UT2004-Model-ShinRyuu aka God Dragon by Hide

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What do you folks think about the God Dragon ?!

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Foregone Destruction
Jan 20, 2008
Name: ShinRyuu aka The God Dragon
System Requirements: UT2004 and the newest version
Author: Master Hide
Download: God ShinRyuu



Model: ShinRyuu by Hide (own creation)
Animations: GMK animations, ShinRyuu’s fly animation own created
Voice: original male robot voice
Support: single player and multi player
Team Colours: 2 colours (blue and red),4 CTF,4 DM/TDM
Known Issues: /
Additional Info:
- available in single player
- not as team member in single player available,only by anomalies
- nice portraits
- installation = manual
- new Species Statistics
- 4 versions of ShinRyuu
- own weapon

Similar Works: KouRyuu, KouRyuuB, KouRyuuC, Popo, Tyrant, FireDrake

Programms used:

Modeling: LightWave 8.3
Constructing PSK: MilkShape 1.7.10
Skining: Photoshop 6.0
Packing UKX: UnrealED 3.0



WIP Thread: ShinRyuu

ShinRyuu – The God Of UT2004

Hide started with ShinRyuu in the august 2006,one months later,I joined the BUF,one reason that I joined the BUF was ShinRyuu,I wanna see the progress of ShinRyuu,too.First when I saw him without texture and head,I was really fascinated,because I never had seen such a model…….that is not true,when I don’t know ShinRyuu,I loved KouRyuu,he was really beautiful,but the God Dragon is the bettest.The later progress of ShinRyuu was really excited,because ShinRyuu becomes more and more beauty and the result of him was really beautiful,but not only ShinRyuu was beautiful,Master Hide gave him his own weapon and that was really cool.I was always so excited when ShinRyuu is finished and then he was finished,I couldn’t really believe this,but it was real,so I downloaded him and now he is my favourite model and character of UT2004.

I starting with the model and animations of ShinRyuu.The model is a totally new design and creation of Hide,it looks really cool,like a real dragon,with all details what it need to looks like a dragon,Sure ShinRyuu is a cybernetic dragon,but it is truly a amazing model,perhaps somebody would think that he looks like a big bird,yeah I know why,but he is a truly dragon.ShinRyuu has not really a low polygon number,it is more a high polygon number,because he has 6212 polys and that s truly amazing,the other models of Hide like KouRyuu,Popo,Tyrant and FireDrake are under 5000 polys,but he is ove 6000 polys and that is truly cool,Hide is there perhaps a chance to get a version of ShinRyuu with 24000 ploys,because it would be very interesting to see how he looks.The God Dragon uses the animations of the GMKs,these animations looks always cool and it seems that Hide uses these animations often for his models,for sure,Hide knows what for a animation system a model need,he is a Master.An important fact on a model is that,that there are no geometry holes or errors,but ShinRyuu’s geometry is perfect,there other important facts,ShinRyuu’s body or geometry doesn’t collide with the bounds,well the wings on his back collide a bit with the bounds,but this isn’t really terrible,it is good acceptable and the influences of ShinRyuu looks clean and there no errors.

Now I’m speaking of ShinRyuu’s voice,he uses the original voice of the robots from UT2003 and this voice is included in UT2004,too.This kind of voice is one of my favourite,I like robot voices,because there are different ways to make these voices better,I mean that it sounds better.MacTom27 has some modifies on the robot voice done and it sounds really good,perhaps he make the entire voice in this style,but the voice could be a bit scary or aggressive,that would sounds cool,anyway the robot voice at the moment sounds cool,but it could be better,there are the right guys who could do this,I’m speaking of Master Hide and Master MacTom27.

Ah,yeah,now comes the textures,that stuff is the heart of a nice looking character(I guess).Hide gave ShinRyuu a number of different texture sizes,he using 2048x1024,1024x1024,1024x512,512x512,512x256,256x512,256x256 textures,that are very many different sizes,but it is really interesting.ShinRyuu comes with 4 character version,but 2 texture versions,one version uses the energy shield texture and the other version uses a solid shield texture,both version looking really nice.The energy shield version has a very nice shiny and moving texture,the moving effect looks like a scanning process of something,but it is cool and I like that.The God Dragon has not only the standard team colours,no he has again all 4 colours,blue,red,green and gold,all colour version are really nice,because the textures aren’t dark and bright,it looks really natural.I prefer again the green version of him,I love the green colour,it is my favourite colour,because I love the nature and it is green.Talking now more about the texture details,ShinRyuu’s mouth,fingers,foots and the end of his tail are gold,I don’t wanna feel his fingers when we play catching,I don’t think that’s will be heathly,because the gold fingers looks nice,but they aren’t really nice when he wanna kill you.The trxture of his entire body looks really nice and soft,I like the details of this texture on his entire body,it looks really cool,like truly metal,but I like more things of him,I’m talking of the dragon symbols near the shoulders,the Izanagi and his japanese symbols,that is really nice,because symbol on a character’s body making it better than without,The solid shield version of him has not very many different things,only that he has a solid shield and no energy shield,but this texture looks nice and it has nice details,it is perhaps a bit dark,but there could be different opinions.

Now comes the lightning of ShinRyuu,well he is very good visible in every kind of map,he is not a dark or bright model,I really like it to see him in a map with different light clours,because then his body looks everytime different and it looks really nice,but there is something I don’t really understand,very often he is standing under a normal light,but he is bright like the sun,and sometimes he is very bright and that looks nice,but sometimes strange,but this problem is not really in map with a bit dark light,there he has a normal brightness of his body,but when you play a bit brighter maps his brightness is so high.You can play with or against him in very dark maps too,because then he has a normal brightness,try it,just for fun.

Now comes ShinRyuu’s power,Hide gave him many very dangerous abilities,he can again fly,so fast that he can make a race with a raptor or manta,that is really amazing,but is ground speed is very high and fast,combine his ground speed with the fly speed,dodging and unlimited jump and you are faster than a raptor or manta and you moving very fast on the map,try this on Dria,from the blue base to the red base,it don’t takes a half minute to do this.Tow version of ShinRyuu can respawn with his Shock Cannon,this weapon is very cool and dangerous,primary shoot it fires a shock beam and secondary it has a zoom,like the sniper rifle,combine these two things and you have the bettest weapon for the distance,but the weapon has a long range too and the damage of this weapon against players is very high,you can it is a modify shock rifle,but the weapon has a extremely power against vehicles,the goliath is for this weapon no problem,you need 8 shots and the goliath is history,and the other vehicles are nothing against his weapon,only the Levi is perhaps a problem for him,but fly away from the Levi and destroy him with the shock cannon on distance,then that is no problem for him,but there is only one thing his weapon can resupply with ammo,but to do this it need 10 health points of the player,but this maybe not a problem.The two version with the SC takes the same damage like other characters,but the versions without the SC don’t take the same damage like other characters,against these two,the weapons have only the half power,but this only in a match with the characters,in Onslaught they take the same damage like many others.The abilities of ShinRyuu are very dangerous,perhaps it is impossible to defeat or not,there are some ways to defeat him,but you choose which way you take,when you play without Species against the ShinRyuus with the SC,they will be after some times godlike and then it is truly impossible to deafeat him,so be careful when you play against him.

The Good:

- available in single player
- nice portraits
- godlike design
- 4 team colours
- very cool species abilities
- nice weapon
- textures very nice quality

The Bad:


The Bottom Line:
Hide created here a awesome looking model,for me ShinRyuu it is Hide’s bettest work,because ShinRyuu is godlike,he looks in every situation cool and the quality of him is like nothing before.Everybody who likes Hide’s work should download this model,it is a masterful work,but this model not only something for Hide fans,every body who likes Dragons or cool looking models download this model,hey and don’t forget this model has all what it takes to be a godlike model,The main fact is that ShinRyuu is totally new model and it looks like no one before,he has own Species Statistics and these are very cool in the game,Hide created for ShinRyuu a own weapon and many other things.

Everybody download this model!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

Score for this Model:
ShinRyuu is the bettest model ever for UT2004,his design is great,hey what I’m talking here,ShinRyuu is unique.One of my favourite model style for UT2004 are Dragons and ShinRyuu is the bettest model of Dragons,I love ShinRyuu.

ShinRyuu gets a godlike 10/10,I really hope to see more godlike works like this from you Hide,I’m really excited to see your models in UT3,I hope that ShinRyuu will be reborn in UT3,but I hope that your other models will be reborn for UT3,too.

(Master Hide
I have been creating my strong enemies to fight against.
However, ShinRyuu + Shock Cannon is seriously too strong.
Vehicles and projectile weapons are useless for fighting against it.
Good luck to good fight.)
That is truly funny,I’ve been trying a long time to defeat ShinRyuu,but it is impossible,there is only one option to defeat him,shoot him with the Redeemer,only when you have a chance.Sometimes I’ve got the chance to do this,but I fight againat the entire Clan Of ShinRyuu,so when I defeated ShinRyuu,then KouRyuu,KouRyuuB,KouRyuuC,Popo and Tyrant kick my ass and I have no option to defeat them,it is impossible to do this.Well, how can I defeat them,I know some ways,but I don’t use them,because I wanna a difficult game in some moments,anyway it is very difficult to defeat the Gods of Master Hide.

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