UT2004 - Skin - Dua1ity - Sinstriss Sisters

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What do you think of these ladies?

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ra ra rat Putin!
Jan 24, 2004
Waterford, Ireland
Skin/Model Name: Sinstriss Sisters
UT(99/2k3/2k4): UT2004 retail+
System Requirements: None specified / Not applicable
Author: Dua1ity
Download: SkinCity 5.23MB


Support (SP/MP/Both): Multiplayer (and as a teammate in SP)
Support (Team Colours) (None/2/4): 2
Known Issues: None
Additional Info:

Twin sisters, framed for the murder of a 6 Star general and thrown into the Tournaments.


Dua1ity seems to have been around a while, now. I've had a couple of his skins here that were pretty good and a few (going by the screenshots) that I'd never download. So, where do his latest creations fit in the Unreal universe? Let's take a look shall we. Basically what we have are two ThunderCrash females, both twins who've been framed and thrown into the Tournaments to vent their anger and prove their innocence.

They've both been given a somewhat military look in black uniforms contrasted by silver metallic armour. Navy in particular looks good the other Marinea (right in the pic) imho is horrible. Let's get down to the good and bad, shall we as that'll tell you where these characters are going ;)

The Good:

ThunderCrash females need some love as they've been rarely skinned and imho they're great models in the game (note: I said the females not the awful males). The armour on the bodies is mostly new so it's not a recolour by any means. Hard to appreciate in game (where it counts) but in the editor it does look like quite a bit of work was put into them. The face on Navy is done quite well so she doesn't look like her ThunderCrash counterparts. Areas of the body and head are removed in the textures though I didn't look too much to find out what these were - Gives them a slightly different look. The bios are well written and interesting and the portraits are great.

The ReadMe instructions re. installation are straightforward too :)

The Bad:

While Navy's face is quite good, Marinea's is horrible in game imho and not horrible in a good way.

The black areas of the clothes give the impression of little/no detail so it's just black.

Team colours! On Marinea they're okay though the blue doesn't quite look blue - nothing major here as it's easy to tell one from the other. On Navy which is an awful shame the team colour is really just the hat being a different colour for both teams... There are minor colours added to the body but not enough to be noticeable.

While the portraits are great they're not at all character/game related afaik ;)

And I quote, "Add these to the bottom of the XPlayers.ini file in the ut2004/system folder if you want them to have a bio." No such file exists - but having no bio isn't the end of the world and most people will know it's xplayers.int

LOD settings aren't set so character detail will have no effect. People with lower world detail won't appreciate the characters as much.

The Bottom Line:

Check out some of Dua1ity's other work which is much better :tup: For me, these go straight to the recycle bin :tdown:

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