Should all maps have screenshots?

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Sep 6, 2004
Fact does remain the same though, that Steve Polge guy at Epic wrote that reaper bot for quake.
Cause he know his roots Quake1, however UT did improve over that for sure even though I still think "painkeep" for quake1 was and still waas the best DM ever.
UT that damn rocket launcher too slow,and other things that bug me.
But after playing quake SP and months and months online, after you beat the SP and get burned out online it would have been a more rounded game if I could of played DM offline instead of running around alone on a server.

Epic should fix ut up for the anticheat aimbot probs and I bet it outlasts ut2004 or the new stuff comming out.


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Mar 6, 2000
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IndySkyz said:
Its funny to me how you guys always seem to side step replying to what I say. Yes multi-player was added to Unreal and it was SP before MP, but I thought we were talking about UT(UnrealTournament) the stand alone Multi-player game? guess I was wrong.

Unreal Tounament was derived from Unreal, primarily adding additional Multiplayer support and higher rez textures, higher-poly models plus kick-ass 3dfx. It was not a new engine, just a new box plus the afore mentioned items. Sure the drive was for a MP game... however, UT was not a "stand alone Multi-player game". At its heart is the "Tournament Ladder", which was the core practice arena for online tournaments. Check the code someday, you will find almost all of Unreal in UT.

I ask why it would be impossible to have two versions of the game one online one home version, but again you never address that.

Well, mb everyone here took that as "why not?". Yes it is possible, but as we saw from Unreal2, it's something that takes more resources than a game company is ever rewarded for. Offering MP and SP together appeals to a greater crowd. Follow the money, most ppl want both, ask Valve, Id and Bungie (HalfLife/Quake/Halo).

You asked "do you think removing bot support would stop cheaters?" well stop them no but make it much harder yes, and many other things could be done to stop things or make them harder, adding bot support just adds one more ez way for hackers to run the competetion, which is what UT is all about, this is no puzzle maze kill the monsters find the keys beat the Lord of Darkness game, its all about competetion and helping people cheat by making it ez for them just seems wrong to me.

It wasn't "easy", other than the obligatory "cheat modes" for SP, the MP cheat codes had to be written by savvy programmers. Ask the cheaters where they got the code, it wasn't from Epic. Luckily as you pointed out, there are many ppl trying to stop cheaters, including game companies. No one here disagreed with you on cheating is wrong. True bot support is a means of exploiting a game, but removing bot support is not the answer to stopping cheaters.

And yes I got your sarcasim about the SS, guess you didn't get mine :)


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Apr 27, 2000
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Hourences said:
I bought UT 6 years ago because it had bots. If it wouldnt have had bots I would prolly have never bought it, or much later..

Bots are an essential part of the game, and should be of any game
They also enabled a large ammount of mods to function or function much better.

To this day I still like UT, I will probably like it 10 years from now, and it will probably run 10 times better on my future 10ghz system.

For me, there are just certain games I consider to be all time classics. UT is one of them. MULE is another, Turrican for the music score, and it's one of the best sidescrollers ever.

Oh yeah, I also liked Empire Deluxe (now has an enhanced edition), Psi Fi Trading Company, and the Sims 2. The Civilization series is also excellent.

Bot support is essential, without it, UT would have been pointless.

The problem I have with most games, is that they have Mystitis. Basically the game feels like a test of the latest graphics card and they seem to be selling elaborate cinematics (that may not even look good), rather than a solid visual & gameplay component.

Mind you, just because the game has elaborate graphics doesn't mean that it looks good. It could just be highly detailed junk.

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Nov 26, 2005
Bots were good once,no good online if you waited for the extra paks to download (Sgirl skins etc..) and found 1 other human and 3 bots trying to chat to a bot online?!

I am bored of 'AI' friendly bots...think that they arent really up to standard yet.Sure some ppl can only play bots,and as Hourences said,he wouldnt have maybe bought the game if no bots present.

My partner gave me some good "advice"....said 'if it wasnt for Frogger/Pacman then there wouldnt be Quake/HL etc..'

We are STILL in the early stages of gaming...

Also yeh,Screenies should be there.