UE1 - UT weapons modeling

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God of Fudge
Sep 9, 2011
Palo Alto, CA
Among the guhzillion edits of the map MH-Brutes][ I've made, or had made (really only about a dozen·ish so far) was MH-Doom][. I've had 2 of the monsters from Doom for ages, looked for more but the largest packs of them are either for Unreal or ut2004. So for now it's just these two, remarkably stiff, models.

I've been looking for Doom textures to change the terrain, structures, sky, and other elements of the map. Found some good ones too but haven't gotten around to selecting ones I wanna use yet. Also been looking for Doom weapons, as I've gotten into weapon switching recently. Heard about a UDoom project that apparently got cancelled by ID·Games due to copywright issues.

Nice thing about the internet, nothing ever really gets deleted.




Currently I've only selected the BFG & PlasmaGun for the map. I've been avoiding most of the weapons that show the hands because, personally, I think the real reason this MOD got chopped was due to the exceedingly ugly hands.

I may use the RocketLauncher. No hands and pretty cool.

PlasmaGun is very cool. 2 modes of fire, both pretty damned powerful.

The BFG on the other hand? It's a 1 shot kill weapon, can kill multiples if they're close enongh to the target zone. In hand it looks great, but if you see somebody else with it or where you picked it up...



...not so much.

Anybody think it's possible to model up a better looking version of the BFG? Like the version it appears when you're firing it.