Website problems

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Corona Leonis Entertainment
Greetings you dude,

Unfortunately our web server died on us and all of the stuff we had up online went down in flames. That means our websites are down, and all of the work files we kept online have disappeared.

Those of you who visit our website (all both of you) may think that Eon is dead, and coupled with the lack of recent updates, you may have taken down your shrines and stopped wearing your fan-made Eon pyjama hats (y'know, like Link wears?). Have no fear. Eon lives. Of course it does. It can't do otherwise. You're silly.

SO. That said, we will let you know how things progress from the forum and hopefully things will go smoother for us in 2005 than they have over these last few months.


Yours truly
Dec 26, 2001
I got the feeling that yes Eon had been canseled. It's such a relief it's not :p. Keep working guys!