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Manual Sight Alignment

Discussion in 'New Version Suggestions' started by keihaswarrior, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. yurch

    yurch Swinging the clue-by-four

    May 21, 2001
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    Shooting for the most part is a reletively easy and intuitive process. Shooting accurately is the part that requires patience, and I'm sure you understand that.
    Because of this intuitiveness, I don't think a process where you have to explicitly meddle with the sights like that really has a place. In the end of the day, yeah, the vets will have learned how to do it quickly and moved on. It's also possible they will learn a way to do without it, probably by uncanny guessing of the shot hit location, and the best player will be the one that guesses the best. That's not really what shooting is at all, you miss because you aren't pointed at the target, not because you guessed wrong where the rifle was going to hit.
    It adds nothing else besides something else to scare new players away and a general annoyance. Less than a second of delay, maybe, but you can do that plenty of other ways that will be easier on the player. I would say any 'success', if you could call it that, in the RA system was that the sights were moving constantly during the very short 'align' period as to make shooting during that period less desireable. Static sight displacements don't slow players down much, it's motion that really screws with them.

    Although it may not be related to time, there are more intuitive things like this to first bring down accuracy in general.

    It's really no different to align a scope so you are getting proper eye relief than to line up irons on some rifles, I really don't see how irons can be that much harder to you than a scope.

    Tactics wise, I can actually see that being quite enjoyable as it would cut down on players taking cover from already established positions as they are already starting thier bead on him, rather than simply trying to bulldog it and winning 47% of the time. It would also allow him time enough to take that cover. The player becomes more(but not totally, obviously) of a piece on the board of limited and known ability rather than more or less important than others.
    It would mess up CQB something proper though, I would imagine.

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