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UE3 - General Weapon Modeler Wanted

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Sickmind, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Sickmind

    Sickmind New Member

    Mar 19, 2010
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    Team Background Profil:

    The CPi team are a bunch of 30+ artists from a variety of disciplines come together from all of the world, truly international from India, USA, UK, Sweden, Germany, Australia and so on.. despite working for free, as volunteers UNPAID we have a very professional outlook as an Indie team with some highly talented staff!

    Who are you again??


    Some previews....

    Remington M700


    SIG 552 Commando


    More news and media can be found over at:


    What can CPi offer me?

    * excellent organised team (task management, project mangers, team meetings, iteration plans)

    * great communications (skype meetings on voice and skype group channels for chatting)

    * dedicated and committed team (we know what we can do, and we will do it no matter how!)

    * truly focused and unphased and unpressured by fan views

    * strong support and backing (clear direction, user manuals, security access, 1 to 1 support)

    * fun and friendly team that can have a laugh, play test and do fun things together occasionally as well! (general gaming,
    chilling out)

    * excellent portfolio work, where several members of our team have already got industry full time permanent roles over at
    Vigil Games, Dice and Crytek.

    What does the CPi team ask in return?

    * dedicated individuals whom are highly motivated

    * commit your time to our project! We want people that want to be with the best, not juggle us on one hand with 5 other
    projects and go inactive and AWOL every second week.

    * minimum 8hours per week (thats just a small notch of 1 hour per day on average)

    * that you sign and return a NDA to us.

    ** This is a non-paid position now, but most likely will change in the near future as we plan to go commercial **

  2. Dozey

    Dozey The Cleaner of Sunspire, Mapper

    Jul 16, 2010
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    looks like, there will be another Call of Duty

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