UT2004 - SkinPack - MäxX - Team Snake Eyes v 1.20 (All 4 Packs)

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Link(gun) Lady
Name: Team Snake Eyes v 1.20 (Packs Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta)
System Requirements: Unreal Tournament 2004 (retail version+)
Type: Skins for Human (Fe)Male and Cybernetic (Fe)Male (all original)
Author: MäxX
Teamcolors: 4
Additional Info:
#16 characters in total
#All Characters are choosable for player`s character in SinglePlayer-mode
#All human characters can be chosen as teammate in SinglePlayer-mode
#The skills are raised to godlike standarts
#Voices from Lopar`s UT(99)-classic-Voicepack, Unrealgrrl and MäxX (included) are used
#The pack comes with an own teamlogo and 2 bonus UC2-logos
#Bios are working in english and german versions of UT2004
#The whole pack comes with a cool installer!
Known Issues:
With original version there might be problems when starting a server.
For solutions take a look at the attachements and the notes below the score (or at the original thread).

Download (Installer - not compatible with MAC/LINUX):
TSE - Alpha (Skincity - 12,2 MB)
TSE - Bravo (Skincity - 12,7 MB)
TSE - Charlie (Skincity - 13,3 MB)
TSE - Delta (Skincity - 10,9 MB)

Download (Manual Installation):
TSE - Alpha (Skincity - 11,6 MB)
TSE - Bravo (Skincity - 14,1 MB)
TSE - Charlie (Skincity - 14,4 MB)
TSE - Delta (Skincity - 11,9 MB)


Team Snake Eyes - Now MäxX has finally released it:

Due I was not much unguilty that this review section has been created, I think it`s time for me also to try writing a small review. And I think it`s a great idea to take the newest creation of one our main reviewers.

Due this is ment to be one Pack (MäxX splitted it due the big filesize - Why are your works always that big in filesize? -lol- ) I review all 4 packs into one single review.

It has been April 2005 as MäxX announced that there will be an update for his pack, and finally he made to finish it in November 2005. Let`s see if it is worthy for the long waiting time.

The Facts:
First of all I must admit that I always loved the TSE pack due it`s great Clanplay compatibility and cool color scheme. We used the pack in many, many LAN-sessions. The uniform look of all character`s give a great team feeling!

There are also some nice background stories (in 2 languages) with some nice additional info (favorite quote, classification) included.
Due MäxX is hard to satisfy with the character portraits made by others, I`ll take a closer look on his ones:
In Menu-screen some look really great (my fav here is Fury, that portrait is awesome!) and in game they can be recognized well, but could be a little bit bigger. Due there must be a compromise made between In-game and Menu-screens I consider the portraits as very well done.

I don`t understand why so few packs take advantages of the available voices. If the entry is made and no voicepack installed, the standart voice is used, so there is nothing to loose.
MäxX included the entries in his pack and I really appreciate that. As bonus he included his own bad*ss*d voice with some really great and funny taunts and all other stuff (also red,blue,green and gold leader) covered. So I`d download the Delta-pack just to get this real great voice! :tup:

But MäxX forgot to include a vital info for servers in his readme. Please read on below the score if you want to make this pack available on a server.

The Characters:
A real sexy teamleader showin his "sixpack". This one is really nicely made using Othello`s UT(99) face ;)
What would happen if Viper would be a female? Here the real sexy answer!
The "bad boy" of that team looks really angry, but the face is a little bit to blured IMO. I think he uses Johnson`s UT(99)-head.
Except the too dark areas at the forehead a nice character with funny bio.
Mainly a mix out of Axon and Xan. Finally a Xan skin without those silly pipes, I never liked them! A Great idea AND he has UT(99) Xan`s sexy voice! Oh, I just love that voice!
The contrast between black and colored body parts is just great!Basicly I don`t like the female Cybernetics, but this one is cool.
I think MäxX used Rankin`s head for that char. That`s the char which looks most similar to the "old" pack. I like him, but his armor colors and pose just give him a slightly gay touch :p
Blackjack`s face just fits perfectly on that body, making her a cute asian killer. I just hate her when she has a lightning gun....
I always knew that Wraith would look sexy with sunglasses and without scars, and here is the proof. The DM-color is just great. Only con is the body armor, it looks strange to me.
Mainly the original model (the hair) is crap, but MäxX managed to make a nice character out of it. The first MercFemA that comes without the stuff on chest! A real nice idea!
OMG, MäxX has some frightening friends :eek:!The chest armor and the color scheme are really great and the bio is also quite funny.
I like the changing haircolor and the sexy armor pretty much. But to be honest, she would need a little bit of silicone to give her armor more sense :rolleyes: Does anybody want to make an enhanced model like for Ophelia? :lol:
MäxX`s brother wears a real dark suit and gains in dark areas his advantages. Maybe he should also try some covert operations? The suit looks real great and the body armor reminds me of a knight.
She looks pretty shy on the portrait and the "Miss Tournament" Title in the bio is a funny idea.She also prefers wearing a very dark armor in Deathmatch battles.
MäxX himself enters the tournament and does some *ss resizeing.I like the colorscheme pretty much, the face just looks very matrix-agent-like (sexy -hr-) and the voicepack is great!
The new hairstyle makes this char looking much better than in v.1.00., the color-combo is really well done.

The Pros:
MäxX has included many gimmicks (installer, bonus pix, bios supporting more than one language)
The voicepack-entries and the included voicepack should be mentioned here again
4 Team color support
Also a nice feature is that he included a teamlogo for the team. A real nice idea to round things up!
The characters are pretty strong (the weakest is at Malcolm-niveau)! If you have them in your team they can help you a lot and a great help to win Single Player mode at higher levels.

The Cons:
The characters are pretty strong! Some are nearly unaffortable in SP and when you play against them you should lower overall skill-level of the bots. For instance you use to play at "skilled" and are pretty good there, then these bots will clean the floor with your face....
Mainly they are just combined and recolored skins.
The MercFemB`s suits are still a little bit to similar IMO

The Bottom Line:
For me it is not important whether a skin is a recolored or "recycled" one, it just has to look cool and not cheap.
I really love this pack! As usual MäxX included many specials and made the most out of it. This is the best "recycled" pack I`ve ever seen!
They are providing perfect conditions for clan playing, have all different suits and nice portraits.
Hopefully more authors will release their stuff in such a great way!
Keep it up MäxX

Total Score: 8.0/10

P.S.: The review got longer than I expected :lol:

[Important Info for Server Usage]
Very grateful thanks to klasnic for his investigations said:
Even if just one character is being pushed from the server it'll be a really big download as it'll send the whole texture file, plus all the voice packs.

They really need to be compressed and put on redirect (server admins will know what that is).

Anyone using the skins online with the voicepacks won't connect to servers using SafeGame and will get warnings with AntiTCC "person loaded an unknown class"

People should really know all that before pushing them. Fury can't be pushed because of her name. Finally Elektra,Viper and Natasha might conflict with another character of that name and might not even work as a result. Also if mod files for the other Elektra are on redirect the mod file for this might overwrite it and cause problems for that author or anyone pushing the other character.

Copy the contents of the attached zip(s) to UT2004\System

Open UT2004.ini in UT2004\System and under the section [Engine.GameEngine], add the following entries;

For TSE_Alpha, add;


Save and close. Done.


For TSE_Bravo, add;


Save and close. Done.


For TSE_Charlie, add;


Save and close. Done.


For TSE_Delta, add;


Save and close. Done.


  • TSE_Alpha.zip
    3.1 KB · Views: 18
  • TSE_Bravo.zip
    3.1 KB · Views: 16
  • TSE_Charlie.zip
    3.2 KB · Views: 15
  • TSE_Delta.zip
    2.4 KB · Views: 14
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Feb 16, 2004
I love Teambased Skinpacks...
Team -

I love Teamsupport...
Teamsupport -

I love new Faces...
New Faces -

I love awesome Colorshemes...
Awesome colorshemes -

I love Backgroundstorys...
Backgroundstorys -

I love Mercenarys...
Lotsa Merc Characters -

Nothing to add!:D - 8.0

Starry Might

Whoa, UTGirl, that's one lengthy review! :eek::tup:

UTGirl said:
Mainly the original model (the hair) is crap, but MäxX managed to make a nice character out of it. The first MercFemA that comes without the stuff on chest! A real nice idea!
Actually, Gold ISN'T the first Prism/BlackJack skin with the chest stuff erased. Loric's "Saskia" skin (both the original and the updated versions) is another skin for that model that has that stuff erased, too. :)


Sep 1, 2005

Unless I can get a zip file... *.exe doesn't run on Apple...:(

Can I get a ZIP, MäxX? Please???
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ra ra rat Putin!
Jan 24, 2004
Waterford, Ireland
It might be more diplomatic, <=N1GHTW1SH=> to actually ask MäxX for a zipped version rather than bashing him for making an exe. Because I haven't had time to look at the downloads, I did actually wonder was it uMod which would have been fine for most people or exe which won't be any good to Mac/Linux users... I'm sure MäxX will have a solution in time :)

Let's say your score is X/10 until you actually see them ;)

[EDIT] @ Lopar man those are big eyebrows :lol:
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Currently trying to mend my mind, etc.
Jul 8, 2005
Okay, now I can give out my two cents from my astronaut bank. Mind you, I'm no expert skin artisan so don't think my review will carry much weight. I'm in agreeance with UTGirl's lengthly and thorough review of the pack, and there isn't much else I could say that hasn't already been said.

Team Snake Eyes, and those TST guys, seem to be ports of some of the original characters from the first Unreal Tournament into UT2K4. I'm all for that. Maybe MaxX ought to talk to the UTR people. As stated earlier, the skins are mostly recolors of the origninal UT2Kx skins, with a couple of extra doodads added onto them. While that will cause the score for this to take a hit, I will laud the painter for making a high quality, user-friendly compilation that is filled with atmosphere and would not be out of place in a pro gamer tourney. The color scheme is aesthetically pleasing. I am also thankful that MaxX used my VPs, and UnrealGrrl's too; let's face it folks, that so-called "female robot" voice that came with UT2K4 is craptastic. MaxX and I were conversing via E-Mail about this project. Noticing that one of his characters was a cyborg named Sentinel, I told him that coincidentally I was working on a robot VP by the same name. Unfortunately, I was unable to complete it before the TSE pack was published, but if you want to give it a try, you can download it here.

I'm very proud of MaxX for going the extra mile to make a complete voice pack for Cobra. You can tell that a lot of time, effort and love went into the creation of this VP. All the bases are covered, even all of the "leader" sounds, which makes it fully CTF4/TDM4 compatible. Not to say that a VP actually needs those Green Leader and Gold Leader files in order to work in 4-player game type, but it's good to know that he made it complete. MaxX delivers his voice with passion, but not too much as to make him sound absurdly over the top. This is serious quality. The audio files themselves were modified to sound like the character was speaking over a military radio communicator, with appropriate scratches and bass dampening. Again, he was judicious in his recordings, making the effect believeable without overwhelming and drowning out the voice. The only complaints about this VP I can find are the lack of consistancy of the radio effect over all the voice clips and the very beginning of one taunt ("Being inferrior and ugly no excuse"), which has the first word truncated. I noticed a few taunts from the Duke Nukem and Shadow Warrior games, as well as a few you might recognize from the original UT. Some of my favorite taunts include: "Come on, gimme a challenge", "Rest in pieces!" and "The best there is, there was and ever will be". :tup: I also liked how the other sounds were said, too.

Final Score:
/ 10

UTGirl said:
MäxX himself enters the tournament and does some *ss resizeing.


klasnic said:
[EDIT] @ Lopar man those are big eyebrows :lol:
I suppose you are talking about my avatar.:D I NEVER shave my eyebrows!
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Bite Me
Dec 19, 2003
OMG :eek: thank you very much for your mainly positive critics! Such a big review and a second one about the VP is much more I ever expected.

Unfortunately Lopar`s Sentinel VP didn`t make it in time, but I will surely try to ad this one in my ADSU-project due i really love his Beta.

Hm, you`re right, sorry for not thinking of MAC-users. I just wanted to make a good installer avoiding that troubles with the (in)famous umod-files. Do umod-files work for mac? Of course I will release an umod-version for MAC (or a manual installer if there are also troubles) for you! -> poor SaD`s mailbox :D

Hm, or better a manual installer only? I can do this instantly due I have the files also on my PC @ work

A manual installation version of all 4 parts has been sent to SaD. Hopefully all troubles are terminated now
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ra ra rat Putin!
Jan 24, 2004
Waterford, Ireland
Admittedly I won't install them myself here. I tried opening with WinZip thinking it was a zipped exe to no avail and had you put the filenames in the txt, I would have known if it was safe. No worries, MäxX. I'll download all the files again once they're up :)

Oh it's not just your exes, MäxX. I won't use any kind of installer / umod these days at all ;)


Bite Me
Dec 19, 2003
I just thought that an installer would be great :lol: anyways, manual installable versions should be all mirrored soon

thx SaD :tup: