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Nov 18, 2020
Sep 1, 2000
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Tampa, FL

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enemy of time, from Tampa, FL

SkaarjMaster was last seen:
Nov 18, 2020
    1. SkaarjMaster
      Wait, I'm still 49......nooooooooooooooooooo..................................;)
    2. AlteredForms
      A 50 year old person playing Unreal Tournament? I guess there's a soldier in all of us. Glad to see you're still rocking the series.
    3. SkaarjMaster
      No problem...:)
      ...and, NeoNite, Hi in 2013!;)
    4. Eternus
      Thanks for the specs!
    5. NeoNite
      Hi in 2012!
    6. NeoNite
      Hi in 2011!
    7. SkaarjMaster
      I guess this is about as close to facebook, youtube, twitter or whatever page as I'll get, so HI to everyone in 2011.:)
    8. UnrealGold57
    9. Big-Al
      Thanks Master :)
    10. SkaarjMaster
      NeoNite, add one.;)

      Skakruk, a little late but no that wasn't me. I'm usually only online at the BU server for now and it will be as SkaarjMaster with maybe a 2 or 3 after if UT2004 but only UT3 for now.:)
    11. NeoNite
      Just checked my UT maps folder and it says 599!!! What should I do???
    12. SkaarjMaster
      nope just binary for 2010; I had it separate for 20 and then for 10 a couple weeks ago, but decided 2,010 would be better. I'll probably change it in a month or two.:)
    13. Skakruk
      Are those numbers in your custom user title your online alias? I saw a green Skaarj with a bunch of ones and zeros as it's name running around in rankin the other day...
    14. [VaLkyR]Anubis
      Hey my Skaarj brother, how's the life ? I hope you're doing great! :-)

      Stay healthy & enjoy your time & serve the Skaarj Empire! :-)

      See Ya! :)

      BR ~Chris
    15. Skakruk
      Ah, a fellow supporter of the Skaarj!

      Long live the Skaarj Empire! (and may they make a dramatic comeback in UT3.5)
    16. NeoNite
      How many maps are there in your UT folder? I remember you used to have about 800 or so :D ?
    17. SkaarjMaster
      Yep, I'm a Krall for now.:)
    18. [VaLkyR]Anubis
      Glad to hear that brotha.Some days ago,I reinstalled my whole OS and I installed only Unreal,UT,Unreal2 and UT2004,hehe.I have UT3 and Gears Of War,but I need my new system at first to play the game in a good res and quality,you know.I hope we can manage it to play together in UT3 when I get my new system,hehe.:)

      I'm playing the UT2004 SP too,I already unlocked ClanLord and Xan,now I must unlock Malcolm,hehe,have fun at fraggin.:D

      Yes,it is really a shame not to include the Skaarj in a Unreal game,you know since the beginning they are in the game and now they aren't,but don't be sad brotha,EvilEngine will probably release a Skaarj model for UT3,he's been working on the model for some time and it looks awesome.I really liked it to play as Dominator,ClanLord or Mekkor in UT2004,hope somebody will make a remake of them,too.:)

      What will be your character in UT3 ? I think I play as a Krall at first until someone will release a Skaarj model (good quality).:)

      See ya brotha!:)
    19. SkaarjMaster
      Yep, doing well. I'm updating/revisiting my UT and UT2004 settings before I tackle UT3. I've played a few UT3 matches, but not online yet. Also, I forgot to do the SP tournament in UT2004, so I might try that first. Hopefully, people will still be playing UT3 online by then.

      Things are kinda grumpy in the Skaarj Empire right now and they are really pissed at Epic for not including them in the game. "Screw the Krall", they say,"the Skaarj need to be in the game!".:)
    20. [VaLkyR]Anubis
      Hello SkaarjMaster,how are you and what's up man,hope you are fine and in good mood.:)

      Seems like the Skaarj empire treat you great.:D
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