UE2 - UT2kX Unreal Editor 2.0 - 63 zone limit?!?!?! HELP!!!

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New Member
Mar 9, 2012
I have been working on a map for a long time (havent come up with a name yet) and I have hit a problem. It turns out that if you have 64 zones or more, unreal editor 2 seems to take an existing zone at random and apply the characteristics of that random zone to the zone you just created when you rebuild, regardless of what zone actor you have. Because of this an empty ice canyon is now a lava zone, even though I applied the DESIRED zone type I wanted; there are no lava zone actors in there. as a result production on my currently gigantic map has been halted. I fear I will be unable to finish. :( please help, I started this map over a year ago and worked on it since. The map alone without packages is 14.6MB. I would hate for all this determined work to go to waste. I am about 78% done. and it has turned out so well thus far.

Thank you so much in advance.


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Aug 27, 2005
Germany, Niedersachsen
Yes, 64 zones are absolute limit (0 - 63). But this afaik applies to nearly ? all UEngine versions. Not even the oldunreal enhanced engine can let you use more of them. Just not possible as it seems.
What you can do is the following: Try to connect some zones with very very small (subtract) tunnel brushes of maybe only 1 WE, so really tiny. In this way you can reduce the zone amount for sure.


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Jan 19, 2006
I've had this happen when the map itself just got too big and detailed. Look at your BSP cuts view and if your map is horribly cut and colored then you just have too much BSP work and might have to redesign the map.

If you need help let me know. Creav is many times the mapper I am and he's by far your first choice but if he's busy I can take a look at the map for you. I had this exact thing happen to the MHMVillage map I did for the MHM guys. Because there were too many cottages (faces in the map) it started randomly changing the zone assignments on rebuilds. The only thing that worked was a combination of semi-solid brushes and reduction of detail.