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Nov 24, 2016
Mar 20, 2002
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Nov 24, 2016
    1. Zravis
      Hey there, I have been running a server with UTVote for a few years now and I just received a this message from one of my players...

      Yesterdays when I was playing a match, I realized that there are players who are exploiting a bug a or a problem with the votation method.

      A player entered the match

      and voted to change gametype to deathmatch in the middle of the game. The problem is that he voted 1 time, then he disconnected and he connected

      back voting again the same, but having now 2 votes. He did the same method one more time so he got 3 votes and won the votation. So in this way,

      a player who connect and disconnect can get infinites votes and vote what ever he want the times he wants.

      We tryed to kick him because he was ruining the game to the whole server. But it did not work because he entered back again and again after being kicked.

      Is there anything I can do to prevent this?
    2. ProAsm
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