UT2004-Skin-EngineXan by TsT:Oh~Snap

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What do you think about EngineXan ?:)

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Foregone Destruction
Jan 20, 2008
Name: Engine Xan
System Requirements: UT2004 and the newest version
Author: :TsT:Oh~Snap
Download: Take it!


Model: UT2004 Xan
Animations: XanM03
Voice: male robot voice
Support: single player and multi player
Team Colours: 2 colours (blue and red)
Known Issues:
- small problem with portrait
- if Liandribot pack is installed, problem with the name of Exan (the sane names ;))

Additional Info:

- available in single player
- not as team member in single player available,only by anomalies
- portrait looks great,but it hasn’t the right size
- installation = manual
- own ukx file, but why, it is same file like the original

Similar Works: Messiah Urban Xan 4.1 Xan Final 4.0 Warbots

Programms used:



WIP Thread:

Engine Xan – The newest Liandri Warrior,be afraid he will kick your ass

Let’s start the party folks,you know that we Unreal Lovers know a lot of different Xan skins,the UT Xan was a great looking and nice designed charcter,but the UT2004 Xan is a totally new desgined character and I love him.Since UT my favourite charcter is Xan,because I like the design of him,some people say that when you play as Xan,you just think you are the best gamer,but that just wrong,I guess these people are stupid or crazy,anyway I love him just because his design and I don’t wanna be the best gamer,I just play for fun,to play just to be the best,oh well,that’s not my style of gaming.We have a lot of skins for the UT2004 Xan and everyone has a different quality,for example,the skin Pulsor made by MacTom27,XZEON made by Dan Gavin or Messiah by Warslut and many more are very nice made and I like them all.However,there are not only great skins,some of the UT2004 Xan skins aren’t really good,because it is just their first skin,sure after some time you get better and better,but some people just wanna make a skin,it doesn’t interests them about the quality,they just wanna say,here I’am,that’s my skin etc.,but some people know it how to make a great job.Engine Xan is really a great looking skin,I only know some skins of Xan which has a similar quality like him and I guess it was Oh~Snap’s first skin ever,if it is true,then he has really talent at skinning,first time to make a skin and he done this one,great job,really.:)

OK folks let’s start the party a little bit faster,now we talk about the model itself.as I said before EngineXan is using the model of Xan which was made my Epic for UT2004.If someone would compare both models,then he is able to see a lot of differences,sure UT and UT2004,that’s somehow a big time and development difference.I liked the UT Xan model and the UT2004 Xan model is great,anyway there are different opinions about the UT2004 Xan model,some people like the model (like me) and other people just don’t like it exactly,because his things on the shoulders,such people like it more when these things are invisible,because the model would look better,but I like both versions,with or without these things,the model looks in both versions good.What comes next,ehhhhhh…..oh yeah,the polygon number of the model is 3197,perhaps that’s not many,but the model looks good with this number of polygons,in the wire frame mode the model looks clean and good,there are no geometry holes or something others,only a clean geometry,the bounds are a little bit close to the model,I don’t know why Epic has done that,every other model’s bounds are a little bit far away from the model and many of the user’s models too,but Xan’s bounds are somehow close,but it hasn’t any negative effect to the model or game,everything works perfect.When we view the bones of the model it looks good,no errors or something others and the influences are good,the model of Xan has no errors,but I don’t know why Oh~Snap included a ukx file to this model,because it is the sane file like the original.:)

So,what’s next……..I need input,LOL,ah now I tell you the texture stuff of EngineXan,here we go.Man,at this point I wanna say how cool the design of Engine is,it is very cool.First I wanna say the texture sizes,EngineXan got the texture sizes 1024x1024 for body,512x512 for head and centre of body and 256x256 for portrait,I mentioned that there is a small problem with the portrait of him,I think the size is the cause,because all other portraits of skins or models have the size 512x256 and they work good,but at this one you can see ingame,when the portrait is showing ingame you can see the portrait normal and a half of it,that is somehow weird,but you can accept it,because it has no negative effect,really.As I said before that the design is very incredible,the design of his suit is marvellous,it just looks cool and I very like it,you can see a lot of nice details and the mix of the colours on this suit are very good,he really look like someone of the army (not exactly),but cool.I like the idea with the tattoos on his face,that is really something unique,I never seen something like that before,only on some clothes.EngineXan has only the standard team colours,so that means blue and red,but hey the good fact is that he has team colours,many other skins have no team colours,anyway the team colours are very well done like the main colour,the blue team colour looks nice,a good mix of brightness and darkness,the same is good at the red team colour,both colours are solid made.Another detail of him is the design of his neck,in the main colour it looks good,but when you play as blue or red then you can see a nice detail (pics),actually I prefer more the blue colour,because the blue looks at this part of his body a little bit better than red,however it’s just a matter of taste,like always.:)

The Good:
- totally new design of Xan
- great details on texture
- incredible design
- great portrait
- team colours are marvellous

The Bad:
- small problem with name and portrait
- no bio

The Bottom Line:
In my opinion,this is one the bettest skins for Xan in the history of UT2004 ever,I know many skins,but there aren’t many like this one,I just can recommend this skin,he is very good made and looks at every moment in UT2004 marvellous,he isn’t bright or dark,so he is good to frag on every map.Everybody who likes Xan should download this skin,he is just incredible and he should be a part of everybody’s collection of skins,go download him folks.:D

As I always said before,EngineXan is really a great skin for Xan and I enjoy it much to have him as a part of my collection in UT2004,when I had to say which 3 skins for Xan are the bettest,then I would say,Pulsor,Engine Xan and Messiah,that are my personal favourites of them,I give him a marvellous 9.5,I don’t give him 10 points,because he uses the bio of Xan and he hasn’t a own bio,but I think you people understand me.:)

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