UTXMP Clan List.

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New Member
Dec 10, 2004
XMP clan

looking for members & alliances :D
Our Clanpage



Clanbase UTXMP Supervisor
Oct 11, 2002
Just a reminder.

Clanbase are currently compiling the list for the Spring Open Cups. These cups prodominantly start mid Febuary 2005 and last till July(ish).

Those who havent had the privelidge of playing Clanbase cups should take the time to read the rules before signing up for cups.

An example of Cup rules are here: http://www.clanbase.com/rules.php?lid=1632 <--this is based on the UT2004 CTF Cup.

People from the USA worried about the 1st line in the rules shouldnt be too concerned. We have sections that deal with ping issues and in the inclusion of USA clans is my intention.

But all this wont happen if we dont generate at least 32 clans.

Ive also said this in the past...if clans from the USA dont want to play against Clans from Europe...then thats fine.. just challenge clans from the USA.

Clanbase is a great system for friendlys and it keeps track via a calendar. Anyone who has used CB will probably agree that its very user-friendly.

Thanks in advance and please drop by/idle in #clanbase.ut2k4.xmp (qnet) for any questions


New clans register here: http://www.clanbase.com/newclan.php

News: http://www.clanbase.com/news.php

UTXMP Ladder: http://www.clanbase.com/rating.php?lid=1862
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Goblin Hunter
Apr 29, 2004
Hey guys, I guess this thread seriously needs a bump and a list of the active UTXMP-Clans.

I joined FFc lately. We're currently gathering our forces and would like to scrim of course (but have mercy, we are not very pro ;))


Clan: FFc (Forum-Fightclub)
Origin: Mostly German (Europe)
Homepage: http://www.utxmp.de (till we have an own official one :))