UT2004 - SkinPack - MäxX - Team Star Blade

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ra ra rat Putin!
Jan 24, 2004
Waterford, Ireland
Name: Team Star Blade
UT(99/2k3/2k4): UT2004 retail+
System Requirements: None specified / Not applicable
Author: MäxX (skinning)
& Thanatos (modelling)
Download: SkinCity 17.6MB



Model: Original Egypt w/new head
Skins: 4 new characters with an additional pinky bonus ;)
Animation: Default Animations - Human female & male
Voice: Default Voices

Support (SP/MP/Both): Both - Single Player and Multiplayer
Support (Team Colours) (None/2/4): 4 Team Colours
Known Issues: None
Additional Info: From the ReadMe;

Editors used;

JASC Paintshop Pro 8
UnrealEd 3.0
Milkshape 3D

WIP-Thread @ BUF


Walk like an Egyptian doo de doo... Here with a little help from Thanatos, MäxX gives us his latest creation which thankfully he gave birth to in less time than some other projects he's undertaken hehe. Unshackled from the burden of doing yet more mercs, MäxX has unleashed his creative freedom and artistic talent on two lucky ladies and one guy (he got thee shkinning treatment thrice times)

The lineup's as follows;

Shantara - Thanatos' model. The model itself has a much nicer head than the mushroom head of one of those default Egyptian ladies and the pointy nosed Pinocchioed Cleopatra/Asp. I dunno' where the head came from or if it's been modelled from scratch but it is really nice and lends itself perfectly to the Egyptian theme... Much better than the default 2k3/4. MäxX' skinning of this model is really great. The face in particular is very well done and given a somewhat oriental look methinks. Yummy.

While taking pics for the review I unashamedly sneaked a peek up her mini trembling at the thought of a dreaded nude pixel but thankfully there was none though a little pink/white lace number would've been nice. :eek: This lady seems the mischevious type so one never knows what to expect ;) I found the bio a little confusing as it mentions Matophis(?) Never heard of him(?) Perhaps it's a description of Apophis after someone walked all over him ;)

Dynaheir - Cleo/Asp given the MäxXwerks. Nicely done. Another original face and a nice body suit to match. Even the pointy nose can't detract from this lady - just be sure in the Tournaments to duck when turning corners in case you run into her as you're likely to lose an eye :)

Condor/Radament/daPink one - There are all too few skins of Hyena/Roc out there which is a shame. Even fewer good ones which is a travesty. For me at least, he's always been the best of the Egyptians. Mr. MäxXimus Skinnalotus has taken Hyena and given him a nice colourful theme (as with all MäxX' skins) and plenty of detail to boot. Of the two I've seen in game Condor and Radament, I'd prefer the latter. Condor's got a purple/yellow theme to him which is nice and Radament a grey/yellow theme which I think looks better. That said, Condor's team colours surpass Radament's so each is as good as the other. daPink I've only seen in the editor and comes with no TCs :eek: but does look nicely done. He even has the best of the portraits from what I saw ;)

The Good:

A great group of nicely coloured and nicely detailed characters. Two ladies and two further gentlemen so all tastes are catered for. Team colours are pretty much perfect and nicely done. Particular mention should go to Condor whose team colours use two shades of each colour and adds to the detailed look rather than having a big blob of any one shade.

Bios are well written and all characters have a story behind them though tbh some are a little long winded and I skipped them once I'd read so much :biggrin2:

Portraits are perfect. Some images in the background look particularly nice and the characters themselves are very photogenic methinks.

Finally, the ReadMe instructions re. installation are easy to follow (no "I don't know where to put it" here). Any info you could need is included. It's always worth reading MäxX' ReadMe(s) which are always amusing.

LODs are all correct. For anyone unfamiliar with the term it means they work exactly as they're supposed to in game so player detail has an effect etc., no server mismatch errors or performance issues pending due to them not being set. MäxX has gone pro! :)

The Bad:

Only one bad thing and that's the duplicate character not having team colours. If he appears on the blue team during CTF he'll be pink and the same for the red team :eek: (klas slaps MäxX with a wet broom)

The Bottom Line:

MäxX' best work to date. He always makes nice bright colourful characters which earn themselves their own place in the Tournaments. Check 'em out and watch out for MäxX' other projects too :D

TOTAL SCORE 8.25/10 from me :2thumb:
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Random Elite

Put your feet up and frag.
Jul 9, 2005
Solid 8 from me. Like the close-ups of the girls' gloves, nicly detailed.
Good work, both MaxX and Thanatos.
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Bite Me
Dec 19, 2003
OMG another review :eek:

Thank you very much, such comments from skinning gods mean truly very much to me :)

Ok here is some additional info incoming: :p

The head of Shantara was simply Lauren`s head combined with some egyptian parts for the crown, the official request thread can be found here. As mentioned before a real nice job by Thanatos :)

I just didn`t make TCs for our pink friend because it was more ment to be a joke and I wanted to be beneath the magical 20MB-border this time :lol:

Matophis was the name I gave Condor before, but I didn`t like it, so I got rid of him. I also wanted to make Shantara`s and Radament`s bios a little bit more exciting so I decided to mention his death with a sidenote. Well, this gives me room for a nice Necris Anuban, let`s see what comes in future ;)

Thanks again all, it was truly a nice read *goesofftoreadreviewandcommentsagain* :D
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Starry Might


After a long hiatus, I've started playing "UT 2004" again, and I checked out these skins (though not as closely as I'd like to).

I'm mainly here to mention that Condor's name conflicts with that of a Malcolm skin in BabyEater's "Speculum" skinpacks (here's version 2.0). I noticed this when I was killed by him in an Onslaught match, and I saw BabyEater's Condor's portrait when I respawned.

Very nice pack, regardless. 8.5/10 from me. :D



Bite Me
Dec 19, 2003
thx again all :)

Oh *bummer* didn`t know there have been a Condor before, that nameconflict-prob is really a bad issue in UT2k3/4 :hmm:, but thx for the nice words, hope to see more of you again in the future.

I`m not sure if I make a Necris version, but it`s a nice opportunity IMO. I think he will definitaly not be a member of that team any more, just another minion of the Black Legion haunting his former friends. I think Liandri simply revived him without his agreement :D
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