VCTF-Aggressive Alleys 3 [PC] [PS3]

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Apr 10, 2008
VCTF-Aggressive Alleys 3 [PC] [PS3] - NEW "HOT" VARIANT NOW ONLINE!!

Aggressive Alleys 3

New HOT version available. Please try both versions, they're both quite different!



Alternative PC downloads:
Map Raider
FPS Banana

WET - released 9th April 2008. PC and PS3 versions available.

HOT - released 16th April 2008. PC and PS3 versions available.

WET - Final
HOT - Final

Works fine with 1.2

Fully supported.

WET - lowered visibility slightly in consideration of the fog and heavy rain.

An urban map, with two facing opposition. Each variant contains a different look / style, as well as different vehicle and item placements.

WET - Night time. Lots of rain and lightning. Both teams have Axon vehicles. Each team has a Double Damage and Redeemer.

HOT - Day time. As the sun scorches the Earth, the Necris have infected the Blue base. Red have Axon vehicles, Blue have Necris. One central Redeemer.

Inspired by a personal favourite UT2004 map. Not exactly a remake as a lot has changed, but you can certainly see a lot of the original in it.

I've decided to release a few versions of this map. If you like one, please give the others a go, they're all different to play.

To start with there's the original WET version, which is set at night time in a storm.

HOT has quite a different flow to it, with different weapons, vehicles and items. HOT is set during the day, with twin suns and the Necris infecting the Blue base.

Forthcoming will be PRO, and eventually a Xmas variant. I'm interested in the post-processing and what effects the engine can achieve; how you can radically alter a map with different lighting and post effects.

I've tried to build it to the same standard as the Epic maps, I guess time will tell. I've chucked quite a lot in to each version - lightning, there's a few custom textures, extensive material alteration. Hopefully it's also highly playable map!

The flag bases are off limits to vehicles, and tank spamming blocked :)




Firstly, Hobi-Wan who designed the original Aggressive Alleys for UT2004. It is a favourite map of mine, and a clear inspiration in my design.

Also thanks to BigDog's map WAR-SnakeBite which gave me some ideas for lightning (

Thanks to everyone who Beta tested. John Parry was great in testing on the PS3, surprising me when he said it actually worked :)

Hyrage and Cosmix were very helpful - of pics showing graphical problems I'd overlooked, bot path fixes, etc. It's this extra attention to detail that counts. Most importantly, their testing helped plug any exploits. Also thanks go to Feaisar32 and Sensation. Thanks guys!

Special mention to CVROY. He's been an immense help on this map. He's beta tested on his server, and if it wasn't for him, this map wouldn't have worked online. He provided detailed analysis at every stage, pointing out problem areas graphically, More importantly, he played the map and let me knew what needed to be changed. He's to thank for the idea of blocking vehicles to the base, he had a way to prevent the tank spamming the base, and he just knew what the level needed. Absolutely essential input, the map wouldn't be half as good if it was not for him. Many thanks mate!

Please join his server at
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Apr 10, 2008
Updated with the HOT version.

This thread has been read read quite a few times but no feedback so far. Would be great to hear what you all think....