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The Seldom Seen Kid
Now that you mention it...
The idea of having tutorials on the site (or even linked to from the site) has been tossed around a few times. Too bad it has been executed yet.

Then for my 2 cents:
I don't know if this is possible or not, but what about a little blog section that an author could use to post some news regarding their projects. Just a small page. Simple, but informative, so we all could see what our favourite mappers are up to. Authors could also use that page to share their thoughts on mapping, and give some in-depth info on how they actually get around building a map.

Sorry if this is slightly (or quite a bit) off-topic, but I didn't feel like making a "Really really new ideas for NC, part 31415" thread.


echo "NaliCity";
May 23, 2002
We do have tutorials on the site, but they're not easily found I guess. Executed, but not well executed.

The blog idea has been brought up already. It sounds like a great idea but I see that as yet another section of the site that would need to be moderated. It would probably be best if it was by request only. Additionally, this may not be one of the new features for NC4 at release time, it may be added later.


Sep 17, 2004
Remplace 'Link' by 'Tutorial', that should sure get people click on that button.