UT2004-Model-FireDrake by Hide

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Foregone Destruction
Jan 20, 2008
System Requirements:UT2004 and the newest version


Model: FireDrake by Hide (own creation)
Animations: Skaarj animations and some own animations
Voice: original male nightmare voice
Support: single player and multi player
Team Colours: 2 colours (blue and red),4 CTF,4 DM/TDM
Known Issues: /
Additional Info:
- available in single player
- not as team member insingle player available,only by anomalies
- nice portrait
- installation = manual
Similar Works:KouRyuu Tyrant Popo KouRyuuB KouRyuuC

LightWave 8.2
MilkShape 1.7.4
Photoshop 6.0
UnrealED 3.0


WIP Thread:FireDrake

FireDrake - The Lava Dragon from The HideCorporation

FireDrake is a very nice model,I'm since my birth a big fan of Dragons,when I saw KouRyuu,that was cool,a metal very cool looking dragon,but when I saw FireDrake,I was first sceptical.I though that he looking not good,but I downloaded him,and later I was fascinated.:)

Now the facts.The model is first a new construction by Hide,like all dragons he has wings and the other things,he remembers me to other dragons from my childrenhood.FireDrake has a nice polycount ,not to big or to small,his design is really cool,because he has a fast,very deadly and mysterious looking.That's not all,Hide gaves FireDrake a golden armor on the body and a bit on the wings,with the armor FireDrake looks cooler than the traditionals dragons only with their organic.Important is that FireDrake is not to fat or to thin,because when a dragon is fat or thin that's ugly.In the animations browser of UT2004,are FireDrake's bounds not in collision with the geometry (body of FireDrake).

Let's talk about the texture of FireDrake,he uses 2x1024x1024 5x512x512 1x256x512.That's the standard texture sizes which every model uses.I like very the texture on the entire body of FireDrake,because the details rocks,he looks like a dragon which came out of hell:lol:,the lava on his body is moving that's a very nice detail,the armor which came in 4 team colours rocks,my favourite is the green colours,that looks very nice.That's a bit funny,Hide gaves FireDrake a trouser,there you can a symbol of a dragon,like on KouRyuu.The armor has a very nice shiny effect,Hide uses for this the same the texture like on KouRyuu,but that's a cool idea,the armor looks bettest when he has the green colours and there looks the shiny effect very good.

Now the lightning,FireDrake is not a dark warrior but he's not to bright,he's a nice mix of darkness and light.In dark maps you can see him very good,in maps with a bright light,well.....there's important how bright the light is and which colour use the light.I often play vs him on Rankin and there you can see him good.

Now the last,his species abilities.FireDrake can add to the weapons lava which makes them stronger,and that's very cool,fire with the minigun and frag your enemy then he burn,yeah burn baby burn:lol: .With this ability he can Tyrant,Popo,KouRyuu kick ass:lol: .His other ability is to swim in lava,which is very cool,when you've got cold day in your real life,you go with FireDrake in a bath of lava and you become a warm feeling.The last ability is that he couldn't take damage when he fall from a very high place.Argh,I forgot that FireDrake has a unlimited jump and you can fly.

The Good:
- available in single player
- nice portrait
- awesome design
- 4 team colours
- very cool species abilities

The Bad:


The Bottom Line:

I say one thing,this model is a awesome creation,so everybody who likes Hide's creation download him,because FireDrake is the hottest model I've got every see.

It's a very cool model from Hide again,so I give Fire Drake a burning
:flame: 10/10.:flame: