UTXMP Clan List.

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Nov 11, 2003
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Why is someone reviving this dead post? I can definitely see making a new post on the subject (and it's probably a good idea,) but the older info in the thread is 9 months old for chrissakes..


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Jul 12, 2017
I don't know if anybody will ever read this, but giving it a shot won't hurt. Anyway couple of weeks ago some people started a Discord Server for old XMP players and the there are still a couple of u2xmp servers around as well, thanks to EQ2 - Anyxway i'll drop the link here in case someone wanna join.

Hey we want to Play Unreal 2 XMP during the Pandemic!! 44 old XMP players on this Discord Channel: http://discord.gg/UD9yTt2 Game Download: http://www.xmpcommunity.com/ Please invite anyone you can remember / track down - its been 15 years!!