UT2004 - Model - WS-1T

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What do you think of this model?

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Bite Me
Dec 19, 2003
Name: WS-1T
System Requirements: Unreal Tournament 2004 (retail version+)
Type: Custom Model
Authors: Devil-D (Model) & Hide (Skin)
Teamcolors: 4
Additional Info:
Character is choosable for player`s character in SinglePlayer-mode.
Character can`t be chosen as teammate in SinglePlayer-mode.
The standart characteristics (Robot voice, fav. Weapon, skill, …) were taken unchanged.
Known Issues: None
Download: Skincity - 3,31 MB

WS-1T - The Transformers are back (and that not in black):

This skin is a nice cooperation between 2 BUF-Members. (You can read the original thread here)
It has been time for a new robot model!

The pros:
All Animations are working and the animated (Jug) taunts are really working great.
The 4 teamcolors can easily be recognized due the heavy contrast to the mainbody.
The overall design of the model is great and the skin makes it really look like a robot.

The cons:
The portrait is more the less useless, it doesn`t show the character.
The head is a little bit too small IMO.
A second skin would have been nice, but maybe there will be some reskin action.

Words by reviewer:
If you love playing or leading a team with robots you definitaly should get this one. This cooperation is hopefully not the last one between this 2 artists.

Total Score: 6.75/10
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With Rage Alive
Oct 12, 2004
Devil_D is a good friend of mine and I helped him out with spelling errors and tips for the profile.
This robot is part of a big story that Devil is currently writing.
The portrait has a purpose and so does the head. But you'll have to ask Devil for details. ;)
The ReadMe also holds an extended profile.
And Hide did a great job too. :)

This is a very cool and well done model.
I'd rate it higher, but I'm not the reviewer now am I?... :D