UT2004-Skin-Cress (4CTF) by the_rex aka Daloonie

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What do you think bout Cress ?

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Foregone Destruction
Jan 20, 2008
Name: The Death Star Of The Gen Mo’Kais
System Requirements: UT2004 and the newest version
Author: Master the_rex aka daloonie
Download: GMK Warrior Cress


Model: AlienMaleA
Animations: GMK animations
Voice: original male alien voice
Support: single player and multi player
Team Colours: 2 colours (blue and red),4 CTF,4 DM/TDM
Known Issues: /
Additional Info:
- available in single player
- not as team member in single player available,only by anomalies
- not bad portrait (I guess it is one of your first portraits)
- installation = manual

Similar Works:
LDK Cress (2TC) Slax Mocli Reborn

Programms used:
I need a Denmarkian tool !!:D


WIP Thread: Cress

The Death Star Of The GMK – Watch out for him,he is not visible

It’s been a while since Cress was finished by the_rex and released at SkinCity,so today I wanna write a nice little story about him.Some people would think,why I wanna review him,well the answer is easy,sure he is old,but not for me,I really like him,he is really one of the bettest GMK skins ever,but there are some people who don’t think so (perhaps),but that doesn’t interests me much,anyway I write the review about Cress now and I hope you’ll like it,so sit down and read my review,that’s a order (just kidding).Let’s go!!:)

What is the first important point before you wanna give something a texture,right the model itself,we know 4 different GMK models in the currently UT2004,2 male and 2 female models and everyone has a different design than the others,but hey that’s nothing new,new things are always nice,because you can see the imagination of other people.Anyway,let us talk about the model of Cress,firstly it is the AlienMaleA model and everything of this model looks on the first look clean and good,I’m speaking about the wireframe,bounds,bones and influences mode.As I said that the wireframe mode looks clean,but it is important to see when the model has a texture on the body and there should be no geometry holes,then the model looks clean.The model has a really nice design and some points of the model has similarities to a Predator,look at the face of the model,for example Cress face with texture,the face is so designed that textures with this style looking like a mask of a Predator that is really cool,but these shields on the thighs looking similar like the leg stuff of a Predator.This model is really interesting designed and I think that GMK fans love that model and perhaps Predator fans too.:)

What comes next……….ehhhhhhhhhhhhh……..oh yes now I wanna talk about the species statistics of the GMK warrior.Epic gave the GMK the abilities to be 50% faster in their movement speed and they take only the half of damage,so when you wanna frag them with a Rocket Launcher,a normal rocket makes over 80 points damage,but with species statistics the damage is only at over 40 points,with these conditions it is perhaps not easy to frag a good GMK gamer,because he has not only this damage reduction as I said,he is 50% faster and that is a big advantage to other gamer,but only the movement speed is higher,the jump power is the same like before,but the range how far you fly is some longer.It might be very interesting to see matches with only GMKs and some other models like ShinRyuu,KouRyuu,Tyrant and Popo,but I don’t wanna see a fight how see race between them,that would be very funny.One thing,when you play with SS and as a GMK with RPG,don’t upgrade/buy the ability ‘Quick Foot’,because it doesn’t increases your movement speed again,your speed will like that of the RPG and that is a little bit slower than the speed of the SS mutator.:)

Textures…Textures…Textures,how much we loves you,you always give our meshes the beauty and it will never change,ehhh what did I say,anyway now let’s talk about the texture of Cress.The design of the textures are interesting,because you can that there is a shadow moving on his suit and that is really sweet when you play in dark maps,mainly he is dark and with this shadow effect uhhhhhhhhhhh,you are a ghost in a map,would be funny to see.However,not only this shadow effect is nice,you can see some good metal details on his suit,you could compare these details with metal and I think you would say,yes it looks good like metal,BUT I said the shadow effect looks nice,but some people would say with this effect he has a style of comic/anime,that might be true,but not only the shadow effect looks like that,the metal,too.At this point I wanna say,comic/anime style PERHAPS,BUT when you see Cress with different lightning conditions then you get a different opinion about his appearance,because with different lightning,his suit looks marvellous and I would say it looks really cool,but it is up to you people to make a opinion about that.Anyway in my opinion he looks really nice with these kind of texture style,ehhhh did I forget something,oh yeah Cress uses the textures sizes 1024x1024 for face and body,256x256 for the effect and 256x512 for the portrait,I wanna say that the portrait is not bad,but it could be better,I know you can do it better the_rex,but I guess it is one of your first portraits for your charcter.Damn,there is still something the different quality of the TC,well you know Cress has the 4TC like many other characters and that is really nice to see,because green is my favourite colour and it makes much to play with 4 teams,anyway the different TCs aren’t too bright or dark,it is a good mix of dark and brightness and I can say the same about the suit of Cress.:)

The Good:
- available in single player
- not bad portrait
- interesting design,looks really good in different lightning conditions
- 4 team colours
- textures nice quality
- impressive texture (interesting details)

The Bad:
- no own bio
- portrait could be better

The Bottom Line:
Cress is really one of the nicest GMK skins ever and I think he is really something for every GMK fans and as I said perhaps something for Predator fans.Anyway check this skin out and make some frags with him and enjoy the game with him,perhaps you think that he is old,but don’t say that to him again,because he can fast kick your ass.Everybody download him and have fun with him like me.I give Cress a score of 9/10 points,because I think that he is really good made,firstly the design and secondly he has 4TC,but he could have a bio and a better portrait,but we know that the_rex can do it better.:)