UT2004 - Skin - SAH - Skye

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Och jimma do yee liek tha Skye?

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ra ra rat Putin!
Jan 24, 2004
Waterford, Ireland
Skin/Model Name: Skye
UT(99/2k3/2k4): UT2004 retail+
System Requirements: None specified / Not applicable
Author: SAH
Download: SkinCity 2.18MB


Support (SP/MP/Both): Multiplayer (and as a teammate in SP)
Support (Team Colours) (None/2/4): 2
Known Issues: None
Editors Used: Adobe Photoshop, uPaint, UnrealEd
Additional Info:

3544 Credits to hire in SP :eek: Get yer wallets ooot!


If yer an gettin offended easily den dnt botha scroolin doon...

Follow, follow, we will follow the Skye... In DeathMatch, CTF we will follow on... From Dundee to Hamilton, even up to Aberdeen blessed are we by the SAH supreme. For there's not been a clan in all bonnie Scotland... No, not wan and behold nuw there is wan. We will fight till the day is done, for there's not a lass lyk eh bonnie Skye to light up the Tourneys and say things such as aye.

Och ta be sure this wee lass hails from bonnie Scotland to grace our Tournaments farrr :D

*coughs* Okay this is a skin for the ThunderCrash female character huzzah!

SAH said:
Aye, Lads and Lassies. The pipes are sounding from the hills. 'Tis a call to arms. Rise up. Rise up and conquer the Liandri horde who would steal and kill all things you hold sacred.

*review dammit* Now that you have an idea as to what this character's theme is we'll take a look at hurr and see what awl ye hoopla is abooot.

The Good:

ThunderCrash females - sweet. Good to see these characters are finally getting their just rewards. SAH's taken this one given her clothes of tartan for a Scottish look and afaik this is the first of it's class to enter the Tournaments. In game the character's clothing looks as if there's a shader applied (for effects) but I was rather surprised to see it's just the texturing makes it look that way.

The face is probably the best part of this. Made to look nothing like the originals, even tiny detail such as freckles have been applied - Superb (see screenshot).

The ReadMe instructions re. installation are straightforward (always important).

The Bad:

The only really bad thing with this is the character's abilities being maxed out. People used to playing on Skilled/Adept will be up against a Godlike bot. (These can be tweaked in game, though so won't affect the score). For me, being at the receiving end of eight headshots in a row in DM made me remove the character from the game very quickly.

xplayers.int needs editing for the bio so watch out for those patches wiping it.

LOD settings aren't set so character detail will have no effect.

The Bottom Line:

Great work again by SAH and a recommended download :tup:

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Starry Might

klasnic said:
The face is probably the best part of this. Made to look nothing like the originals, even tiny detail such as freckles have been applied - Superb (see screenshot).
I don't think the face is THAT different from Aryss's (the skin this is based on), outside of the freckles and different eye and lip colors.

I still like this skin, though - it's the only Aryss/Azure skin that's out there that I know of! (Unless you count ThomaS's "Casindra" model - nice work, but no Team Colors, so... :tdown::eek:)

7/10 from me. :)