, it posses lethal weapons, and is a few dozen times as big as the Guardian.
    Another blast rocks the ship. The bridge is filled with an erie red glow of the emergency lights again. A few consoles exploded and trash of bulkheads is scattered on the ground. A few corpses I burried under it. I see the expressionless Face of Lieutenant Mulkai. But I don't have the luxery to mourn about him now.

    "Status report"
    "That are 10 gigawatt lasers! They are placed across the ship. I think it's mainly a warship."
    "Search for weak spots. Until then keep away from it, and target the bioship"

    More and more laser beams hit the Guardian as it tries to penetrate the bioships's shield grid.

    "We are losing the shield. 20% and failing..."
    "Keep firing. This is a good day to die"
  20. Thrakhath

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    "I have to do something SaintBeam."

    "You are weak, it is foolish to waste what energy you do have."

    "Yeah, well, if Galaxia is going to fix me up, being a bit weaker isn't going to change anything. And I can't do anything else at this level."

    SaintBeam let out a resigned sigh, "Very well, I can see that I'm not going to be able to stop you. But I am weakened as well, don't think I can bail you out if something goes wrong."

    But Thrakhath is already deep in concentration, too deep to hear what SB says. He reaches outside the ship, seeing two vessels doing battle, one has his friends aboard, and the other is a Goshen Temple Ship. Thrakhath touches the Temple Ship and sends it flying a few light-years away.

    Then he opens a temporary link to 8472, “Captain, the Goshen ship will return in less than 28 minutes, I suggest you find a way to be ready for it. The Bio-ship won’t harm you, Galaxia is in control for the time being.”

    "Now, we must hurry, for I fear that hostile beings are already aboard.”

    “I know, I feel them too. Malice said that they belong to a being named Demacore. I don’t know, but he’s trouble.”

    Both warriors, dog tired, work their way towards the bridge, and Galaxia.
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