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Anyone hating you Josh would have to go through me.
We remember our pillars well.

You are one of the best level designers Team Orbit ever had,
and your history with us is honorable.

What a treat, to see your post.
Thank you for stopping by old friend.
You are free to roam our halls, anytime.


New Member
Feb 17, 2001
well its just good to see things moving. i always stopped by PU to see if you guys were gonna be releasing an updated mod on the ut2k platform. but hey this sounds better.

i cant wait till you can actually spill the beans on what exactly you guys are doing with the movie. it seems no matter what you are doing that you have alot to work with, that is quite a cast of people.

i would also assume that if you are doing anything with the movie itself, that will also lend itself to a game franchise as well. so it definately seems like a win win situation for you guys.

and i see that you are still talking bout action figures and all (on the other website), i still want my Remorseless action figure! >.<

good job guys and ill keep my eyes on future happenings.