UT2003 - SkinPack - Team Mesh by daLoonie aka the_rex

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Bite Me
Dec 19, 2003
Name: Team Mesh
System Requirements: Unreal Tournament 2003
Author: daLoonie ake the_rex
Download: SkinCity - 17.29 MB
WIP-Thread: Beyond Unreal Forums - SkinCity


Model: Juggernaut Male B
Animations: Original
Voice: Juggernaut (original)
Skills: Skilled

SinglePlayer (None/PlayerOnly/TeamMate/Full): Full
Team Colors (None/2/4): 4
# of skins: 8
Custom Bio: Yes
Type of Installation: Manual
Known Issues: none
Additional Info: Pink Bonus Suits!

Team Mesh - A real bad tempated Team of Juggernauts seeking to dominate you @Tournament

Obviously our daLoonie (SkinCity Forum Moderator and passioned Skinner) got bored in delivering high quality Human Merc skins and so he tried his skills once again on the Juggernaut model. A real nice move, due there have been simply to less good Juggernaut been released in the last time.

The Facts:
Team Mesh brings you a pack of real angry Juggernauts, which are truly some kind of guys who don`t want to meet in the dark.
In many movies the "bad boys" simply hire some Ex-Marines to get the dirty work done, that might be one reason Liandri Corp. let them enter the tournament.

The suits themselves score with a nice design which might look familar to our local Mithan Fanclub, (as always) nice shading effects, good portraits, well visible and good lookin teamcolors and a bio worth a read.
As small gimmick daLoonie included alternative pink suits of shame for all 3 combatants, I really had to laugh when I saw that fitting portait, really funny.

Enough intro done, let`s take a closer look at them:

The teamleader comes with a nice and bright orange suit in original and a nicely done desertcamo suit he kept as small souvenier from his duty.
The face is nicely done but just seemes a little bit too nice. He looks angry but he just doesn`t look like the barbaric jug he is (reffering to bio)

A warrior with only one eye and a scared face might be considered a real tough one and this one is no exception.
The purple suit is nice but I defininatly like the Woodlandcamo suit here, that trully looks amazing!

The name itself reminds me of good old Final Fantasy times (sidenote: MäxX is gosiping about Sephiroth) and the face looks also very nice to me. I only wish to have some tribals on it for the even more Necris look.
The suit itself is pretty dark and looking nicely, but it would look even better with more tribals.

The Pros:
+ Up to 4 player Battles are supported
+ Nice suit design
+ Cool shader effects
+ Great bio
+ Pink Bonus Suits

The Cons:
- Mac`s purple suit looks very similar to O`Reiley`s
- More tribals on the Necris skin would have been awesome

The Bottom Line:
After all this is truly a pack worth to download and a nice addition to your skin collection.
It would be great to enlarge the team with further skins (JugMaleA and females) with a second pack to make this pack even better.

TOTAL SCORE: 7.75/10
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Random Elite

Put your feet up and frag.
Jul 9, 2005
I like this pack alot, only thing is that the upper shoulder armour on the left (read: the casing around his head, skins' left side) is the same for all skins, and unless I'm mistaken, hasn't been changed a great deal from Gorge. Minor I know, but still...
But he has given us 2 or 3 suits of armour for each warrior, and 4-way fighting is good too.
I give this pack an 8.1.

Good work rex. :tup: