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UnrealTournament Extension Pack

Discussion in 'Original Unreal Tournament' started by FXD|Shadow, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. FXD|Shadow

    FXD|Shadow Mad Man, really

    Feb 11, 2006
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    Whoopsies.. nearly forgot about this thread here! Sorry. Yeah seems like there's a lot to tell AND discuss here now since I didn't post for months here ..

    It's still active as f*** and it makes me pretty happy that there more than 10 other current projects in the making (see latest UnrealSP.org news).

    Thank you very much! Well you install it, test it and take whatever new or improved technology you want to apply in your map or project.

    One big advise has proven worth to be said during current development: do yourself a favor and always build 2 versions of your map: one version with and one version without SDK stuff. Since it gets updated and updated there could be problems inbetween with your project.

    January 2013 Beta

    Hm well, let's have a look. Feb 2012 Beta was the last I posted about here.
    Then I took 3/4 year in development for a really big release. Made a test map / showcase environment, new GUI system, tons of fixes here and there. This lead to the January 2013 Beta which was out 31.01.2012. Next version will be out early March, ha ha right before my birthday xD :lol:

    One of the greatest improvements was the implementation of bounding volume support. So we can now have...

    • per poly collision for meshes
    • per poly collision for static meshes
    • dynamic zones
    • special area dependant actor effects

    The implementation of the volumes is still not finished. It's a hell of work to make it work properly with pawns and players... I had to rewrite walking and jumping physics for it. :rolleyes:

    Another big thing introduced with the latest relase was the SubUVEmitter (known from Unreal Engine 3). It takes a single texture with multiple subimages in it and animates them resulting in highly realistic particles especially for fire, flames, explosions, smoke and water.

    • Bounding Volume / per Poly Collision Support
    • new Emitter type (SubUV Emitter)
    • Material support for Sprites, Post Processing, Particles
    • Texture Trace support (reads the texture out of an BSP Poly)
    • new Static Mesh options (changeable U/V size, dynamic color, static anim sequence)
    • reworked Texture Blending (although I'm not yet fully satisfied)
    • new Emitter features (gravity, local/world space, random direction, per-Emitter/per-Particle coronas, range options for rotating particles etc.)
    • new GUI System (not yet completely finished though, but all new interfaces of the SDK will run on it..)
    • improved linked list system
    • tons of new Unreal script features and native functions
    • optimized internal interpolation system
    • partially revamped UT weapons
    • Testing / Showcase environment


    The news article and download link can be viewed here. It grew up in size to 160 MB I think and today it reached more than 300 downloads within 1 month.

    News around February 2013 Release

    The feb 2013 release will be a minor release only. As stated some lines above I'm still working on a complete support of the bounding volumes, that's my main focus for this release. Some small fixes, as always.

    Oh and a new Emitter type, again. I called it Volume Sprite Emitter. You give that emitter a mesh and it draws each particle with multiple sub-sprites at each vertex of that mesh. You can even select which vertices are to be used actually.

    Then we have 3 new texture blending modes: Blend_SubtleTranslucent, Blend_MultiplyBrighten and Blend_ModDarken If I remember correctly. And then there's another new texture blending option: Blend Equation. It determines how the texture blends with the background. Normal Blend Equation would be additive, now we can have subtractive, max, min and reverse subtractive. There'll be screenshots soon!

    On the mapping side I decided to exchange the pretty complex and performance draining BSP work with static meshes in the showcase environment.

    Preview on April 2013 Release

    I will take my time during March and April to put out another rather big release with one major feature added: a new Texture Browser, using my own GUI System.

    The goal is: having a new updated Texture Browser that is capable of displaying my new Textures/Materials. The Materials aren't displayed correctly in the old Tex Browser and that sucks. Next big thing, Creavion pointed me at, is 32 Bit Texture support for import/export and actual rendering.

    If there's still that much interest in it here too, yeah and there is, than I'll keep updating this thread of course! Sorry again for forgetting that thread here, I was in deep development and only updated at ut99.org and sometimes at unrealsp.org.
  2. TheIronKnuckle

    TheIronKnuckle What the hell is this "ballin" thing?

    Feb 15, 2008
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    wow@pretty much everything here
  3. Carbon

    Carbon Altiloquent bloviator.

    Mar 23, 2013
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    Appreciate your work Shadow...great stuff and very well done.

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