What do you find most annoying in maps?

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Sep 10, 2005
i thought the author of super bots was El_Muerte, but the read me says Mysterial. of course he could have aliases.

i guess it would take too long to list all the annoying things, but , yes, especially on ut-to-2kx conversions, mappers too often forget to increase the size of hallways.

oops, El_Muerte did the Shock Sniper rifle mut.
as one of our illustrious vice presidents once said "a mind is a terrible thing to loose" :)
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Jan 23, 2008
--Rude people.
--To small of a map.
--To many bots which leads to "bot kills" or "bot wins".


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Jan 20, 2008
Blackpool, England, UK
Poor weapon placement is the biggest evil IMO, as some levels just make getting into a game crap once the opponents are spamming the best weapons in your direction. I.e. when you're still stuck with default weapons after wandering around for whhat feels like half a minute.

My second pet-hate is traps, and any areas where I'm likely to fall off into the abyss and die, mainly because some dodge jump key which is normally helpful would activate when I just want to move out of the way, and end up throwing me aside so I kill myself.

I also am not keen on box maps - i.e. lazy designs which are just tiny unimaginative "arenas"; they can be fun for a one off I suppose though, but I like to see a bit of effort gone into the layout of a map at least.

And bugs in maps I will hate too, like HOM, or any invisible volumes that you can get stuck on, or anything that takes away from the immersion of the map, and the "real" factor, like being able to see outside where you're supposed to, and it looking bad.


Jan 20, 2008
Graphic map is graphic.

This is mostly about UT3... the map's design which is way too detailed makes your opponents hard to see.