Item error analysis

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Jan 31, 2008
There was a realistic target shooting game by Remington called Top Shot, where you could give your own height and mass. The higher you were, the slower you turned but the more steady you were. The heavier you were, the more steady you were. So after a lot of playing, when I wanted to cheat, I set myself to the highest and heaviest, and set the mouse moving speed the highest in Windows. This way I was quick and precise.

Once again, if the reloading of a weapon takes long, it's OK, but only if he does it in the quickest possible way. When he reloads the MP5A2, he does it as quickly is his life would depend on it, as it does. When he reloads the Mk.23 or the 5-7, he does it so slow, as these would be superweapons, and nothing could come close to him with these in his hands.


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Sep 23, 2001
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I can't comment on the pistols as I've never loaded a pistol in a "tactical" situation during exercises but in terms of the m16 family weapons, the reload times are accurate.

certainly the minimi's reload time is problematic however, the reload time from the standing postion is correct since it's really a 2 hand job. From the kneeling it should be slightly faster since you can rest it on your knee and forearm to free up both hands and from the prone it shouldn't be much longer than for an m16. My reload times on a minimi were faster from the prone position than they were with an m16 in the standing position (if you're not counting the time it takes to get the ammo can out of your ****in mag pouch which can be a pain the ass if your web gear or tac vest is badly designed :p)

My point is is to make it true to life would require the code and animations and effects to take into account so many factors that it require a super machine to properly execute it.

However it is fun to speculate HOW to implement these sort of things.
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