Altering vehicles?

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Mar 14, 2004
london, uk
pimp my raptor tee hee




my, you have been busy casC...
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Oct 25, 2003
Everett, WA
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Install some Hydro's.... make the chassis adjustable for terrain adaptation lol.

Raptor TRANSFORMERS that can alternate between street/speed/handling and offroad/traction/impact-survival properties..... and you need a key or button on mouse like... "reload" or something to toggle the vehicle properties.

When the vehicle is in street/speed/handling config... it would look the same as it does now. When toggled, the wheels spread out a bit wider and body raises up. The vehicle goes slower, but sticks to ground (can you specify a 95% traction in the physics?) better for forward AND reversing hill climbing power (where the engine is basically re-geared, and though slower, is stronger as is necessary to enable the coolness of this idea hahaha).

No changes are necessary for this fine piece of work

Add Gearing option described for the raptor to impart the ability to climb the hills as well as it did in u2xmp and to alternatively cruise down the road at either the same speed it normally does now or even faster lol... also making it possible to do those cool Juggernaught Jumps :-D

I wonder if the tank and raptor turrets can be made to aim in all necessary directions (within the normal range of motion relative to the angle of the vechicle chassis to which it is mounted) when on a hill like is possible with the Harby?

Hahaha... ya also... This IS an old Thread.
It does raise another question for me loll.

Can it be possible to add other vehicles which can carry artys? Perhaps someone can think of a way to convert other existing vehicles to XMP compatible vehicles? I know XMP is a 3 vehicle game... but it would be nice to be able to do alternatives. Duene has shown me that it doesn't necessarily destroy game play... also Storm with the Leviathan and the Island Hop one. It isn't any longer classic XMP, but still.... it's just MORE to play with. There will always be classic only servers IF there are those to whom that truely matters.