UT2003 - SkinPack - Team Silver Talon - Wing Abel by MrBee and MäxX

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Bite Me
Dec 19, 2003
Name: Team Silver Talon - Wing Abel
System Requirements: Unreal Tournament 2003
Author: MrBee (original skins) & MäxX (added Teamcolors)
Download: SkinCity - 12.83 MB


Model: Human Merc Male
Animations: Original
Voice: Human (original)
Skills: Skilled

SinglePlayer (None/PlayerOnly/TeamMate/Full): Full
Team Colors (None/2/4): 4
# of skins: 4
Custom Bio: Yes
Type of Installation: Manual
Known Issues: none
Additional Info: n/a

Team Silver Talon - Wing Abel - A compilation of 4 great skins of MrBee

The journey didn`t start a 100 million years ago in a galaxy far far away but I had MacKoff by MrBee for a very long time on my HD.

It was one of the days when your UT-folder already reached exorbital sizes and you simply get annoyed by all the tons of skins you have. So I terminated the ones I never used and came over that MrBee skin. I nearly deleted it due missing teamcolors (my personal minimum is 2, optimum 4) but I really liked it, so I decided to keep him.

On one of my usual SkinCitySearchTrips (the SCST-Syndrom is pretty dangerous!!) I figured out that MrBee had made more skins and they all looked nice and could be a team. I downloaded 3 others, added Teamcolors and combined them to a team. I really enjoyed the matches with them and thougt that all other players should also benefit from my heroful sacrifice and mailed MrBee if it would be ok to release that stuff.

After "green light" I put them together with short bios and sent them to SaD. This is were my history lesson ends and my main review starts....
Of course the TCs done by me don`t affect the score in any ways, neither do the missing TCs in the original.

The Facts:
The SkinPack itself comes with 4 cool dudes obsiously making advertisements for their Armani shades.
The faces are really well done and the suits looks really nice.
MrBee did a nice job on the portaits: they work good in game and are in a good pose. I only don`t like the position of the arms sometimes, but that`s just my personal taste.

Maybe you want it a little bit more detailed? Here we go:

It`s confirmed that MrBee used his own face for this char and it really looks great! I really like chars with "real" faces used and this one is a real great job!
His suit comes with a sligthly ancient touch and looks great!
Other people were also this oppinion and gave him a shot in a comic like "movie", so if you want to check it out simply pay 3DFilmmaker.com a visit and watch the clip with the title "THE EVERSEASON".

Due MrBee made this also as clan skins I suppose all other members are also using faces of persons in real life.
The skin itself comes with a similar suit to MacKoffs and looks also great.
The face is also a well done job.

This face looks quite similar to MacKoff`s and has a great breast armor.
And believe me, Dschingis Khan was as helpless as a small kitten compared to this one. I know it, I had many fights on his side.

The last one in the gang is Turv. The only thing I dislike here is the weird hairstyle, it reminds me of Egon Spengler from the "Ghostbuster" animated series.....but the armor is definitaly great. It`s my favorite of the pack tbh

The Pros:
+ 4 great faces
+ Nice suit design with good team/clan feeling
+ Up to 4 team battles supported
+ Good portraits

The Cons:
- LoD`s not set correctly (sorry I didn`t know that this matters in the past, future releases won`t have that flaw any more)

The Bottom Line:
All in all this is one of my favorite packs! I can truly suggest this one to clans and other ppl who like team feeling in their matches.

It`s really a pity that this great author obviously retired from UT2kx-skinning. Hopefully he will be back for Unreal Tournemant 2007!

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