UT2004 - Skin - Xenocide - Byrjunin

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Do you like this mechanical beauty?

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ra ra rat Putin!
Jan 24, 2004
Waterford, Ireland
Skin/Model Name: Byrjunin
UT(99/2k3/2k4): UT2004 retail+
System Requirements: None specified / Not applicable
Author: Xenocide
Download: SkinCity 1.6MB



Support (SP/MP/Both): Both - Single Player and Multiplayer
Support (Team Colours) (None/2/4): None
Known Issues: None
Additional Info: The name Byrjunin means "the begining" in Icelandic. Intended to be the first of many skins that Xenocide would make for 2k4 it was afaik the last.


Xenocide was one of the major skinners for 2k3 to the best of my knowledge and probably one of the best. Of the skins I have seen by him this is my favourite. It was one of the first skins made for 2k4 and imho remains one of the best for the Cybernetic female. I remember in the early days of 2k4 it being 'skin of the moment' on SkinCity and although I knew nothing of the author beforehand I certainly checked out more of his work as a result of my newly acquired download. This skin was very eye catching and I thought a real beauty. I was immediately struck by the simplicity of it all. The only thing it still cries out for is team colours which it's sadly lacking. So, how does this machine hold her own in the Tournaments? Read on...

The Good:

She's immediately eye catching with her nice blue colour and simply yet very effective effect. The effect in question is a yellow pattern over her body which gives the impression of circuitry quickly flashing on and off.

The same effect is applied to her head. And less noticeably her eyes glow bright then go dark.

She is available as the player's character in Single Player mode which is a bonus for anyone who wants to play as her.

Character's abilities are manually tweaked.

The ReadMe instructions re. installation are there and info for entering the bio is included (though it doesn't specify where to put it for less knowledgeable people).

The Bad:

No team colours - always a major letdown. I see no reason to make a skin without them particularly for 2k4. It's lazy and renders the character unuseable for the most part.

Bio needs to be entered manually which is a minor pain.

No LODs set so character detail settings will have no effect - I was surprised by that one given the amount of experience Xenocide must have had by the time he made her.

The Bottom Line:

A very nice skin. Again, one of the best for this model. Certainly worth checking out if not keeping because of no team colours.



ME2 Lover
Nov 5, 2005
Milky way
Nice review Klas :)

Looking good in game
but too bad there is no TC

No TC = I give a 6
With TC = a 8

Skinners, don't forget there isn't only deathmatch in UT games series.
A lot of modes are based on teamplay.

Make 2 team colors is now the minimum

Random Elite

Put your feet up and frag.
Jul 9, 2005
I agree with MacTom, somekind of Red And Blue skins are needed. Not everyone has the Highlight Players Mut that comes with HaloUT (which adds team coloured lights, like UC, while still showing the deathmatch skin) Not sure if it affects Species Statistics though...(and it dosent work for CTF4/TDM4 I guess, but try it out)

I don't paticualy like this model, but it's a solid 6/10. Better facial textures and team colours would be great. For your next skin, you may even go the whole hog and add Green and Gold Skins for CTF4 support.