Virax made a map! We gotta review it!

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Reviewer Dude ... Guy
Apr 18, 2004
Houston, TX
He COULD make a non-1on1 map that's *slightly* larger and fixes any bugs and adds suggestions people have undoubtedly already found with/for it.


New Member
Apr 13, 2004
Skaarjmaster - whether I made the mistake of forgetting to fix the botcount or not, whether the size allows for more players or not, the fact remains that it was intended, and all powerup/weapon placement, was placed there, tested, and tweaked, for optimal 1on1 play.

Next time, I'll make sure to fix the bot count. :)

Corion... you're right, I could. In fact, I just may. However, I don't think I'll be making it any larger; only fixing a few small bugs which slipped through during last minute testing.

Anyhow, I can't wait to see the review. I'm pretty sure my map will get torn apart, but that's fine - I need constructive criticism, whether it be harsh or not. I'm just tired of hearing the whole 1on1 thing debated over. =P