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Oct 10, 2019
Jan 19, 2006
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Oct 10, 2019
    1. Balton
      hey gp,

      just curious whom you meant with this paragraph "That being said I wish someone would wield the banhammer with little regard to the consequences. A thorough housecleaning would do some good and encourage people who want to post things to actually do so and not feel concern that they will be so mocked and derided.
    2. D3smond
      Whops, i I haven't noticed msg info :P
      Nice that you have rebuilded that file, i remember that few months ago when i played on alienclan and destination unreal servers, I remaked int files for models and mods used ot theirs servers. And played some time as a Skaarj, until somebody from administration spotted me :)
      I think the best solution is to create a standalone package of AreaCode with int and ini files + a small readme of that, and put it somewhere. I remeber, when I have looked for Team MH (oficially unrelased mod) i asked guys from Excalibur Holland (they have test version of it) for relase. And they uploaded it to downloads :)
    3. D3smond
      Unfortunately, i haven't found Invasion mod for UT. I asked on few forums, but with no success :( Only I get areacode.u from a mod for UT which (I hear) should work like Invasion, but there is no int file or documentation. Website of this mod is dead (and on archive.org there is no download backups). I think we should wait for BCs UT2k conversion with Tallyhoo invasion remake :)

      Also you should try to play with Monsterspawn mod (+ some addons from Destination Unreal and Alienclan servers like UTJMH Strong Monster). And UT Movement Locator :)
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