UT2004-Skin-Pangara by klas / klasnic

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What do you people think about Pangara !?!

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Foregone Destruction
Jan 20, 2008
Name: Titan GMK Warrior Pangara
System Requirements: UT2004 and the newest version
Author: Master klas
Download: GMK Warrior Pangara


Model: AlienMaleB
Animations: GMK animations
Voice: original alien voice
Support: single player and multi player
Team Colours: 2 colours (blue and red),4 CTF,4 DM/TDM
Known Issues: /
Additional Info:
- available in single player
- not as team member in single player available,only by anomalies
- nice portrait
- installation = manual
- something for nature and GMK fans

Similar Works: UTC-Pack Ultimate Collection (Final) Uller Cress

Programms used:
Need Input / Informations :D


WIP Thread: /

The Titan GMK Warrior Pangara – He is young,but he has talent

It’s been a while since I wrote my last review,so here is my next one.This time it is a review about the GMK Warrior Pangara,he is a while in the SkinCity town,but nobody wanted to review him.At SkinCity,there are only 35 skins for the male alien model available,the most skins pf them are something like a one time job and nothing more or some skins aren’t good or there are good skins like Cress or Uller and some others.Anyway let’s start with the review about Pangara,here we go!!!

Let’s start with the model itself,the alien male B model is a good made model and everything works good the wireframe mode looks normal,there no problems with the geometry,no geometry holes or problems with the bounds,bones or influences,the entire model looks good in all points.The model in his construction is nice,but there is a little problem,at some points on the model the texture doesn’t look so good,like it is stretched or I can’t really recognize it,anyway I haven’t any experience/s in modelling and skinning business.That model uses the traditional animations for the GMKs,many other custom models using these animations too,I guess I know the reason,the animations looking great,not only the movement,on the ground and in water,Epic gave the GMKs a lot of very nice looking and funny animations and some of these animations I love.:)

What comes next…hmmmmm,oh yeah the voice,Pangara use the same voice like his GMK brothers,but not only the GMKs are the pround users of this voice,the Skaarj are the second pround users of this voice.Actually,this voice sounds really good,when you give your team members any orders or taunts sounding really cool.I really like it to see say with this voice Spaamer or Nice,firstly it sounds cool and secondly it sounds funny too,but if you ask me,then I would say this voice could need some modifications,because the voice sounds good for someone who is a young warrior,but when a warrior is older,then the voice should sound more dangerously.:)

So,I think that I talk about the texture stuff now,so let’s start with it.The texture of a model is the most important point,because what uses a model,when you have no texture for it,the texture of a model is like at us people,when we wanna looking good then we wearing any nice looking clothes and that is the same like with a skin or model,whatever,the character needa texture that he has something to identify himself,but what needa texture that it looks good,that is a good question and there are many answers.At the moment the textures of Pangara looking marvellous,but what happening when Pangara is in UT3 with normal maps and so,then it is sure that he’ll looks much better than now.Bah I don’t understand much about the texture stuff,normal maps,bump maps etc.,I have enough problems to learn the stuff about the textures for UT2004,but I’m not really a mapper,there are two guys who are mappers in my family and they have a much better knowledge about texture,hehe.Let’s talk about Pangara’s texture/s,firstly I wanna say that klas has made another great looking skin for the male GMK model,I think that Pangara’s textures are unique,because I never have seen a skin like him with these texture quality.Look at the beautiful colours of his suit,skin and the other points,it is really incredible,the different team colours are nice done,no team colour is too bright or dark (in my opinion),but some people could have a different opinion,but that’s nothing new.Pangara has a lot of different details one thing are the details on his head or in his face,when you look normal at him you don’t see it,but when you look much more and deeper at him then you can see these details and the some details on his suit reminding me somehow to crystals,that’s beautiful.As I said that his suit looks really nice and the suit has a nice effect which is really nice done and such effect I love,however his suit looks marvellous when you swimming with him under water,then you have to look at him,it might be possible that he reminds you to a water animals like it did to me.Pangara’s textures uses the sizes 1024x1024 for head and body,256x512 for portrait and 128x128 for the nice effect of his suit,somehow that are the traditional sizes for the texture,but I think that won’t be it in the future,then we talk about bigger textures,that is sure.Ah yeah one thing I wanna say,that when you look from different points at Pangara and skins who has the same model in using,then he always looks different in his face,first he look happy or friendly and then suddenly he look dangerous or angry,perhaps some guys thinking that I’m crazy,but try it.Oh yeah there is still something,Pangara suoorts UTComp so you can play with in UTcomp,I never understand it,why some characters sopporting Comp and some other not,that is not fair,many of my favourite models don’t support it,I changed their true texture to normal without any effects but then the character doesn’t looked so good as with all effects,argh.:)

The Good:
- available in single player
- nice portrait
- marvellous design
- 4 team colours
- textures very nice quality
- great details and suit
- own bio

The Bad:

The Bottom Line:

When somebody would ask me about Pangara,then I would say that he is a skin of the GMK history,because he is one of the bettest UT2004 GMK skins and I hope to see him back in UT3.He is really unique,he look marvellous and his design is awesome,I love him,really.I only can recommend him and I think this skin is something for all GMK and nature fans,because the GMKs are the nature warrior,don’t they.Everybody download him and enjoy his beauty.I give Pangara a score of 10/10,he is beautiful and I love him,he has all to be a marvellous skin,great design,own bio full team support etc.:)

Made as a request for Electrolyte... A Gen Mo'Kai for use on the Titan servers.
That is really nice when someone has request and he gets a answer,there are many people who have a request too,but the most guy who could do it are busy with their own work or with real life or any others things,however it is nice to see when something like this happen.:)