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Oct 25, 2020 at 1:10 PM
Apr 21, 2003
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 , from Europe

Psychomorph was last seen:
Oct 25, 2020 at 1:10 PM
    1. I-C-A-R-U-S
    2. I-C-A-R-U-S
      Is there any hope to play Infiltration match with you again?
    3. Psychomorph
      Hi there. Nice to see new people liking Infiltration.
    4. syythe
      hi. i saw you were online. wanted to say hi. im new to the forums but i play INF offline. so anyway hi
    5. Psychomorph
      Yes, but I don't want any new friends. :p
    6. Leo(T.C.K.)
      lol she commented on your profile too? jenifer I mean
    7. jenifer
      nice to you ,please i will like u to drop me a message to my private box OK
      my name is Jenifer;we can be friends and share our pictures and to know more about each order
      ( jeniferkodjo@yahoo.com )
    8. soultaker007

      I will host this installer can i download somewhere and then i will give u link for fast download
    9. Psychomorph

      I hope the textures will make it soon to a release, I finished the beta version and Carpetsmoker and Stinkmarder are currently trying to make a working mod out of it. I can not say when it is ready, but it must be soon.

      If you still want to make some textures, I duplicated the directories which contain the textures (System-m with the modified textures, System-o with the original, I remove the -m/-o to use the one or another ingame). To get the textures into the .u I open the .u's with UEd, import, save and lauch the game. Same procedure with every texture, may it be IMT work or muzzle flashes.
      Sadly the same does not work for sounds, you can not import modified sounds into the .u's through UEd :(
    10. Corporal_Lib [BR]
      Corporal_Lib [BR]
      Psy! How do you replace the INF weapons skin? I was thinking bout messing with some of the old weapons (namely the sig and the AKMSU) but I´ve got no idea how to update the pcx file into the INFAssets.u file!!!!
      Or are you going to release your reskinning pack soon? Then I shouldn´t waste my time if you´re going to release them, by those screenshots you´ve showed us, they´re all da sexyyy! ;)

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