WTF? WHy oh why!

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Nov 3, 2001
Hiding in your Attic
okay load up my map and goto the flag room and back up to the two boxes in the back left corner and then turn around and look straight at the flag in RED's base. When I do this I get a 270 max poly, but when I do the SAME thing in BLUE's base I get a 200 poly max, and the blue base even has a few extra trim peices! It's a cut and paste job how can i have so much variance?

If u can't figure out where i'm talking about in the map just say so and i'll post pics.

Here's the map:


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May 2, 2000
It could have been the uber nasty my-texture-has-gone-masked-even-though-it-shouldn't-be bug which lets the engine "see" through and hence render polys behind walls painted with the offending texture