UT2Vote History

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Mar 20, 2002

UT2Vote12 - Released 23rd Novemeber 2002

As Epic are having a Mutate command back in their patch, I have removed it from UT2Vote12.
So all you need now is the ShowVoteMenu which is normally defaulted to the X key.
For the Admin menu just add the word Admin - ShowVoteMenu Admin.

UT2Vote12 has had all the bugs sorted out, thanks to those Admins that tested it for me.

It now offers several Admin options.

Please read the UT2VoteConfigs.txt file.

Optional Game voting and an option has been added to Mutator voting.

At game end it now first monitors if players are typing messages before springing the menu.

Admins please observe the ServerPackages rule with mutators.

You can get the file and see all the changes and screenshots at:


Just released UT2Vote Version 1.2 - see the Maps and Mod releases

Direct download links:




UT2Vote13 - Released 14th December 2002

Fixed bug with not loading other mutators in ServerMuts.
Fixed bug in Level timeout when voting a new game.



UT2Vote14 - Released 16th January 2003

Version 1.4 has come a long way since 1.3 and many Admin and player requests have been met.. hopefully :)
It is now also totally xPawn and xPlayer replication free and should be comaptible with almost anything.
Extensive readme information also supplied with the package.

All the details, screenshots and download information can be found here:



Direct download link:



Version 1.5 - info not avalable


UT2Vote16 - Released 22nd April 2003

Please Note:

UT2Vote16 requires Patch 2199 or greater.
UT2Vote16 has been tested with UTSecure 211
UT2Vote16 needs the EpicBonusPack to be installed.

Do's and Donots

The UT2Vote.ini file, like any other ini file can be added to but NOT subtracted from.
Do not remove the default games supplied in the section:
If you wish to disable any of these just set the AllowVote=False

ClassNames cannot be changed.
You cannot have more than one game with the same ClassName.
That is why 8 "dummy" games are supplied with UT2Vote16

If you wish to create more games with different ClassNames then get GameMake:


--------- Fixes in Version 1.6 -------------

UT2Vote no longer restarts the server if it does not find itself in the ServerPackages.
It will now write a message to the log and just continue as normal.

Incompatible Game Files
This was a big fix.
This happened when a player using the UT2003 Browser, left a server using UT2Vote and joined another server, they would receive this message and be locked out the game.
I would like to thank Joe Wilcox at Epic Games who helped me fix this problem.

Arena Voting
UT2Vote will now look in the GameType Mutators= and in the ServerMuts=, and should an Arena be detected like InstaGib, normal Arena and InstaGib voting will be disabled.

Admin switching Mutators
This has now been fixed. An option has also been put in the Admin Menu to enable a single Player on a server to switch Mutators.

Switching Arenas
An option has also been put in the Admin Menu to enable a single a Player on a server to switch Arenas.

The problems experienced with the chatlog has now all been fixed and is functioning the way it should have doen in the first place. An additional option has now also been added to the Admin Menu to enable the logging of the Players Unique ID in the Chatlog.

This glitch has been fixed and is now working fine in 1.6

Tournament Mode
This has now been fixed and the game will now also revert back to normal after a ClanMatch using the Tournament mode.

In Game VoteTime
This routine has been re-written and is now functioning properly.

Level Change Lockup
This was becoming a serious problem as Admins add more and more Mutators to the Game commandline.
A whole new Server Level Change routine has now been added to combat this problem and an Option has been added to the Admin Menu to enable this Server Alt Switching.
It is highly recommended that this option remain checked and in use.

Vote Cancelling
The bug where a player could cancel a vote when using Random voting has been fixed.

------------ Additions in Version 1.6 --------------

Game Heading Seperators
An Admin can now add a Seperator in the Game Voting display by using a Game option as follows:

GameType=(GameName="<<<-- InstaGib Games -->>>",AllowVote=True)

In the Games Menu, should the first 3 characters be either <<< or *** then it will see it as a seperator.

An option to disable the Restart button has been added

Seperate Admin Menu
As the Admin Menu ran out of space for options a second menu has now been added.
This Menu is an Option Menu for the current Game that can be changed etc.

Assault Game
UT2Vote will now recognise an Assault Game and disable itself during this game.
Should players want to make a vote, the VoteMenu needs to be called manually.

Clan Match Status
A Team winning Status Display has been added for Clan Matches - see the last pic in Screenshots

Kicking Players
This has been changed to selecting the number of levels you need to kick a Player for from 1 to 99.
The Admin has the option in the UT2Vote16.ini file for setting the minumum and maximum levels here.
Should an Admin use the KickMenu he has the option of setting the number of levels to zero (0) and this will kick the player on a permanent basis.

Always Kick Option
An option has been added to the Admin Menu for Always Kicking.
Basically with this checked on, when the ingame Voting time expires and a player now calls the VoteMenu, the KickVote Menu will popup, so as to always be available.

Logon Logo
The UT2Vote logo has benn replaced and is now drawn to the screen with a 7 seconds fade.

Mutate UT2VoteClient
This has been added so a player can call up the Client Settings after ingame voting limit has timed out.

Due to the hassels caused by UTSecure the AltRedeemer and AltRocketLauncher has been removed from UT2Vote.
A seperate AltRedeemer Mutator has now been made and can be downloaded and added as a Custom Mutator to UT2Vote.

Demo Recording
This has been added mainly for Clan Matches, where an Clan Admin can select this option in the SetupMenu.
The entire match played (all levels) will now be recorded Serverside and the files will be stored in the form:
Normal games can also be recorded as there is now a DemoRec button in the AdminMenu.
Should an Admin not want any Demo recordings to take place on his server, there is an option in the Adminmenu to disable this function.
Please note, this will only disable recordings that the Clan Admin tries to make.

Show Spectators
The client now has a option to view up to 8 Spectators in the scoreboard.
These will be displayed in the lower left of the screen.

Mutator Voting
When a player now votes for a Mutator or an Arena it will display its name now instead of just Player voted for a Mutator.

Dummy Games
3 more "dummy" GameTypes have been added to accomodate the Bonuspack for Instagib purposes.
UT2Vote16.vInvasion - UT2Vote16.vMutantGame - UT2Vote16.vLMSGame

For full information please visit http://www.unrealza.co.za/proasm

Thanks go to the following for all the testing on UT2Vote16

Yakomo - Hellcat - MikeDr - NexXxus - UTroll - =]DBoZ[=



UT2Vote17 - Released 9th August 2003


Direct Download: http://www.unrealza.co.za/files/mods/ut2vote17.zip

Please Note:
UT2Vote17 requires Patch 2225 and the EpicBonusPack to be installed.

Manual in English or German see: http://www.1337noob.de/ut2vote/index.html

For more detailed information see: http://www.unrealza.co.za/proasm

------------------------ Installation ------------------------------

The following files need to go in the UT2003 System folder:


UT2Vote17 needs to be added as a Mutator in your Server startup commandline as follows:

You also need to add UT2Vote17 as a Serverpackage in the servers UT2003.ini file:


------------------------ Brief Setup -------------------------------

No other Mutators or ? commands should go in the Server startup line.
UT2Vote requires this information to be entered at the following places:

Any Mutators that you would normally add to your Server startup commandline, must go here.
For example:

Any commandline commands that you need for all games must go here, for example:

If the Games on your server requires ALL players to logon with a Game Password, that password should be entered here.

This is the Main Admin password and will give this Admin full rights to accessing anything in UT2Vote.

This password is for Clan Leaders who can setup the server for a dedicated ClanMatch.
This Admin will not have access to the general Admin settings of the server.

Whatever you choose to be your Server DefaultGame needs to be entered here.
If you leave it blank, UT2Vote will enter the game from which your Server first starts up in.
Example: DefaultGame=XGame.xDeathMatch
When players have all left your server and it is not in a default state, UT2Vote will switch your server to this Default Game State.

You are now ready to startup your Server.

Once your server is running, join the Game and login as Admin:

Mutate UT2VoteLogin (the VoteAdminPass)
Press the Map Menu Hotkey (normally set on the ScrolLock Key) and once the Menu is up, click on the Admin button and you will start seeing the world at your fingertips.
NB.. All Admin changes will need a level restart.

-------------------- Fixes in Version 1.7 --------------------------

Fixed the small bug which prevented the MapLimits not working correctly in 1.6

Fixed where a Clan Match switched back to a default game the PlayersMustBeReady remained.

Clan Game Password
Fixed the conflict between the Game passwords when a Clan Match was being played.
Fixed where sometimes when a Clan Admin switched to another game, the password remained.

Fixed the map title being displayed at the wrong time in the ChatLog.

Wrong map in wrong game
Fixed when an Admin could switch to the current map when a new Game had been voted.
This for instance caused a DM map to be played in a CTF game.

Admin Spectator
Fixed where an Admin logged in as a Spectator, he now gets the proper Map Option and Menus.

New Game Mutators
Fixed when a new game was voted and the Mutators were not being reset.

Fixed the UT2Vote GameType MapLists not working correctly.

Game Seperators
Fixed where an Admin could edit a Game Seperator in the Games Menu.

Game Speed
Fixed where the GameSpeed would sometimes default to 50%.

Setup Menu
Fixed where the Setup Menu would sometimes display incorrect settings.

3 Player Vote Pass
Fixed when a Player would get his vote passed during a game if there where 3 Players on the Server and no one else voted.

Game Button
Fixed where Game Button was not disabling after a new game had been voted.

Fixed where all Games showed in WebAdmin even if they were set as AllowVote=False.

Fixed where a Instagib or Arena would show in the Menu if an InstaGib game was already being played.

TTM Detection
Fixed where UT2Vote would not load its defaults when starting a game using TTM.
This fix may cause other problems with TTM, especially during a TTM Warmup.

-------------------- Additions in Version 1.7 ----------------------

A new catergory has been added to the Ini file for ini file only settings.

Chat Line
A Chat line has been added to the Map Menu Option window for players to chat while voting.
NB.. This Chat line is not buffered so it does not remember what you last entered.

Admin GameMenu
A new Game Menu has been added where all variables and commands are now in click and set format.
An Admin can also edit any GameType from the Game Menu by clicking on the new Edit button.

Chatlog Commands
An Admin can now disable or enable the Chatlog during a game.
From ingame:
Mutate UT2VoteChatOff or Mutate UT2VoteChatOn
From WebAdmin Console:
Say UT2VoteChatOff or Say UT2VoteChatOn
This was done so Admin can download the current Chatlog via remote FTP.

Clientside Demo
A Player can now start a Clientside Demo from the Client menu.

Mutator List
All Mutators are now in a single List which can hold up to 50 Mutators.
These include all the default Mutators as well and are displayed in alphabetical order.

Multi Mutators
An Admin can now select as many Mutators as he wants at any time.

Clan MapList
The maps in the Clan Maplist has been increased from 10 to 20
The same map can now also be listed twice in a Game.

Hourly Auto Gameswitch
An option has been added to the ini file where your server can switch to a new GameType at any time.
At 12:00 UT2Vote will now switch your Server to a DeathMatch game.
The switch at 21:00 will not take place because DoSwitch=False
The switch at 22:00 will take place however.
When using this new option, make sure your server PC is set to 24 hour time.
NB.. UT2Vote will set this new game as its current Default Game.
UT2Vote will ONLY switch to the new GameType if the server is empty.
WARNING! Make sure your GameClass is correct else your server will Crash!

This can be found in the Ini file and if set to False, it will not display the message:
< Recording Started > when an Admin starts a Demo recording.

UT2Vote vGames
As these special Games did not show in the UT2003 Browser they have all been changed to xGames.
Except for Invasion they are now as follows:

Map Opinion Vote
Players can now vote an opinion on the current map being played.
This is so Admin can see which are the more popular maps on the server.
Players can also view the Top 20 maps by either clicking on the View button before voting an Opinion or by bringing up the Client Menu and doing it from there.
Players can also vote for one of the Top 20 Maps but selecting one and clicking on Submit.
Once a Player has given his Opinion Vote, the Opinion extended Window will no longer display for him.
The Admin can view the percentage Opinion in the Ini file under:

If this is set to False, it will disable the Map Opinion Vote option in the Map Menu altogether.

If this Ini option if set to True, the maps will be sorted in their Opinion order rather than Maps Voted order.

This can be found in the Ini file and if set greater than 0, UT2Vote will use this as the required percentage to pass a Vote.
If set as VotePercent=0 then the old way will be used.

EndGame Button
The DefaultGame button in the Setup Menu has been replaced with a EndGame button.
This will now set the current game to its original and remove all ClanMatch configurations and Clan Password.

A GamePassword= has been added to the Ini file for Admin to enter the common Game Password needed for their Server.
NB.. The Game Password should only be entered here as this has priority over any other place.

In the Ini file, setting this to True will now have the ChatLog appended to the MapName.
In this way you can have a Chatlog for every map rather than one big Chatlog.
Also makes it easy to view other ChatLogs during the game by an Admin.

MapLimits per Game
The MapLimits are now set for each GameType rather than each Map Type.
This is because namy GameTypes use the same MapType and if a MapLimit has not counted to zero, that map would not show in the new game.

Rejected Maps
Rejected Maps are now also per GameType as with MapLimits.

Server Restart
When a Server is started, it no longer adds itself to the number of MapsVoted count.

Map Menu
The Map Menu Options window has been moved up to allow messages to be seen while the Menu is open.

The Painter weapon will now also be disabled when the Redeemer is disabled during a ClanMatch.

In the Ini file, setting this to True will display the current Vote tally in voted order.

In the Ini file, setting this to True will display the current Vote tally in the Mapmenu but only after the player has voted for a Map Opinion or the Opinion is disabled.
The Tally will only display at GameEnd and in Random voting.

In the Ini file, setting this to True will disable the UT2Vote Clan Warmup if TTM is being used.

Clan Warmup
When a player now is Ready - he will go into Spectator mode.
When everyone is ready a Countdown will start with the Match doing a Game restart and no longer a Level restart.

Also added in the Setup Menu and if set to True, the above "warm" Game Restart will take place else if set to False, the normal Level restart will happen.

Clan Warm Time
Also added in the Setup Menu and indicates the time required for a Clan Warmup session.

All standard Game HUDs are now catered for and all Clientside options, including Hud Transparency.
NB.. Huds will be disabled if TTM is running.

--------------------------- Credits ----------------------------------

Thanks go to the following for all the help and testing on UT2Vote17

Yakomo - Socke - NexXxus - MikeDr

Clans: =]DBoZ[= - [TDW]

Also thanks to all those people who sent their inputs and requests.



UT2Vote18 - Released 14 September 2003

--------- Fixes in Version 1.8 -------------

If the ClanWarmTime is now set to 0 (zero) the Warmup Time will be unlimited.

ClanWarmTime Display
ClanWarmTime will no longer display if its not Clanmatch.

Fixed the bAllowMuts which was not working.

Admin Games
Fixed where an Admin could not open the GamesMenu if bAllowGames=False.

VoteTally Order
This was the wrong way around and is now in correct order.

VoteTally Display
This is now toggled in the Map Image Window after an Opinion Vote (if enabled).

Mutator List
This will no longer crash if the list is greater than 50 Mutators.

Top 10 List
A map under a MapLimit can no longer be voted for.

Kick Problem (as per forum)
This has now been fixed - sorry for the hassels it caused some Admin.

Vote Percent
The Vote Percent has been set at a minimum of 50%
Should an Admin request less it will lock at 50%
If the Admin however wishes the old system (UT2Vote15) then set VotePercent=0

Game Overflow.
The Games replication would overflow depending on the number of characters used in the GameNames.
This in now no longer the case and is fixed at 50 Games - any character length.

Top 20 List overflowing to Client when MapLimits are set.
Made it a Top 10 List to reduce the Replication strings.

------------ Additions in Version 1.8 --------------

When a Player request for someone to be kicked, this request will now display in the ChatLog.

If an Item is doubleclicked in Maps - Mutators - Games - Top 10 - SetupMaps then a Submit or Select action will take place.

Added Min and Max Player Setting for Maps in UT2VoteMapInfo - Example:


In this way an Admin can define how many players are needed for certain maps.
For instance if you have 7 players on a Server and dont want anyone to vote for a 1on1 map then set that maps MinPlayers=0,MaxPlayers=4
Now that map needs 1 or more and 4 or less players for it to be selected.
The same goes for a large map MinPlayers=10,MaxPlayers=50
For this map to be selectable your server needs between 10 and 50 players.

Anyone voting for one of these maps will get a message:
< Map is not suitable for 7 Players >
His Map menu will immediately be re-opened and this will not count as a vote.

Added that during Random Voting at GameEnd any Player can now Vote twice.
If he votes for the same item twice, he will just loose his second vote.

Any Player can now call his Map Menu to view the Voted Display.

MapMenu Stays open at GameEnd if Map is voted in Random Vote.
NB. This is only the case with a Map and not for other votes.

If GameVoteTime=0 (no ingame voting) or GameVoteTime expires, then when hitting the Hotkey (default ScrolLock) the ClientMenu will open.


For full information please visit http://www.unrealza.co.za/proasm

Thanks go to the following for all the testing on UT2Vote18

Yakomo - Socke - MikeDr - NexXxus - PoW - =]DBoZ[= and [TDW]


Download UT2Vote18



UT2Vote19 - Released 30 October 2003

This is just a bug fix release with no major additions.

-------------- Fixes in Version 1.9 ----------------

1. Fixed ServerTraveling bug for AntiTCC

2. Fixed Kick menu not available after voting timeout
To get to the KickMenu now after timeout a KickButton will appear in the Clientmenu.

3. Fixed All Hud and resolution scaling and tied counter to Elapsed time.

4. Fixed Bottom weaponbar display not present in Transparent mode.

5. Fixed Local time display in Hud.

6. Fixed Clan Setup Display configuration not displaying correctly.

7. Fixed No Bot in ClanPractice if Instant Action Game.

------------ Additions in Version 1.9 --------------

1. Added bCheckMaps in the IniOnly section for checking clients maps and leave out those he\she does not have.

2. Added bDisMapCon in IniOnly section for possible disconnection bug.
This is mainly for the guys who get disconnected when the MapMenu pops up - it may or may not help them.

3. Added Clientside Screenshot option in Client Menu.


For full information please visit http://www.unrealza.co.za/proasm

Thanks go to the following for all the testing on UT2Vote19

Yakomo - Socke - MikeDr - NexXxus - PoW - =]DBoZ[= and [TDW]

Also thanks for the bug reports from everyone.


Download UT2Vote19



UT2Vote20 - Released 4 January 2004

Sorry for the slight delayed release but through various requests and demands UT2Vote20 has undergone several major changes, the main ones as follows:

Voting System
All Voting systems of previous versions of UT2Vote have been scrapped and replaced with a simple Majority Voting System. Players vote till a timeout is reached and the item with the most votes wins. If no Majority was reached and several tied, a random choice out of the ties will be chosen. If however no tie was reached either then a random choice of all votes will be chosen.
Ingame voting will need a percentage majority as stipulated by the VotePercent= in the ini file under the IniOnly section.
At Game end, players also have the option of changing their vote once.

Player Disconnections
A lot of efford has been put into UT2Vote20 to try and eleviate this problem.
Although this problem only happens on a small percentage of servers, UT2Vote20 has tried to accomodate the unstable switching problems these servers have.
Servers that suffer severe disconnections can set bNoDisconnect=True in the IniOnly section.

For detailed information on other changes and additions there is quite a comprehensive documentation with the release - UT2Vote20_Readme.html
This documentation can also be viewed here.

For full information please visit http://www.unrealza.co.za/proasm

Thanks go to the following for all the work and testing on UT2Vote20
Socke - Yakomo - PoW - Imaginos - sh0V3L - CvRoy - Nikki
Clans: [TDW] and .:vVv:.

Download UT2Vote20




UT2Vote21 - Released 13 February 2004

Some of the main changes in 2.1

Voting System

A seperate Voting heading has been added in the UT2Vote21.ini file:

The total amount of time allowed before Voting timeout for 2 Players.

The maximum Voting time allowed regardless how many players are on the server.

The additional time allowed for every Player that joins the Server after the VoteMinTime.

After everyone has Voted, this is idle time waited for someone to change there vote.
If no further votes are made the VoteMaxTime will be forced and the vote will be decided.
If however someone makes a vote a further Idle Time will be set.

This allows players to change their vote once during a voting session.

This is the accepted percentage to pass a vote ONLY during game voting.

The number of votes a player can make during a game.

This is the time in minutes allowed from the START of a game that players can call a vote.


There is also another new heading in the UT2Vote21.ini file:

Packages=(MutClassName="Whatever.Whatever", ServerPackages="Whatever")
Admin can add Packages for large Mutators that they dont want players to download everytime they join a server.
When one of these Mutators are voted or added to a GameType, only then will the Package be added to the ServerPackages and downloaded to the client if they dont already have it.
Once the Mutator is removed, the ServerPackage will also be removed.
All Mutators that you want added to the ServerPackages need to go here.
The ServerPackages= section can have multiple packages seperated by commas.

Clan Setup
The Setup Menu can now be accessed regardless what Game is currently being played.
Up to 3 Games can be configured in advance for a Clan Match.
Several new options are now also available.

The manner in which the Menus are displayed has been updated to fit the client better.
Things like the Escape key now works on 99% of them also.
Some items in the Admin menus have been removed to save replication space and over crowding.

For detailed information on other changes and additions there is quite a comprehensive documentation with the release - UT2Vote21_Readme.html

For full information please visit http://www.unrealza.co.za/proasm

Thanks go to the following for all the work and testing on UT2Vote21

Socke - Yakomo - PoW - Imaginos - sh0V3L - CvRoy - Nikki - Cartman
Clans: [TDW] and .:vVv:.

Download UT2Vote21




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Mar 20, 2002
After that long post the forum locked up on me and for hours I could not get on to continue, so here goes:


Version 4.0 - Release notes not available


UT2Vote41 Release - 3rd May 2004

Fixes and additions in 4.1

To enable UT2Vote to work in a Standard Server some changes had to be made.

The top heading in the UT2Vote41.ini file:


That has been scrapped and all the variables that were there now fall under:


Which in UT2Vote40 was further down the list, so be very aware of this if you copy and paste stuff over.

Another item which was changed is the Hide=False that was in each Mutator and GameType string has been scrapped also.
It does not matter if the Hide= stays behind should you copy and paste as UT2Vote will just ignore it.

An option is now available to set your server as Standard Server or not:

Other stuff:

Hit sounds will now work in Onslaught.

Added a bDisAllVoting=False (default) in the IniOnly section.
If this is set to True then Players will not be able to vote anything, only Admins will have access.

Changed the way in which Admin select Mutators in the Mutator menu.
This was a very necessary change and do make it successfull, Mutators are no long listed alphabetically but in the order they are listed in the ini file.

Fixed the problem with the Weapon Stats menu popping up when a Player is dead when a new game was voted in.

When playing ZoomInstagib, UT2004 forces the translocator on.
This will now depend on the ?Translocator= command in the gamestring.

Fixed the problem where an Admin could not select a map that was under Limitation.

Fixed the problem where some Mutators would not show in the ClanSetup menu.

ClanAdmin can now switch Games/Mutators/Arenas if it is not a ClanMatch else they have no access here at all.


Version 4.2 Release notes


UT2Vote43 Release - 17th July 2004

Major Changes

UT2VoteMulti for multi servers in system folder.
For those that wish to run UT2Vote on MultiServers having different UT2004.ini files.

ucc server CTF-Maul?Game=xGame.xCTFGame?Mutator=UT2Vote43.UT2VoteMulti etc..

The different configs will be created in each Server.ini file or they can be copied and pasted from the UT2VoteMulti.txt file.

Enhanced Admin Menu
Moved several IniOnly stuff to configs menu.
Several options have now been moved from the IniOnly section to the AdminMenu [UT2VoteConfigs] section and these are:
bDisAllVoting - bNoWeapStats - bDisServAdmin - bDisOpinion - bDisAdminMesg - bClanServName - bUseChatLog
bUseChatMap - bUseChatIDs - bSwitchDefMap - bUseRandomMap - bUseUniqueID - bDMSkinBright

Mutate and UT2Vote commands added to WebAdmin Console.
If bWebAdmin=True then these commands will replace the 'say' command in the WebAdmin Console.
The Mutate command will be passed to all mutators currently running.
The UT2Vote command can be used to change options in the UT2VoteConfigs and UT2VoteVoting sections:
UT2Vote ?GamePassword=whatever?bAllowKick=False?bArenaAlone=True?bUseChatLog=True - click Send

NB. The following are not available with the above:
DefaultGame - ServerMuts - ServerLine

Reserved Admin Spectator
Should the server be full, an Admin can send a command from WebAdmin reserving a special Slot for entry to the Game:
In the WebAdmin console, remove the 'say' command and:
UT2Vote ?AdminSpec=nickname
This will allow an Admin into the game, and close the 'hole' when he leaves.

Tallyvote Revamp
The way in which the Tallyvotes are now displayed has been revamped and the Submit button will now follow where the cursor is.

Vote Calculation
During a voting proceedure the VotePercentage will now always be in consideration and will be accepted as a Majority vote the moment it qualifies regardless of whether votes came from changed or direct votes.

Other Changes

Silent Kick
Admin can kick Players without anyone knowing about it.

bAdminAtEnd=False (default)
Added in IniOnly section and if set to True, UT2Vote will allow an Admin into the Menus as GameEnd.

Map Prefix and Suffix bug
Fixed map prefix bug in custom gametypes.

Admin changes
Removed Admin loosing Adminship when dying, also no more protection and removed Admin from kicklist.

Kick Message
Admin can now send a message in the kick/ban Menu to all players and kicked player.

Client KeyBind
The ClanReady Keybind has been replaced with a ClientMenu Keybind as the normal UT2Votemenu works as a ClanReady.

bSortMutsList=True (Default)
The Mutator list will be sorted alphabetically.

bSortGameList=False (Default)
The Games list will be sorted alphabetically.

WaitForLevel=90 (IniOnly Section)
This is now variable and always used to be fixed at 60 but with levels becoming slower at changeover it was necessary to increase this wait time.

Set Match
An extra button has been added in the ClanSetup so an Admin can set the Match to only start when the current game ends.

MapListSort=0 (Options = 0,1,2,3)
0 = Alphabetical A - Z listings.
1 = Alphabetical Z - A listings.
2 = As in list - best if UseMapList=True
3 = Random selection on each level.

bMinMaxMaps=True (Admin Menu)
If set to True then maps with set MaxPlayers and MinPlayer that do not suit the current game will be removed from the MapList.

Several Minor Changes

Fixed Spectator kick list sometimes not displaying.
Fixed MapLimits not functioning correctly (again).
Fixed voting for limited map in newmaps and top maps.
Fixed AddNew maps button not working.
Fixed Servernames sometimes displaying incorrectly.
Fixed single player selecting No-Muts
Fixed WebAdmin not using chathandler
Fixed WebAdmin switching Gametypes correctly if bWbAdmin=True
Fixed Gametpyes will now succesfully load their configs if selected from WebAdmin.
Fixed WebAdmin configs that UT2Vote does not allow.
Fixed Opinion voting as now saved if a vote fails.
Fixed GamePassword being removed in GameString.
Fixed incorrect gamestring when all players leave after voting new game.
Fixed where Player or Spectator looses menu when switching to Player.
Added votable Mutators are now selectable from WebAdmin.
Added Help option to Client Menu.
Added GamePassword to Admin GameMenu.
Added preservation of all additional Gamestring commands, including ONS and AS.

Download UT2Vote43


UT2Vote Team


UT2Vote44 - Release: 12th September 2004


Fixed DuelGame and Assault detection.
Fixed GamePassword bug.
Fixed Voting bug when odd number of players.
Fixed erratic Tallyvote display.
Fixed ClanSkinGlow always reporting "Off" in setup menu.
Fixed ServerMuts not showing in ClanMatch Setup.
Fixed Admin menu defmap hit mixup.
Fixed Spectator Admin not working.
Fixed Menus closing not closing properly when Admin.
Fixed Incompatible Game Files error.
Fixed bDoGamePopup issues.
Fixed Gamestring command preserving.
Fixed Spectators not showing when nickname changed.
Fixed DefaultSwitch not resetting after last player leaves.
Fixed if defaultmap is missing - will now use current map.


Added ClanMuts allowed now increased from 5 to 20.
Added CheckMap now on its own - [UT2Vote44.UT2VoteMapCheck]
Added MaxPlayersIsp so Admin cannot overstep the mark set by ISPs.
Added Choice of 6 Announcers to ClientMenu.
Added UT2Vote and Kick Vote buttons to UT2004 MidGameMenu.
Added AdminGameMenu now caters for ?VsBots=
Added ?NoOverTime=True/False in GameStrings for UT2Vote - also in GameMenu.
Added InstagibCTF and VehicleCTF Gametypes to UT2VoteGameTypes.
Added option to change any games ?command strings from Webadmin.
This will be in the form: UT2Vote ?GameType=FriendlyName?Whatever=True?etc....

Added if UseMapList=True then OtherDMPrefix maps must also be in the DM Maplist.
Added Vote to remove individual Mutators.
Added when voting for a Mutator a voted Map is now also needed.
Added mention of Client-Settings not setup if first time startup.
Added Renamed Client button to Settings button.
Added UT2Vote ?Pass command in WebAdmin to show Game and Clan Passwords.
Added new UT2Vote Logos.

Download UT2Vote44


UT2Vote Team


UT2Vote45 - Release: 24th September 2004


Fixed Escape key bug in ClanMatch.
Fixed GamePassword remaining after ClanMatch.
Fixed Tallyvote displays.
Fixed Tallyvote double clicking.


The following items have been removed for Standard Server compatibility:

SkinBright - NoWeaponShake - Hitsounds

After removing the Hitsounds the WeaponStats fell apart so that was removed as well.
Several other small items were removed as well that fell prey along the way.

NB.. Major change
The commandline startup has changed for UT2Vote as an X has been added.

The X was necessary for Whitelist enabling.

Download UT2Vote45


Other Stuff

As the Hitsounds and Brightskins were removed from UT2Vote, fear not as these items can be found in a seperate Mod (included) called UTExtra for the want of a name in a hurry :)

In UT2Vote45 and above just add it to the:

The command to bring up the HitSound menu is:
Mutate UTExtra

If you are logged in as ServerAdmin, then this menu will consist of several Server options as well for Dis/Enabling the SkinBright, WeaponShake or HitSounds.

As a non Admin then the menu offers the player the option to enable or disable his/her HitSounds or to set the volume of them.

UTExtra requires to be in the UT2004.ini as a ServerPackage.


or in UT2Vote:


NB: In using UTExtra you will make your server Non Standard.


The usual DummyMuts are also included for those extra Serverpackages that one always need to add for the new and many mods out there.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience in waiting for the Whitelisting to happen and also again to Epic for their co-operation.

Although this is a full release, we regard it as a sortof public beta as many many changes were done and any bugs etc that may be lurking please report them in.

The UT2Vote Team



Version 4.6 - Release notes not available


Version 4.7 - Release notes not available


UT2Vote48 - Release: 12th December 2004

Fixes and Additions

Map Prefix bug in some games
Due to a timing problem some servers would show the incorrect maps after voting for a new Gametype.
This has now been fixed.

TeamDeathmatch Admin switching
If an Admin switched to a TeamGame, the DefaultMap would get distorted.
This has now been fixed.

Assault game not ending
As voting is disabled in an Assault game, it often took up to 10 minutes for a level to changeover.
This has now been fixed.

ClanAdmin kick options
ClanAdmin now have the same kicking powers that the VoteAdmin or ServerAdmin have.
This has now been fixed.

This has replaced the UT2VoteMulti so as to have it Whitelisted.

Votable Mutators in DuelGame
Mutators and Arenas can now be voted for in DuelGame40.

Browser button addition
A Browser button has been added to the MapMenu for quick browser access.

Spectators in Assault
Specators will now also be visible in an Assault game.

UTExtra button addition
A UTExtra button has been added to the ClientMenu if UTExtra is running.

Added AltMapPrefix
The current OtherDMPrefix= in the IniOnly section has been dumped and replaced with a AltMapPrefix= in every GameType string.
This gives the Admin the option of having a different type of game map in each game.
NB.. Making Custom games for UT2Vote48+ will now need GameMake3 version 3.4


The UT2Vote Team



UT2Vote49 - Release: 22nd January 2005

Fixes and Additions

Fixed the bug where UT2Vote would not work for Multiservers.

Menu Delay
Fixed the bug where it took for ages for the Map Menu to open.

Fixed the bug when MaxPlayers was 2 or 4 and MaxPlayers + MaxSpectators exceeded MaxPlayersIsp.

Default Map Switch
Fixed bug where the game would not switch to the DefaultMap.

Escape Key bug
Fixed the bug where the Escape key did not work in custom games.
To do this we had to frig it as follows.
If you want UT2Vote to handback the Escape key to Custom games, then add to the GameType= Command string:
This will tell UT2Vote not to block the Escape key.
NB... It is not advisable to do this for standard UT2004 games.

Admin Game Switching
The Admin now has the option of forcing a Gameswitch with its DefaultMap, or selecting a map from the Map Menu for the new game.
The Admin will now also see a Force button in the Games Menu.

Admin Mute Player
The Admin now has the option of Muting a player in the Kick Menu for the rest of the current game.

This is another frig to get the BonusVehicles for Onslaught working in UT2Vote.
Because the maps with Bonus Vehicles share the same name, UT2Vote now has some Ghost maps.
These maps must have a Map Prefix of ECE-
So all the maps that have Bonus vehicle capability, rename them to ECE- instead of the normal ONS- maps.
You can have both running also for instance:

Now just set the AltMapPrefix="ECE" in the GameString for Onslaught.


The UT2Vote Team


Version 5.0 - Release notes not available


UT2Vote51 - Release: 11th June 2005

Changes and Fixes in UT2Vote51

Fixed the ChatIcons not showing after a Mutator vote.

Remove Mutator
Fixed voting for Remove Mutator

No Mutators
Fixed voting for NoMutators

Fixed voting for NoArenas

Link Arena
Fixed voting for Link Arena

Added a DoUplink auto detect function.
In many cases, especially LAN parties where the Admin sets DoUplink=False UT2Vote kinda gets mixed up and tends to sometimes do strange things.
UT2Vote will now detect this and temporary set bUseUniqueID=False.

Map Extensions
In several cases if an Admin added the .ut2 at the end of a mapname, the server could go into convulsions causing chaos for some reason.
UT2Vote now will detect and map extensions and remove them.

InGame Admin
During a game voting will not be possible if the Admin is present.
NB...This is on a first come first serve basis so if the vote happened before the Admin logged on, then the vote would stand.
On the otherhand, if the Admin logged on before voting commenced, then voting will not be possible.
NB... This is ingame only and at GameEnd things will be as normal.

Clan Start Match
Fixed the problem where the ClanAdmin had to Close the Menu, then re-open it before he could select the Start Match.

Assault Map Popup
Added back that the Map Menu will again popup during an Assault game.



Name: UT2Vote
Version: 5.2
Compatibility: 3369+/-
Description: A Voting mutator for UT2004
Comments: Over 50 Games can be configured and over 50 odd Mutators. Clan Match and Warmup options also available with Game Setup options. Extensive Admin options also available to configure each Game seperately.
Credits: ProAsm & Team - Socke,PoW,Imaginos,frogger,sh0V3L,hmishima,Mephisto,tuco,CvRoy,Nikki,De$tiNy,Assraker,Yakomo

Changes and Fixes in UT2Vote52

Thanks to EL Muerte for spotting the problem, the UT2Vote BH has been updated.

This option has been removed and replaced with:
This is the total number of messages a player can send the Admin from the MapMenu.
AdminMessages=0 will disable the option.
This option has also been added to the AdminMenu.
All Admin Messages will be stored in the UT2VoteAdminLog.log in the Userlogs folder.

AdmMesg Button
The Admin Messages now has its own display in the Map Menu with a seperate button and no longer dependant on the Map Opinion.

GameQuit button
This has been moved to the About Menu except at game end, then the About button becomes the GameQuit button.

The actual Chatlog will now only open on the first message.
This helps reduce lag a bit.

Chat nickname
The nickname in the Chatlog has been extended from 16 to 20 characters.

When set to True, Players will not receive UT2Vote messages in the center of the screen during a game.
This was added as players complained the message hid the crosshair.

Clan Maplist
The bug with the ClanMaplist not displaying when a ClanSetup is called has been fixed.

Clan Setup Save
There is now an option for the Admin to save the complete Clan Setup as a 'Default' for future games and can just call the last Setup with the "Load Default Setup" button.

Clan BotPractice
When using this option it is now possible to use the PlayersMustBeReady option with the Bots.

End Match
Fixed the problem when the End Match button was clicked during a Clan Match.

Map Prefixes
The bug with the incorrect map prefixes being displayed when a new game is voted has been fixed.

Map Number
If the AltMapPrefix= is set to the same Prefix as the standard MapPrefix= then the game will hold up to 500 maps.
If this is blank or has another prefix then there will be a maximum of 250 maps for each prefix.

Fixed the problem when a Admin does a "Silent Login" with UAdmin and it does not display as such.

Player Banning
It is now possible to ban a Player even if he has left the server.
The Players nickname will appear in the list below a heading:
--- Players already left ---

This is for Admin option to change the text on the NewMaps button in the MapMenu.
The information in the [UT2Vote52.UT2VoteNewMaps] can then be tailored for other purposes.

When the NewMaps button above is clicked, this information will display on the menu heading.

Should an Admin wish to change a games AirControl then just add the option in the GameType string.
?AirControl=0.35 (default)

UT2Vote Website: http://www.proasm.com
UT2Vote52 Download: http://www.proasm.com/files/UT2Vote52.zip
UT2Vote Team Support Forum: http://forums.beyondunreal.com/forumdisplay.php?f=501


UT2Vote53 - Release: 2nd June 2006

Reject Button
Fixed the problem with the dissapearance of the Reject and Restore buttons.

Server Admin
Added further checks for when the Server Admin logs off.

Added that if the BanMaxLevs default 99 is incremented to 100 it will restart at 0.
This is more ideally suited for banning purposes.

Server Messages
It is now possible to display any Server Messages (advertising) anywhere on the screen, in several colors and sizes.
Messages have a duration time in which they can be displayed, an Interval time between each message plus several other options.

The interval in seconds between each displayed message.

The duration in seconds of each message.

Whether the message should fade out during its Duration time.

Whether messages should be displayed during a voting session.

Whether messages should be displayed at Game end.

The Message setup:

MesgInfo=(Enabled=True,GameName="All",Center=False,YPos=10,TextSize=3,TextColor="Red",Message="** Powered by UT2Vote **")

If this is false the message will not be displayed.

"All" will display this message in all Gametypes, whereas should you wish the message only to be display in a certain came,
like CTF, then set this as GameName="Capture the Flag".
NB... The GameName must be identical to the GameName= in the GameType= string.

If this is True then the message will be displayed in the screen center.

This is the vertical position in a percentage from the top to the bottom of the screen to where the message should be displayed.
75 is the default, placing them directly above the chat messages.

This is the size of the text for the message from 1 to 5.

This is the color of the message text and can be the following colors:
Yellow, Red, Violet, Green, Blue, Cyan, White, Silver, Gray, Pink, Ivory, Slate, Orange, Frogwood, Brown

The actual message to be displayed.
NB... All messages can be added, removed or edited in the Server Messages Menu.
The button for this Menu can be found in the Admin Menu.


Version 5.4 - Release notes not available


UT2Vote53 - Release: 11th November 2006

Changes and Fixes

1. MultiClassNames
It is now possible for UT2Vote to have several games with the same GameClass.
This is so that the custom games are Whitelisted and GameStats will work.
Games made with GameMake3 will still be accepted as before although no longer neccessary.

2. UT2Vote55.ini File
Before we go into the details of this release, please note on the changes needed in the UT2Vote55.ini file if you are upgrading from a previous version.
One of the most significant changes in UT2Vote is in this release, in that Games with the same GameClass names can now be used thus in many cases, eliminating the need for GameMake3.
For this to be made possible, many changes had to be made in the way in which UT2Vote functions, but hopefully it has been successfull.

Please read the UT2Vote55_README_FIRST.txt file which is in the zip for all ini file catergory changes.

3. Admin Messages
This has been dumped as to make room for the MultiClassNames above.
The Admin Messages took up a lot of code and it is necessary to keep UT2Vote under 600k.
Other items that have been dumped in this catergory.
a) bNoDisconnect
b) [ClanMatch] in Servername if a clanmatch.
c) UT2VoteMenuHelpClient

4. Clan Practice
Fixed the problem where the Bots did not function correctly.
Bots used to be erratic, have incorrect names and often play on the wrong team.

5. ClanSetup Games
Fixed the problem with the "Clan=False" in the GameTypes not working.

6. Game Switch
The Timed GameSwitch has been enhanced in that even if the DefaultSwitch=0 the gameswitch will still happen.

7. [UT2Vote55.UT2VoteInternal]
This has been added in the ini file for non Admin internal variables for UT2Vote only.

8. LevelEndTime
This has now be replaced with a more solid switch LevelChange and falls under the new UT2VoteInternal

9. WebAdmin
UT2Vote's bWebAdmin=True has been advanced in that if a GameType or Map is now switched from WebAdmin, it will happen correctly with all the necessary UT2Vote options.
All Games, including custom games and their appropriate maps are now also visible and switchable from WebAdmin.

10. bWeaponStill
Fixed the problem where when bWeaponStill=True it disables the WeaponShake, but when setting it bWeaponStill=False again, it not bring the shake back.

11. ServerAdmin
Fixed the problem where the ServerAdmin was not logged out at Game End like the VoteAdmin was if bAdminAtEnd=False

12. bChangeVote
This has now been dumped - see (13).

13. VoteChangeNum
This has been added to the voting section and can be set from 0 to 99.
It stipulates how many times a voter can change his vote. (before was only once)
If VoteChangeNum=0 then vote changing is disabled, same as bChangeVote=False before.
Basically a player can now change his vote as many times as he wants.
Default is 3.

14. InGame Menu
The MapVoting and Kick buttons here have been advanced in their functions with slightly better control.

15. bUseUniqueID
If bUseUniqueID=False or DoUpLink=False then the PlayerIDs will be used as before BUT:
Now in this case by using the PlayerIDs, if anyone reconnects at Game End or joins at Game End, they will be locked out of voting alltogether.
An option for this is not available as it could open a hole for cheating.

16. Voting Countdown
The internal Voting Countdown which you see counting down has been changed slightly.
Should a player leave the game at GameEnd during a voting process, the TimeOut will be reduced by half of VoteStepTime.
Eg.. If TimeOut x 2 > VoteStepTime then TimeOut = TimeOut - VoteStepTime / 2;

17. Server Start
At Server start it will Initiate the DefaultGameName and DefaultMap (neccessary for MultiClassNames)
This now happens on Instant Action Game also.

18. Arena Menu
When clicking on the blank section of the Arena Menu, all Arena's would disable, this has now been fixed.

19. MapChecks
An addition 2 options have been added to the [UT2VoteMapCheck] section.
If any option needs to be ignored and the Game option to be used then set that to =0
If bMapChecks=True in the Ini Only section then at every level change UT2Vote will look here to see if the GoalScore or TimeLimit needs to be changed for any given map.
NB. Only maps using the currrent games MapPrefix= will be used and all AltMapPrefix= ignored.

20. RandMap Button
A RandMap button has been added to the MapMenu for the player to vote for a random map.

21. WebBrowser
When viewing a game in the Browser which is using UT2Vote the following information will be available:
GameName, ClanMatch, GamePassword (true/false), Map and kickvoting (enable/disabled)

22. MenuPopupTime=0
This has been added to the Config section and if greater than 0 it will control the time it takes for the Menu to popup when the Game ends.


Version 5.5 is probably the biggest upgrade to date and offers a whole new bunch of features.
Many thanks to the guys in the team, and also to the outside helpers who helped test this version.
Special thanks to martinblank for the votechange concept and testing thereof.

Reports to: http://forums.beyondunreal.com/forumdisplay.php?f=501


UT2Vote56 - Release: 17th February 2007

The overall appearance of UT2Vote has generally changed with new buttons and only a selected amount visible to the user.
This has been done to make the menu more user friendly.
Flashing and colored button have also been added for easier direction.

All button hints on all menus have been fixed where neccessary.

Game End Admin
Fixed the problem with the Admin not having access at game end.

WebAdmin Defaults
Restored the access to the Default settings in WebAdmin.

This has been added in the IniOnly section and if set to True, will cause Games to be only voted for on alternated votes.
For instance, you play DeathMatch, you Vote for and play Capture the Flag, DeathMatch will now not be available to vote for and you have to play someother game first before you can vote for DeathMatch again.
When the server switches to the DefaultGameName, it will also reset the GameRepeatLimit to restart.

AdminSpec Slot
Although this was introduced several versions ago it has never worked properly.
If your server is full, maxplayers and maxspectators have been reached, opening WebAdmin and going into its Console, remove the 'say' and type in there:
UT2Vote AdminSpec=Nickname
UT2Vote will now create a extra space on the server for an additional Spectator and wait 2 minutes for the spectator with the given Nickname to arrive.
The person must logon as a spectator else he wil be kicked.
Once the AdminSpectaor leaves, the slot will be closed.

MapList sorting.
This to was added several versions ago but never worked properly and has now bee fixed and enhancements made on it as well.
In the IniOnly section there is a MapListSort=
MapListSort=0 will sort the maps from A to Z
MapListSort=1 will sort the maps from Z to A
MapListSort=2 this is new and it will randomize the maplist differently on every level.
MapListSort=3 this basically does no sorting at all and uses them as found.
The error in the Readme by swapping 2 and 3 has also been fixed.

Map Delete
Fixed the way the map is removed in NewMaps

This is about the biggest upgrade and is presented as follows:

As can be seen several SemiAdmins can be added here by just duplicating this line and changing the password and options.
It is recommended that a maximum of 10 SemiAdmins are used although the game can accomodate 32.
Currently there are 5 options available for the SemiAdmin:
If True the SemiAdmin will have access to switching Maps, Restart and RandMap.
If True the SemiAdmin will have access to Mutators.
If True the SemiAdmin will have access to switching GameTypes.
If True the SemiAdmin will have access to Kicking and Banning Players.
If True the SemiAdmin will have access to setting a GamePassword.
This Gamepassword can be found in the Games Menu along with a Restart button.
This Restart button is available to the SemiAdmin whether he has SwitchMaps access or not.
NB.. The SemiAdmin has no access whatsoever to a ClanMatch game.
You login the same as the other Admin:
Mutate UT2VoteLogin password

This has been dumped as it had major conflicts with the new SemiAdmin operations.

Fixed the problem when a game did not resume to its defaults after a ClanMatch ended.

Voted Map
The player voted map no longer appears at the top of his maplist as this caused to many problems.

Freon Thawing
Made provision for players thawing in Freon where a player thaws with full health.


UT2Vote57 - Release: 8th September 2007

1. Map Count
Fixed the problem where the last map (250) was left out.

2. Clan Maps
Fixed problem with Clan Map sorting.
Fixed problem with ClanSetup menu monitoring paused game.
Fixed problem where clan map download timer expired prematurely.

3. Admin Game Settings
Fixed the problem where the Admin could not correctly set the options in the AdminGame Menu.

4. Admin Leaving Server
Fixed the problem where the Admin was not removed from the Admin list when leaving a Server.

5. Tickrate
Added ?Tickrate= option to each GameType string to adjust server tickrate.

6. Top 10 Maps
Increased to a maximum of 30 maps depending on mapname length.

7. WaitForLevel
This option has been put back in the IniOnly section and is used for slower servers that tend to dump their players if the level takes to long to changeover.
Default is 60, but if difficulties are experienced, this should be incresed to 90.

8. Spectator Spying.
This is a new feature which has been added both Serverside and Clientside.
When enabled on both sides and a Spectator is viewing a player, that Player will be notified via a message on his/her screen that they are being viewed.
When the Spectator switches their view to another player, the previous player will also be notified that he/she is no longer being viewed by that particular player.

If the Admin sets this serverside setting as False all Spectator Spying will be disabled regardless of the Clientside settings.
Allow Spy Messages
Here the player has the option of checking or unchecking this option.
If unchecked no messages will appear should a spectator be viewing this player.




Nov 21, 2003
wow, i guess, i joind the team when i had some troubble with the 1.5. That's nearly 6 Years ago...

Man a lot of time and a lot of ideas went into it ;)

funny thing, i still have all the mails, i exchandged with proasm, the first is dated from march 2003 :)

The first releases i played around with were ut2vote 1.2 and provote 3 :D
Last edited:


New Member
Oct 23, 2003
i think it was 1.6 here ...........it was alot of fun and i think ben taughtus all alot about coding and its too bad ut3 sucked so bad

oh well back to my beer you all take care now =D


Feb 13, 2008
I have the mail from Ben when i joined the Team and it was 16.01.2007. Yes, very late, but it was a good time. I am still playing UT3 BTA and i am 1 off the players who is missing the old UT, but also like UT3.
So i hope you all stay fine ;)


Nov 21, 2003
Ben, i'm curious about the changes that came after 5.9. Just to complete the history ;-)


Active Member
Mar 20, 2002


Nov 21, 2003
Thanks Ben, I still have around 13 Years, before i may retire ;-)

Regarding the history: in your link to 6.1, it's only listed for 5.8 and 5.9, that's why i was asking :)

I'm gonna host a ut99 server at home soon, as my FTTH is very fast and my homeserver just serves a few static pages (including the german manual for ut2vote). I didn't play ut since 2006 i guess, and i won't be playing anymore, but i'd like to host a server or two (maybe ut2k4) for historical-emotions :-D

I also answered a question in the public-forum, i hope, i remembered that stuff right :)


Active Member
Mar 20, 2002
mmm ok, updated, you may have to refresh the frame.
Good luck on the UT99 server.
This is our UK server: also in OZ: