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Unreal ED Unreal ED2.0 UnrealEd3.0????

Discussion in 'Level Editing - Basic' started by Justinsane, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. ReD_Fist

    ReD_Fist New Member

    Sep 6, 2004
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    There are several ways to do stuff like that,forget about that staticmesh comment above,it aint happening.
    I converted Ghostwheel's and mine map DM-Atrodeck.unr to ut2004,and all though some things may be cool or save time,in the end it's better to make a level from scratch.

    Some actors will paste from one editor to the other,like subtract and add brushes and lights and pathnodes I believe,I can't totaly remember,mabye playerstarts too.

    Try saving as t3d file or save as .U3D file (look under tab "brush") then youl see "save" brush. then copy over the textures the map uses from UT,but when you open it the size will be all off and alot of actors will be missing .Also to increase size about 1.7 times bigger should be about equal to ut2004.
    not more than 2 and not less than 1.5 ,or you might try 2.0 to 2.5 but your pushing it ,but it will be too big.
    Plus these dudes around here have no appreciation for knowing such things,I painstakedly redone Quake1 maps to look and feel like Quake,(wich is actualy worse to redo than from UT) so I moved them over to http://www.mapraider.com

    But even those I probably would have had an easier time at it if I made them from scratch,but I wanted them exact BSP but I didn't resize alot of them from Quake until the last few I did,(wich no one around here noticed that in there lame map comments)

    Quake maps for UT need to be upsized to about 1.4 to 1.8,as well as the texture scaling,It was a bitch to do .

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