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UT3 Community Bonus Pack 3 Volume 5 Released

Discussion in 'Content Releases' started by IceCreamYou, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. IceCreamYou

    IceCreamYou disseminator of awesome

    Jan 20, 2008
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    Since BU seems to be taking their sweet time posting the news about it ;) I wanted to make sure the BU crowd got to hear about the new pack as it might be our best one yet. :)

    In celebration of UT1's 13th birthday and UT3's 5th birthday, we're releasing the 5th volume of CBP3, containing 1 character, 5 DM maps, 3 CTF maps, and 1 VCTF map for UT3.

    (more screenshots and info about the levels)


    Hope you all enjoy!
  2. Godfrey.Payans

    Godfrey.Payans Member

    Jan 20, 2008
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    Well worth the download IMHO.
  3. SkaarjMaster

    SkaarjMaster enemy of time

    Sep 1, 2000
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    sweet pack!

    CTF-CBP3-Radiant - I knew I’ve seen this before (the DM version was released on 7-9-10) and I did notice a hesitation in the menu while I believe the LOC file was created in this and the other two GreenLoves maps from the CBP3 Vol 5 pack. As in the DM version, the setting seems to be a dark abandoned warehouse/factory with good use of lighting/shadows. I liked the grass, lava, sparks, steam, fans, glowing pipes, shaking effects, footsteps and other ambient sounds. The gameplay is tight with some z-axis and sometimes awkward but the bots seems to be pretty decent; like the high tunnels as well. Good weapon choices and powerup locations, but I still hate the spider mines (are there spider mines in this version? Ah, it looks like not).;) The changes for CTF were definitely necessary and welcomed, but study the map first because you can get lost quick. The energy field/lava field around flag is especially interesting.

    CTF-CBP3-Raed - yes, the gates closing after taking the enemy flag is a nice touch but still a PITA.;) I like the nice Nali birds, trees, flowers, butterflies, music choice, barrels, lighting, flag locations, torches and gunfire. Good z-axis and layout also make this a fun CTF map with decent bots.

    CTF-CBP3-Unikon - I like the high ceilings, openness, surrounding trees and rocks, sharp rocks, iced leaves, skybox, biohazard containers, arrows and music choice. The CTF red and blues stand out against the lighting/grays of the map, it’s tough to CTF and the bots are good.

    DM-CBP3-Alpu - yes, a great layout and like the added crickets, water, blowing leaves, vegetation, sounds, skybox, fans, crystals, tunnels and debris. Nice to finally have this one for UT3 and the bots are good.

    DM-CBP3-Q1DM4 - this one is different from all the versions before it as it has water flooding the whole map. I also like the jumppad, broken tiles, starry skybox, broken and in-tact windows from the outside, lighting, cool red glowing teleporters and z-axis. I miss the powerups and the bots are slightly better in DM-RTTBP (by 00violator), but this one is still fun.

    DM-CBP3-Refresh - the skybox is too bright but a good music choice; I like the moving lights, ramps, aqua color, jumppads (except that one), steam, layout and z-axis; I don’t like the falling; the bots are good but 6 players is one too many, so I played with 4-5 and it was better.

    DM-CBP3-SpaceIt - the spinning gears, pistons, energy field, asteroids, nebulae, stars, rotation, lighting, monitors, aliens, precarious platforms, music and sounds create an unbelievable atmosphere; the gameplay is kinda tough with great falling potential and very good bots.

    DM-CBP3-Vicinity - old buildings with classic tune and good layout as well as lighting; decent skybox, old signs, fans, steam, cranes and trains, oh my; bots are very tough (I did see one or two standing around a couple times though) with good z-axis and you can get stuck ever-so-slightly sometimes, but still fun.

    VCTF-CBP3-InDust - VCTF should not appear in the menu with the map name; cool skybox, thunder, air streaks, explosions, , islands, water, tracks, wreckage, and sounds; although, the gameplay was kinda lame for me with too many places to get stuck and too many blocking volumes for places you want to go (I would say only seasoned VCTF players apply for this map).

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