UT2004 - Skinpack - Bofrazz - Team Predatoria

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Starry Might

Skin/Model Name: Team Predatoria
UT(99/2k3/2k4): “Unreal Tournament 2004”
System Requirements: N/A
Author(s): Bofrazz
Download: SkinCity (7.41 MB)


Models: Sapphire/Satin (MercFemaleB) and Jakob/Othello/Riker (ThunderCrashAB/AA/CA)
Voice: See “The Bad” in the main review for more info...
Other: N/A

Support (SP/MP/Both): Both (maybe...see “Additional Info”)
Support (Team Colors): 2
Known Issues: See “The Bad” in the main review…

Additional Info:

Bot Stats:


Aggressiveness: 0.00
Accuracy: 0.27
Combat Style: 0.00
Strafing Ability: -0.53
Tactics: -0.53
Reaction Time: 0.01
Jumpiness: 0.00
Weapon Preference: None


Aggressiveness: 0.50
Accuracy: 0.01
Combat Style: 0.30
Strafing Ability: 0.01
Tactics: 0.51
Reaction Time: 0.01
Jumpiness: 0.00
Weapon Preference: None


Aggressiveness: 0.00
Accuracy: 0.24
Combat Style: 0.00
Strafing Ability: -0.53
Tactics: -0.53
Reaction Time: 0.01
Jumpiness: 0.00
Weapon Preference: None

Note: The above info was gleaned from the Bot Config info in-game using the “Edit" option. I had to fiddle slightly with the abilities and hit "Reset" to see the numbers, so while I tried to get it as close as possible, I'm not vouching for 100% accuracy, here.

Bot Use: 0 (no such strings exist in any of the .upls).

None of these characters are playable in Single-player mode. You might be able to recruit them as teammates, though.


Bofrazz has made many high-quality and all-original skins for “UT” and “UT 2004”. His latest creation, “Team Predatoria”, is a skinpack inspired by the movie “Aliens VS Predator”. The skinpack consists of three humans - two females and one male – who wear Predator-like armor and stuff. The female skins are for Sapphire/Satin and the male skin is for Jakob/Othello/Riker. Let’s take a closer look now, shall we?

The Good:

The skins themselves are very well-made and are made from scratch. They all wear armor on their torsos, lower arms, and part of their legs. Their upper arms, midriffs, and upper legs are exposed and are covered by mesh netting. Their hair looks like wires and have some yellow coloring on them. Let’s now look at the individual skins more closely.

“P_Huntress” is a female. She has a mask/helmet of sorts on her face (which is actually the Sapphire/Satin model’s bangs texture - quite clever, eh?).

“P_Warrior” is a male. He also has a mask on his face.

“P_Scout” is a female, and my favorite skin in this pack. She is identical to “P_Huntress”, but she has a crown-like thingy on her head and a very pretty face whose structure is reminiscent of Satin’s.

All these skins have the standard Red and Blue Team Colors (but no CTF4 support) that affect the armor.

They all have okay portraits. They also have Bios (built into the .upl files), but you won’t learn anything from them other than their names and races, since everything else is unknown. (Mysterious folks, these human Predators…)

The Bad:

If you downloaded this skin from the “Release-Queue” topic, be aware that “P_Scout” and “P_Warrior” have no “Sex=[Male/Female]” strings in their .upls. Not only does this cause them to be of neuter gender, it also causes “P_Scout to sound like a dude! (*INSERT “EEK” SMILEY HERE*) I pointed this out to Bofrazz in his WIP topic. When the updated version he made goes live, please download that version.

Oh, and if I wanted to get picky, P_Scout isn’t wearing her crown in her portrait.

The Bottom Line:

More great skins from Bofrazz. Download them today!

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Turret 49

Doomer at heart
Jun 26, 2004
Starry Might said:
His latest creation, “Team Predatoria”, is a skinpack inspired by the movie “Aliens VS Predator”.

*GASP* Does this mean there will be an alien using the Fate model? :eek: :rockon:


sex boobs nude
Feb 7, 2004
I noticed that the unmasked P_Scout doesn't have two sided textures on her face. Noticable but not that big a deal.
Also, the LOD is set to World which will annoy some people.

All in all a 7.5 from me.