UE2 - UT2kX Modded a player character mesh, what to do next.

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Feb 1, 2015
Hi guys. I did the following: I exported the original game mesh and then put it in 3dsmax. I edited few vertices, and created a new polygon. Its a very basic simple fix.
So after doing this I can save this and then import in in Ued and do the coding and it will work.

the question is I may have missed something?
After editing polygons and creating a polygon from existing vertices, do I have to do the "smoothing groups" thing? Do I have to build "normal maps thing'?

I am a total noob at this, but stuff I am changing is really simple so I guess there should be no problem if I do a mistake somewhere.

by the way, the new polygon I created by linking existing vertices looks a little brighter than the other ones. When I try to apply a smoothing groups I can make it pretty much the same grey color as the other polygons.

And one more thing: I also need to tweak the UVW mapping a little and draw something more on the texture. In this case is there anything else I must do?
I put it like that in the game and I can't see any problems for now but still I am a beginner so I may not be able to recognize if its looking wrong.


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Jan 19, 2006
3DBuzz used to have a free vid tut series that took a player model from concept to game. A quick look at their website didn't pop it up but maybe someone saved it?

Edit: I have the one for weapon saved if you can't find the one for player models. It covers most of the same territory but probably won't be as good for model anims IIRC. It was geared more towards the coding of the weapon but it does cover creating, skinning, and importing to the engine.
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