UE2 - UT2kX UT2004 Fire/Wet textures

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Jan 6, 2011
UT2004 Custom Statics?

I see 'em around alot but it's not exactly clear how to make them... If you have Blender.

I've seen alot of 3DSmax info on it... But I don't have it so...

Is it better/easier to use for UT2k4? Should I stay with Blender?

And what is that thing that lets you "paint" textures on so when you port it into the game you can assign multiple textures to it and it will apply them where you painted them called? It was a 3DSmax function but since I don't know the exact name I don't know if Blender does it.

How complicated can the meshes be in UT2k4? I don't plan on actually making a playable map so lag is not a concern.

I might have more questions but I don't remember.
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