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Oct 24, 2001
As the release is coming out very soon we created this new forum for players to post their bugs.

Please, this is not a "flame-away" or "this is what I want in DA2" neither a "MR56 Assault rifle is very powerful so change it..." forum. A bug is something that makes the game not working properly. If your gun does not shoot then thats the bug, if you suck and you cant aim very well to kill an enemy this is not a bug.

Be accurate and specific and give proper instructions on how to replicate the bug. If we can replicate it, it helps us alot.

I can assure you that bugs will be passed to the dev. coders who will address them in our next patch.

Please stay tuned until the mod gets released.

FluXs : If people could put [DA2 v1.0.0] in the start of the title for any new bugs it will help us organise the threads, its not important atm with v1. but when we start releasing new updates it WILL HELP :)
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