DTAS Night ?

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Are you willing to participate in a dtas night ?

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Apr 2, 2001
Frankfurt/ Germany
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@ Psychomorph: it's gonna be sundays, we'll stick with closed train on wednesday for now.

I do love those maps but unfortunately our machine doesn't seem to be able to handle it.

In comparison it seems that Windows machines are suited a lot better than Linux to handle the load - and we run Linux...

We played Bordertown once in closed Training (EAS) 5 vs 5 and it was annoying slowmo - way worse than playing on Shan's machine 4000 miles away. We can try once more but I have little hope ... (and reducing playermax to 3 vs 3 isn't really a good idea)


Feb 16, 2001
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Me don and hoz just voted for st-lo on INF Germany. Now we can't connect anymore. The server says i need to download st-lo-beta1 , even tho i have it, and after that it says it refuses to upload it. So basically noone can connect now.