UT2004 - Skinpack - MäxX - Team SnakeEyes II

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Do you like SnakeEyes II?

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ra ra rat Putin!
Jan 24, 2004
Waterford, Ireland
Skin/Model Name: Team SnakeEyes II
UT(99/2k3/2k4): UT2004 retail+
System Requirements: None specified / Not applicable
Author: MäxX
Download: SkinCity 13.9MB


Support (SP/MP/Both): MP and SP throughout.
Support (Team Colours) (None/2/4): 4
Known Issues: None
Editors Used: JASC Paintshop Pro 8, uPaint, UnrealEd, Notepad <- :lol:
Additional Info: From the ReadMe;

7 new Characters (3 male, 3 female and 1 cybernetic female).
Each has different skills, stats and bios (in English and German).
Adds team wallpapers also if the skins aren't enough.

Gives you some infos about the product. By the way you're reading it at the moment..... :lol:


Ain't it about time someone reviewed some of MäxX's great packs for UT2k4? I think so. A random pick of three packs to date lead me to SnakeEyes II. Seven new characters for your playing enjoyment... In game, all these characters look really good. The colour schemes used are great with bright colourful suits contrasted by black. MäxX has put particular emphasis on the faces in this pack putting those of friends and indeed himself on them among modifications of others. I'll make a brief mention of each;

Jet's the cybernetic female with a green black and silver suit, tc's the best here with the red being nicest. It's a mix of red and magenta which works very well.
Neos (aka MäxX) is a merc male (thankfully) with a nice black outfit for dark skin enthusiasts.
Desertrain, a female in a black suit to go with Neos.
Titan the next merc male is probably the best default colour of the lot with a really nice light green contrasted by black outfit.
Killjoy the final merc male is a modified Wraith with cool sunglasses regularly worn at night.
Gold and Deleila finish up the pack and are both female characters. Gold to me seems to have a weird expression on her face but has a nice body suit and colour too.

The Good:

The bodies of all the characters are well done. Colour mixing and aforementioned bright colours contrasted by dark make a perfect match. The colour on Titan makes me drool it looks so good. Some of these particularly on Gold look luminous! The faces are well done given the effort it takes to make a decent face (albeit with some strange expressions - Dileila looks scared running around). Not too much texture changes on bodies but enough to make them interesting nonetheless.

Team colours are great so noone will get remotely confused as to what team they're on. Portraits are cool to look at and each one matches the next in look and feel.

The bios are long (a mention's in the ReadMe they don't work but they sure do here) and well written. Extra entries for Classification and Favourite Quotes for each character make for a good read.

Comes in Umod (setup file) format so it's just a double-click yippee. The ReadMe instructions should there be a Umod problem are perfect directing ppl to Wiki. Another commendable bit of info is the ReadMe lists all the files in the archive so you know what's going where prior to installing.

Package includes three extra wallpapers for SnakeEyes fans which are very well done :) Package also comes with a disclaimer which I found highly amusing :lol:

The Bad:

Male characters' faces are too dark - faces would've been better by taking one half and flipping it on other side then making minor changes ;)

The characters' abilities are MäxXed out :eek: People used to playing on Skilled/Adept will be up against Godlike bots albeit not very aggressive ones. (These can be tweaked in game, though so won't affect the score). It seems that lowering the aggressiveness evened out the other abilities, though. To give an idea of why making abilities so high can be a bad idea also, in SP the characters in the pack range from 1,000+ credits to 3,000+ credits.

LOD settings aren't set so character detail will have no effect.

The packaging while excellent could have been improved by compressing the textures more. I noticed a few RGB's and others mostly DXT5. They're not highly detailed so DXT1 would've been fine and would've made the pack half the size. Umods can be a good thing but also a bad thing ;)

The Bottom Line:

Keep this author in business people and make sure he makes more. This pack was made for fun and it's certainly that. What are you waiting for? Get it now! (download link above) :tup:

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Bite Me
Dec 19, 2003
First of all thanks for the nice review and the critiques!

This pack was my 2nd try and has started with my brother bothering me that he also wants an own skin.

Maybe I also add some details here:

klasnic`s review said:
Neos (aka MäxX) is a merc male (thankfully)
That`s the skin I made for my brother, I know he looks quite similar to me, obviously my parents made a good job....
He just loves dark or black suits, and so he is the only one with a suit like that way (ok, due every other one has a counterpart I also made a female merc prefering dark suits)

klasnic`s review said:
The bios are long (a mention's in the ReadMe they don't work but they sure do here) and well written.
They just caused trouble when I tested them with the (unpatched) retail version of UT2k4, with the final patches they were fine.
I`m glad you like them, I`ve taken quite some time to make them that long and detailed, but it`s planned to make them even longer.
I also want to cover french and spanish bios, but I just don`t trust google`s translator that much.... Hopefully they get translated

klasnic`s review said:
The Bad:
thank you for the crits and the hints, I`ll see what I can improve here!

I know the ability boost was not the best, I just wasn`t able to get the aggressiveness right.
I managed to fix that now, the abilities are still pretty MäxXed (I like that word *lol*) out but should be better now (the aggr.)
Another point of crit was that there were effectively only 6 different suits, that has been changed now.
The faces are also planned to be revised, but to be honest that`s one of the parts I fear most

klasnic`s review said:
Keep this author in business people and make sure he makes more.
The update of TSE Part I and II will definitaly be made and hopefully I`ll be able to finish it within that year. *lol*
Currently I`m on recording the voicepack for Cobra, but I soon will go on with the other stuff.

Thx again for that review, I`m really honored!
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Link(gun) Lady
klasnic said:
:lol: You get funnier every day :D
He think he just didn`t want to write that his english teacher didn`t accept that posting -lol-

I really like that skinpack and it provided me and my friends some great hours of gameplay in LAN.
If we had a clan, I think we would use this 2 sets.

I must give this a total score of 7.5/10 and can`t await the release of the updated version (hopefully MäxX can make it before UT2k10)


Bite Me
Dec 19, 2003
@klas: I still try to do my best

OMG, you`ve discovered my secret :D

For teamplay the pack was made, I`m glad you enjoy(ed) it :)