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[UT200X]-Skinning : Team Colours

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by klasnic, Mar 6, 2005.

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  1. klasnic

    klasnic ra ra rat Putin!

    Jan 24, 2004
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    First of all let me thank ut2k4Charger for starting this topic originally.

    Let's go... In this example we'll pretend the skin is called MySkin...

    Once you've done the default colour in uPaint, save MySkin and click on File-Export Character to Unreal. This will put a file called MySkin.upl in your UT200X\System folder and another file called MySkin.utx in your UT200X\Textures folder. Now, do the Red version of the skin and once done, click on the body texture (on the left), goto File-Export texture and call the texture MySkinBody_0 (the _0 is the red texture). Repeat that for the head, calling the texture MySkinHead_0.

    Note: You don't have to do the head, only if you want team faces also. This option is not available in UT2k3.

    To do the Blue version, do exactly what you done above for the Red texture but this time call the texture MySkinBody_1 (the _1 is the blue texture). Repeat that for the head, calling the texture MySkinHead_1.

    Now in the folder you saved the original you should have six files with the .upt extension...



    Close uPaint (don't export the character or save the file).

    Now open UnrealEd. Maximize the Texture browser window. Goto File-Open. In the UT200X\Textures folder click on the MySkin.utx file and click Open. You'll see three textures here, MySkinBody, MySkinHead and MySkinPortrait (That's your original skin). Goto File-Import, browse to the folder where you saved the red and blue versions. Click the MySkinBody_0.upt file and click Open. Repeat that for the remaining textures (the red head and blue versions).

    Another thing to think about (file compression / file size). RGB textures are big, unnecessary and hog more resources in game (at this time)... So, let's compress the files to save some disk space. There are three levels of compression DXT1, DXT3, DXT5. DXT1 compresses the file the most but can compromise quality, DTX3 and DXT5 compress the least. We'll stick with DXT1/DXT3...

    Right-click on each texture individually, goto Compress in the drop down menu and choose DXT1/DXT3... That'll make the final file a reasonable size without losing too much quality. Then, goto File-Save and save the MySkin.utx file.

    Note: Make sure it's saving the texture file in the UT200X\Textures folder, then close UnrealEd.

    Team colours for the head: This option is not available in UT2k3. Open the MySkin.upl file in UT2004\System with notepad. Add the section TeamFace=1 to have team faces also, then save and close.

    For image editor(s) users...

    Same as above but not so long winded... Simply make your red and blue versions... Save the images as .png or .tga and import them into the texture file, then save and close.

    Adding CTF4 support (4 team colours)

    Personally I'd be inclined to add this support as it was there in UT99 and who knows what new mods/gametypes might require four team colours...

    Anyway it's easy enough...

    Just like the original skin has an _0 for red and an _1 for blue... You can now add the green skin _2 and yellow/gold skin _3

    That applies for head and body the same way for the default team colours.

    Remember to test the skin thoroughly... If you've done red and blue make sure the red character goes for the blue flag, etc... Make sure the red body has a red head (if applicable)... If you've given it CTF4 support, test this too to be on the safe side!
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