UT2004 - Skin - Exile II (CTF4 version)

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Bite Me
Dec 19, 2003
UT2004 - Skin - Dan Gavin - Exile II (CTF4)

Name: Exile II (CTF4 version)
System Requirements: Unreal Tournament 2004 (retail version+)
Type: Skin for Cybernetic Male (original)
Authors: Charger (original Skin – 2 Teamcolors) & Dan Gavin (update 4 Teamcolors), Klasnic (Special Effects)
Teamcolors: 4
Additional Info:
Character is not choosable for player`s character in SinglePlayer-mode.
Character cannot be chosen as teammate in SinglePlayer-mode.
The standart characteristics (voice, fav. Weapon, skill, …) are unchanged.
Known Issues: None
Download: Skincity - 2,41 MB

Exile II – takes the art of recoloring to a new dimension:

The skin is well designed and has a nice colorsheme. Basicly it`s a recolored Xan, but the special effects on it are simply awesome! They give the impression that electricity flows through the cyborg.

The pros:
Allthough it`s a pretty black suit, players have no unfair advantages in dark passages -> the effects can easily be seen. I suppose this will not be the favorite choice for camping snipers.
The teamcolors are nicely made and can be recognized easily. The elec-effect also changes it`s color with the team.
As mentioned the special effects are simply great, they make this skin truly a must-have.

The cons:
The portrait shows the whole char. It looks ready for action, but it would have been better to show more of the upper body -> in game it`s a little bit to small, IMO.
The bio is nothing special, another mysterious fighter ruling all of his oppontents on his path to victory.
Some people simply don`t like recolored skins.

Words by reviewer:
This was one of the first 4 teamplay skins I had on my HD, and I always loved it.
Although recolored it`s one of the best Cybernetic Male skins!
If you don`t already have it, get it! Now! What are you waiting for?

Total Score: 6/10
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ra ra rat Putin!
Jan 24, 2004
Waterford, Ireland
I'll make a few comments on this one since I had something to do with it along the way.

I do think the skin itself could use a lot of work as a simple recolour really wouldn't interest me. Had the actual texture been redone or something I might use it. It took fifteen minutes or so for me to throw the effect on it and that's really the only thing I do like... That said Exile II is one I never classed as mine 'cause to me it's really not that good. Now if there was some work done on the base textures too then it'd be a lot better.

Total Score: 6/10

[EDITED] To meet new scoring standard.
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Jun 30, 2004
Well, it may just seem like a recolor(and it is), that's what I planned when I started. I never see grey skins, just plain gray, like this one. Just something plain and effective, which I thought looked great.

I think this is one of those love/hate skins.

Besides, it looks pretty awesome for the first skin I've ever recolored.

I'll give it an 8/10 simply because it was first, I know I could've done better. klasnic really made it come to life though. Great job.


Link(gun) Lady
I also like this skin pretty much and will keep it in my collection.

Also recolored skins should be able to get good scores if they look good (and this one does).

On the other hand a 6/10 is already a good score referring to our score system! I give it 0.5 points more than MäxX and Klasnic because it provided me many good matches!

Total Score: 6.5/10
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